It’s not how you arrive, it’s how you finish.

Nice comeback by Bedford.

That long road trip must have been the difference for the Marauders against Woodhaven.

Dundee’s 74 points were very impressive.

Although not as impressive as Erie Mason’s 80 points.

Look like Ravion Davis and Caron Clayton put on a show at Flat Rock Friday.

Is it going to be a long year on the island?

I think Huron should choose a QB.

I knew Ida wouldn’t let me down.

I’m surprised Jefferson didn’t play FR closer.

Take notice, Milan is legit.

I thought Monroe would play better at home.

Riverview looks scary big and good.

SMCC took a few big punches, but in the end delivered a knockout.

Nice win Summerfield, I thought Pittsford would win that game.

Only 64 points Whiteford? You may need to sit down and talk offense with Erie Mason and Dundee. LOL

I wonder what the thought process was by going for 2 late in the game twice against Bitton-Deerfield?

Doesn’t matter how it looked, Army had a good team and Michigan found a way to win.

Looks like State is done with the vanilla offense, can they be done with those awful uniforms too?

Should I bother with the Lions this year?

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