11 thoughts on “FNV Week 10 Video Picks”

  1. This could be a short season for you guys, It could be the end of the road for several teams although I will admit that I haven’t seen all of these teams in action, here is my predictions for this pre-districts

    Carlson vs. Riverview- only seen Carlson scrimmage with Monroe and thought they were impressive. I thought back then that they would finish 8-1. I’m going with Carlson by at least 2 TD’s

    Milan vs. Airport- only seen highlight film of Hines and he is the real deal. I can’t see Airport slowing him down whether they are fully healthy or not. Milan 48, Airport 17

    Dundee vs. Dearborn Robichaud- I’m going to this one Friday since the last time I watched Dundee, they kept me on the edge of my seat. I saw Dundee-Ida earlier this year and came away impressed. They seem like a team that can be really good when they want to be or be mediocre when they want to. If Dundee’s secondary comes to play, I predict: Dundee 29, Dearborn Robichaud 20

    Whiteford vs. Royal Oak Shrine- I haven’t seen Whiteford this year but I can’t see Shrine being able to stop Whiteford. Whiteford 36, Shrine 10

    Bedford vs. King- Saw Bedford beat Monroe. I have never seen King before besides being on the finals on TV. After hearing you guys preview King, I think this one gets ugly especially since Brown isn’t 100%. Detroit King 28, Bedford 7

    1. Gary and Frank what you thinking. Gary you saw Dundee week 9 and have seen the falcons all year long. Frank has seen the vikings every game and has heard rumblings about how good cc is. So what y’all think???

  2. The Troll With A Hot Girlfriend

    If Noah Blankenship is back and ready this will be a hell of a game! 20-6 without him isn’t anything to hang your head about. The Jets will be ready!!

    1. Is there really a chance Blankenship can play or are you guys just getting my hopes up? I mean it was just two weeks ago he got hurt.

      1. The Troll With A Hot Girlfriend

        He has a chance at being able to. I am hopeful and a reminder to the fake troll that I have a hot girlfriend and you dont

        1. the.airport.troll@gmail.com

          You obviously have no clue what you’re talking about so stop posting. Give Milan the playbook while you’re at it too. Once again, you’re a moron.

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