FNV Four Guys Talking Football Episode 6

Listen is as Mike, Jeff, Chris and Gary along with “Special Guest” Frank Vajcner discuss the MHSAA State playoffs. Then offer some thoughts on Michigan State and Michigan football.

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14 thoughts on “FNV Four Guys Talking Football Episode 6”

  1. If you guys won’t post my comments about the person trying to be “The Troll” then how about you stop posting his/her comments since you guys are able to see who the real Troll is? And the real EM?

  2. the.airport.troll@gmail.com

    Where’s The Fake Troll? I wanted to give him a friendly reminder to get a life. The Real Troll is awesome, has a lot of friends, and has a hot girlfriend.

  3. I feel D3 is locked with Muskegon and D7 New Lothrop. The rest to me are wide open. Sure you have a few favorites, but there are some very undervalued underdogs in the other divisions.

  4. I agree DI is pretty wide open. Gary, I disagree on D6. I don’t think it is anywhere near the toughest. It has some quality teams but the question was not which division is tough? The question was which is the TOUGHEST? Chris provides a valid case with D3 – A lot of solid programs in Chelsea, Orchard Lake, Edwardsburg, Muskegon, Byron Center, River Rouge… I would choose D3 or maybe D7.

    In terms of Milan going deep in the playoffs it stinks that Detroit Country Day is in their region. There is about a 0.0025% chance that DCD doesn’t make it past two 4-4 teams and one 5-3 team in their district. If Milan makes it to the regional they will have their hands full.

    1. So you think D6 is not wide open? I could ask 10 people who the favorite is to win D6 and I would get 5 different answers.
      Ravenna, Montague, Musky Cath, Meno, MCGL,Iron Mountain,SMCC, WMC, Montrose, Hillsdale, Consty all have a legitimate shot to win it all. I didnt even mention Ithaca.

      D1 is wide open I agree there.

      D3 has some great teams in it but the favorite is Muskegon. They are considered by many the best team in the entire state.

      I think you are trying to say which division has the best teams, D3 would be my answer there. The question was meant to come across as, which division is toughest to win for every team.In other words, most balanced. The answer to that question(to me) is D6.
      D7 is far from balanced. It is a 3 team race.

      1. Yeah I guess I took ‘toughest’ to mean best teams rather than most balanced / no-one knows who’s gonna win it all. I just think D3 is the last division I want to be in if I were on a team this year.

        What are the three horses in D7? Tristian says above New Lothrop is the clear winner. In order to get to Ford Field they have to get past Beaverton, Pewamo, and Iron Mountain. Then the finals would be tough against Clinton or Lumen Christi. I don’t think it is that clear cut. Madison Heights is in there too at a lowly 5-4 and who knows what they will do. Your boys at CC only beat them by 10 (I know that was the first game of the year and CC is a much different team now) so what does that say?

        I’m just curious on your guys’s thoughts. I love high school football and you guys are doing awesome keeping everyone interested and hyped up

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