FNV 2019 Week 2 Video Picks

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Watch as Chris and Gary make their week 2 picks.

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13 thoughts on “FNV 2019 Week 2 Video Picks”

  1. For Dundee, both of their QBs play defense. Vann starts at QB and rotates quite a bit at nose guard. Irwin rotates in at QB and starts as safety.

    Dundee is young and banged up but no excuses, they have to stop the turnovers and convert on short yardage if they want to improve. Knowing Coach Mac and Coach Oestrike, I am sure they were drilled on these things this week.

        1. Week 2 Betting Lines

          (-10)Milan vs Grosse Ile
          (-15)SMCC vs Airport
          Huron vs (-7.5) Riverview
          Jefferson vs (-3) Flat Rock

        2. You are correct EM. I wasnt happy with the 2nd half of SMCC and I just dont know what the Jets have quite yet.

          so after some pensivity I went with the Falcons but am not sold.

      1. Dundee’s original starting backfield for the season was out. The cornerback who was cramping did not return, a defensive linemen did not return because of a back injury & left the stadium for the hospital I heard, and they had a lineman who sat out as well with a knee injury. I am sure the cramping issues will get resolved as the year progresses but small schools like Dundee can’t afford to have that many injuries. Hopefully some of those kids are back in the lineup tonight. Praying for a healthy night for all area schools as it sounds like multiple teams are bit by the injury bug.

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