Questions with the FNV Staff

Which score/result surprised you the most in week 5?

Chris: Without a doubt, it was Milan throttling Riverview. I still think the Pirates are a very good team, but Milan is on another level right now. To Coach Hoskin’s credit, he is using the best player in the Huron League to his advantage every play.

Frank: Milan exorcising their demons against Riverview. The Pirates had been a thorn in the side of the Big Reds, but thanks to another strong performance from Tristen Hines and their defense, Milan is now 5-0. Special mention to Ida as their offense woke up against Erie Mason in a must-win game.

Gary: I can’t say I was surprised that Milan beat Riverview. I know it’s an obvious choice. The game was much closer than the score indicated. If I’m being honest, Monroe being down 21-14 in the 4th vs Saline was the score that surprised me the most.

Which team is trending up?

Chris: For me it would be Bedford. They have won four straight, in part, due to a favorable schedule, but it always takes a team time to adapt to a new coach. My pick last week for this; Airport, continues their upward projectory.

Frank: Milan and SMCC both made statements in their wins. Both teams are the clear cut best in the Huron League.

Gary: I’m going to go with SMCC this week. Since one got away from them in Milan, the Falcons have played as good as anyone.

Which game appeals to you in week 6?

Chris: Saline @ Bedford is a must watch game for me. Bedford is trending up and Saline seems a bit vulnerable. The Hornets are well coached, but the Big Mules will not see something that new coach Mike Vicars hasn’t seen before.

Frank: Saline at Bedford. September 27, 2013 was Saline’s last loss in SEC Red play. The opponent that day? Bedford. This is a big opportunity for the Mules to give Mike Vicars a signature win.

Gary: Airport has Riverview at home. Can Airport stay in the Huron League race? With a loss, Riverview will stare missing the playoffs in the face.

9 thoughts on “Questions with the FNV Staff”

  1. I will never be able to say the cousino is the best linebacker is cc history because there have been some pretty good ones. I think he is top 5.

    who do y’all think is better. LaPlante or Cousino?

    1. Too hard to determine who is better a LB. Both are/were good.

      As far as Morgan, I haven’t seen a better back at CC. Sometimes though as time goes, you forget just how good the Doug Lipfords were or the Dustin Swiderskis or the Thomas Leitos and so on.

      1. I would agree Gary. all the new kids are used to Carrabino, lako, the big polish kid from 2013. Lamour even.

        Lamour was an outstanding fullback, that I think people forget about. he was super sneaky. also carrabino when he was a sophomore he was fullback, pretty good there too.

        How do you compare cousino and Morgan Gary?

    2. No question- Cousino is better than Laplante. All 16 of em too! I played with a couple and there is just not doubt about it honestly.

      What it might come down to is the lack of personal fouls from Cousino.

  2. I have watched all the Riverview games, this score don’t indicate anything Riverview had inside the 5 three times didn’t score
    What I don’t get is no team will run left at gardners side when they do it’s for a load and if the run the other way the de end is either get double or triple teamed this leaves kids wide open to make tackles
    Teams have taken gardner out if the game by running away or throw middle

  3. Would love to see Milan and SMCC play again!

    Good luck to the Kicking Mules, I think everyone in Monroe County would love to see Coach Vicars and Co. pull off the upset win

    1. I agree with Gary the score was closer than indicated. But on the other hand the the SMCC score was not as close as indicated.l think SMCC is the best team in the league.

      1. I would say that cc and milan are super close in caliber. I can’t say that cc is better than milan because they didn’t beat them. were they up two scores, yes. but Milans athletes just made better plays against cc. milan has big strong guys up front, but so does cc. I think cc has a more balance attack, obviously lol.

        What do the blog guys think about Alex Morgan? best fullback for cc in the decade?? that kid is a stud man like wow. he hits those traps with ease man. love watching that kid play.

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