Which score/result surprised you most in week 2?

Chris: I was really surprised by the Monroe score. I thought Fenton would win this game because they really have a nice program that has been established for quite a while, but for the Trojans to lose at home like that was really surprising.

Frank: Erie Mason putting up 80. I said it in the off-season that if Mason got good line play, they would win games. So far, they have dominated against two future TCC foes. But I honestly never expected them to be handing out blowout wins, much less reach the 80-point mark. It will be interesting to see how well the Eagles fare in LCAA play. Special mention to Dundee beating Stockbridge 74-30.

Gary: I would have to say Monroe getting beat at home like that. Fenton is as solid as they come but I thought the Trojans would get them at the friendly confines of Bunkelman Field.

Which team is trending up?

Chris: I really like what Milan is doing. I knew they would have a solid team, but right now they could be the best team amongst those we cover.

Frank: The three LCAA teams we cover. Erie Mason’s results speak for themselves, but Dundee and Ida did a 180 in Week 2. The Vikings responded to getting manhandled by Summit by thrashing Stockbridge by 44, in addition to getting younger players some experience. Ida had a good come from behind win at Lake Fenton. All three open up LCAA play, with Erie Mason hosting Hillsdale, Ida hosting Columbia Central, and Dundee traveling to Hudson. We should have a much clearer picture of all three after Week 3.

Gary: This is a good question. Chris says Milan, but Bridgeport(0-2) is hapless and this isn’t the ’18 GI(0-2). Did any of us expect Milan to lose their first 2? I think Milan is what everyone thought they were coming in, quite good. Frank says Mason, and I would have to agree. They beat 2 teams who both now have solid wins on their resume. Mason will have the opportunity to add to this trend, which brings us the next question.

Which game appeals to you in week 3?

Chris: I am really interested to see how the Erie Mason/ Hillsdale game goes. The Eagles have obviously scored a lot of points, but they have given up a lot as well. I really don’t see the crazy offensive trend to continue against Hillsdale.

Frank: SMCC/Milan. The Falcons have been considered a favorite in the Huron League, but they must travel to Milan in Week 3 for a stiff test. The Big Reds have been a thorn in SMCC’s side the last two season, including last year’s thrilling win in the final minute. And did I mention fans will see two of the best players, if not the best two, in the Huron League in Sam Cousino and Tristen Hines. Get your popcorn ready.

Gary: Of all the games this week, none other holds my interest quite like Hillsdale at Erie Mason. A battle between two SMCC grads, of course I am going to pick this game :). Mason, in my opinion, will get their first test of many this Friday. The Hornets are tough and play a rugged style of ball. This game is an excellent barometer for the Eagles to see just how far they have come. We have been patiently waiting for this now for 3 years. The young kids at Mason to grow up as Varsity players. We finally get to see the plan in action. Will it come to fruition? One game does not a season make, but this is one to watch.

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