Week 5 Scores

Please submit your scores at the end of each quarter. I will do my best to get scores updated.


Whiteford 44 Morenci 14 final

Erie Mason 44 Ida 56 final

Clinton 47 Summerfield 12 final


Milan 33 Riverview 8 final

SMCC 44 Flat Rock 6 final

Huron 38 Grosse Ile 41 OT final

Airport 14 Jefferson 0 4th

Erie Mason 0 Ida 0 Postponed

Blissfield 35 Dundee 15 final

Carlson 49 Edsel Ford 13 final

Monroe 14 Saline 28 Final

Bedford 42 Huron 7 final

Whiteford 0 Morenci 0 Postponed

Summerfield 0 Clinton 0 Postponed

68 thoughts on “Week 5 Scores”

  1. Stop the chatter about kids being hurt. It happens in football. Ask SMCC the last few years. Milan played without Mike Morris against SMCC and Riverview and the poor kid is done for the season with an ACL. He was 1st team all league last year and a starter at Running back and Linebacker before he got hurt. 2nd best kid on Milan’s team. Mike might of been the best RB in the county this season and it’s a huge blow for the Big Reds. No one is making excuses though. Just work hard and next man up. So the injury talk is garbage. View has plenty of capable players. It was a great game. You lost.

    Milan Fan

    1. Who is making excuses all I said was the kid was out and it showed never said yall would lose if that kid played stop thinking every thing is a negative I gave milan the respect they deserved hines is the best player in the league all I’m saying is that it showed riverview best running backs was out no matter what you say that makes a difference Milan is number one correct so why don’t yall stop cry about everything and see that everyone is giving yall the respect that yall deserve. A fan of all the schools

  2. Moultrie kid and I seen the kid puma also on the sideline riverview is a running team and they was with out 2 of there fastest backs with one probably one of the best backs in the league and like I quoted before I’m not saying riverview would have beat Milan with them but the score might have been closer

  3. Will Monroe ever win anything in football ? Huge school and they don’t have good athletics at varsity level…
    It’s sooooo frustrating…my goodness !!!

  4. Parents are now complaining that the opposing student section boo’d and chanted…. I hope the Huron league passes a rule that all fans must cheer for both teams all at all times. Maybe as a form of unity there should be no home and visitor side, only a place where fans can hold hands and sing .

    Once these kids leave high school and enter the real world, if the worst thing that ever happened to them was getting boo d by the opposition in a high school game then so be it ..they have had a good life.

    I like the student sections.. it helps build community and makes the atmosphere better.

    1. Not sure they were complaining about being booed, just stating that no matter what was going on , the players did not let that get to them! And they came out victorious! On to the next game…

    2. Trojan, sorry it’s not a good look, when there is an announcement made by said school, that it won’t be tolerated. Or, when your son, on the way back to the locker room, tells the opposing team “good game” and he’s told his team is overrated. No one is looking for hugs and ribbons. It’s not about being in the “real world”, it’s about sportsmanship. If you can’t comprehend that, you may be part of the problem, or a sore loser, I’ll let you pick.

  5. Went to the Blissfield – Dundee game tonight. I know I have had my share of comments against the Vikings but I was pulling for the Monroe County team. Blissfield is the real deal. The Blissfield quarterback (Gannon?) and halfback for them were fast even on a muddy field. Dundee played them tough for 40 minutes but just couldn’t stay in the game with them in the end. Dundee’s defense had no answer for a running quarterback. Dundee needs to get more out of their backfield besides their 1 stud who can run like wild if they want to stick with that offense. Credit to Blissfield, they were worth the hype. I know Dundee is young but they looked like they were happy just beating Ida this year. I don’t see anyone stopping Blissfield this year in the LCAA.

    1. So you spent a majority of the post praising how Blissfield is the real deal and their quarterback is all that, but then you get to Dundee and say it looked like they were just happy To beat Ida. That doesn’t make any sense to me, maybe Blissfield was just a better team and there really wasn’t much Dundee could do.

  6. Too many Flat Rock early mistakes- dropped TD pass,dropped passes, fumbles,
    Monroe CC just bigger,stronger with more weapons this year

  7. Milan wasn’t favored by anyone tonight. They beat Riverview in the rain, during their homecoming, only allowing them to score 8 points. And, the Riverview student section booed Milan whenever they entered the field, telling them they were overrated. Well…5-0.

    1. I’m a Riverview parent and we’ve encountered the booing a few times. I’m not a fan of any student section doing it, including ours.
      Milan definitely isn’t overrated. Hines is a special player and a great kid. Eastern is lucky to have him.

      1. Thanks Adam, Hines is amazing but certainly couldn’t do it alone. We are lucky to have him now. It’s was a mess of a weather night for football. I hope the Riverview injured player is ok. The booing is in poor taste, regardless of the team doing it. Good luck the rest of the season.

        1. Hines is doing it by himself. What game are you watching? Milan’s D is legit. If being booed on the football is the worse thing to ever happen to your kid you’re lucky. Now we know what’s wrong with this world. Getting booed. lol. Welcome to Milan.

      1. EM, Milan definitely pulled off an amazing win, not being favored, not being at home and horrific weather conditions. On to the next game.

      2. I don’t understand this page, for guys who seem to know football y’all jump on the mason train every season and it derails every season…..

        Next year they will do well bc competition will decrees and they they will make playoffs and return to the pits in round 1

        Do they even practice defense? Or is it just the Noah show all week?

        Good player but one kid can’t win games against average teams

        1. Do you even listen to what we write or say? Apparently, not! I have personally picked against EM for 3 straight weeks. I praise their offense and always comment on how the defense needs to be better. I was right in weeks 3 and 4 and am looking good in week 5.


          1. All I know is it doesn’t look good when a T offense puts 48 points up before the half against that defense. By the time I’m done trying this it’ll probably be 55…

    1. Sometimes a loss is the wake up a team needs. I’m sure CC will trade a potential HL title for another Regional trophy. Good luck, Falcons!

    1. Riverview is a young team. 9 sophomores playing significant minutes including 3 who are already in their second year on varsity. Sleep on em if you want but they have a real shot to win out and finish w the same record as last year w this young team. I may be wrong (who hasn’t been wrong predicting football?) but I still believe the present and future of Riverview football is strong.

    1. The Milan Riverview score doesn’t dictate game at all bad play calls and coaching lost this game
      Riverview up 8-7 ball at 5 clock runs out
      2 more times at 5 don’t score
      0 runs to outside couldn’t get outside of of our ends but run middle
      0 passes completed just don’t make sense
      Riverview kids played their ass off but we’re set up for failure

      1. We threw the most we’ve thrown all year. Lopez caught 2, Poe and Gardner each had receptions of 20+, but yeah, I’d agree we could put the ball in the air and run outside a little more.

  8. Let me guess-Airport decides to feed Pac the ball after they realize he’s Airports ticket to success? Jet sweep left, jet sweep right, pass…..oh wait, we’re tied with Jefferson in the 4th. We should probably give the ball to the big guy or this could slip away.

      1. As a coach you have to know who the main back is in the backfield. I would run heavy with Pac and sneak in some runs and passes with Blankenship. It’s really that simple…

        1. Clearly you’re an offensive genius. You should probably call plays for Alabama. Pac is and has been the primary ball carrier this season. You sound like a salty parent or maybe a former player. How about you put your hat in the ring to coach high school football and prove your worth? Let me guess, not for you right? Get over yourself.

        2. The Troll’s Moms Daddy

          Clearly you’re probably the one calling the plays. How do you know I haven’t coached high school football? I’ve seen more times than I wanted where Pac should’ve OBVIOUSLY carried the football but didn’t. 2nd and 1 and 3rd and 1 against CC and we run jet sweeps and are forced to punt. That was when the momentum changed for CC. Airport was dominant in that game with Pac running off tackle. Watch Hudl if you think I’m wrong. Did I mention he only carried the ball 2 times in the 2nd half?

      2. RAINMAN how is Airport way overrated. Just because they didn’t get style points? They couldn’t even pass to #8 because the winds were so strong and that’s been a big part of the game plan the first 4 weeks. Name of the game is to win no matter how pretty or ugly it is. At the end of the day Airport is 4-1 and on the verge of it’s first playoff appearance in 7 years.

        1. I got you EM! I’m gonna go a stretch further and say Airport is gonna beat Milan and Riverview and there’s gonna be a 3 way tie for the HL! Then they’ll make playoffs.

    1. Not surprised airport is 4-1. 4 cupcake teams is their 4 wins. Their only loss has been to the only good team they played and they got their score doubled by SMCC. Milan and Riverview await. The schedule gets a whole lot tougher going forward.

      1. To SMCC SUPERFAN-I’m assuming you weren’t at Navarre Field when Airport was handling SMCC for nearly 3 quarters of that game. If the play calling didn’t do a total 360 that would’ve been a hell of a game. I don’t think it matters that the schedule gets tougher for Airport. I guarantee Chris and Gary can’t say that Airport is guaranteed to lose to Riverview and Milan. I think they will beat Riverview and the Milan game will be a toss up at this point.

        1. No milan did not win because of that milan is a very good team what I am saying is riverview main running back was on the sideline don’t know why but I think the score would have been different if that kid would have played him cousino morgan and pac are the best backs in the league right now so you can tell that kid has a impact on the game I think it would have been a closer score if he played

        1. Never said they was but just like with hines Morgan pac and the other young men that are standing out on there team it’s a impact when a key player goes down that’s on any team.

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