Friday Night Scores

Please submit your score at the end of each quarter or half. I will get them posted ASAP.

Riverview 14 Airport 13 final

BCC 28 Erie Mason 12 final

Whiteford 28 Sand Creek 6 final

Onsted 35 Dundee 13 final

SMCC 28 Huron 14 final

Milan 38 Jefferson 7 final

Saline 24 Bedford 21 final

Carlson 60 Trenton 15 final

Flat Rock 27 Grosse Ile 20 final

Monroe 35 Skyline 14 final

Ida 44 Hudson 28 final

Madison 38 Summerfield 14 final

45 thoughts on “Friday Night Scores”

  1. Dang it punishment

    Looks like CC is going to roll into the bye week at 7-1 ready to head into the playoffs. Too bad no one is willing to play them in week 9. Should still get 3 home playoff games. Looks like they’ll be in division 6 which isn’t as top heavy as division 7 especially with lumen Christi in division 7. There won’t be district cupcake games in division 6 though. I would rather be in division 6 than 7 in the semifinals

  2. Once number 80 for Riverview went out it changed things for airport
    Don’t know why you go for 2 there they had momentum maybe that’s why but still tough to get

  3. Airport's should be o coordinator

    In my opinion it is time to get Cole Vanwasshenova some more carries. Airports offense is too predictable. Way too much off tackle to Pac. It needs to be a steady dose of Pac and cole with blankenship and raisanen thrown in there as well. I have been saying it since Duffy got there, THEY NEED TO SPREAD THE BALL OUT!! The Wing T is in between spread and full house T. They need to pick an offense and stay with it There offense would be a lot better this year, and a whole lot better last year, if they would spread it out. Give Vanwasshenova more carries I cannot stress this enough. He has been a great leader and has multiple long TD runs but yet they do not give him carries? maybe 5 carries last night and had half the points. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

    1. Ummmmm……did you watch the 2nd half against SMCC? They did exactly what you said and it cost them the game. Airport can’t run the spread. They just don’t have the personnel to do so. The reality of Airports program is until they get some size (linemen and skill players) they really have no choice but to run that offense. Doesn’t help that it’s the only offense the coaching staff is familiar with. If you compare Airport with SMCC, Riverview, and Milan they are outweighed at nearly every position. Technically these games shouldn’t be close if you really think about it-gotta give them credit for that. I’m generally speaking over the last couple years though. The program as a whole is heading in the right direction.

  4. I will give an early nod to “Player of the Week” to Milan’s Tristan Hines. The senior shows up wearing #6 for the game to honor fellow teammate, friend & senior Mike Morris who is injured for the year. It’s clear, Hines is more than just good at football… That may be his most important stat from Friday…

    Keep up the good work guys – love the podcasts!!

    1. My boys have played against Hines the last couple of years and they have nothing but good things to say about him as a player and person.
      As a Pirate, I can say we seem to feel that way about a lot of the Big Red though.

  5. Can someone explain to me why the kid on airport who had the 60 yard jet sweep td doesn’t get the ball more? He’s the only elite speed kid on the team and get less than 5 carries a game??

      1. Idk, Troll. He nearly caught up to Poe from Riverview on a 90ish yard TD that got called back and I’ve seen Poe pull away from Ashemacher (I just butchered the poor kid’s name) from Milan last year. I was shocked by his speed.

        1. I guess we’ll see what kind of speed he has when he’s chasing Tristan Hines. That’s elite speed in my book….

          1. Troll, there isn’t anyone with elite speed in the HL and that includes Hines. He is a great player but there just isn’t many athletes in the HL at all this year. Hines is just smarter and more athletic than his peers in a way down league. When my kid was getting recruited I had a friend of mine husband who is a recruiter for SC look at his film just to tell me what he thought. We talked after he watched his highlight film and said no doubt your kid is fast and has ability, but he’s the only athlete on the field. Crushing and that was when the HL had 4 or 5 football players on both sides of the ball. there isn’t a team who finished in the top 3 of the league over the last 6 years that wouldn’t go undefeated in the HL this year.

  6. What happened to my Dundee Vikings? After week 1, they were on a roll then the last 2 weeks, they have been taken to the woodshed. I don’t want to hear how bad the coaches are because of course all coaches forget how to coach week to week when they lose but do they have people hurt? Fluke wins or losses? Bad match ups? Inexperience? My job currently has me out of state so I am following on facebook and MCR radio when I can.

    Best of luck to my cousins on the team and Coach M who I know is working hard

  7. I got a good shot at the final conversion attempt at Airport. Definitely short. Line didnt budge and PAC made a great effort to go over the pile but was close to a yard short.
    I agree, I appreciate the attempt to go for two especially considering the momentum they had in the last half of the fourth.

    1. If your offense has that much more momentum at the end of the game wouldn’t you kick the PAT and let your offense win it in OT? Not saying it was the wrong decision to go for 2 because it’s a great call if they get it. But why not play on?

    1. Heck of a 4th quarter. Airport nearly completed the comeback. Definitely was the right call going for two, initially I thought he was in but it was close and I didn’t have the greatest angle. Chris what did you think?

        1. Should have got a hot chocolate, Chris. That might have warmed you up.

          You missed a good ending though. Jets gave it their all but the Pirates got that treasured W. I always like when teams go for the win like that. All or nothing.

        1. Exactly. They lost. Definitely wrong call. I believe they have a decent kicker. Many levels go for the win when it comes down to the game.

          Sure, its exciting for the fans, but overall a tie is better than a loss or going for the tie and go to overtime is a much better decision.

          This latest craze of all or nothing is out of control.

          Just my .02

          1. If they won on the 2 point conversion, you would be cheering. There is never a right answer here or a by the book rule when going for the win or to go into overtime. Coaches take everything into consideration. Momentum is a big key; are the kids spent or can they keep playing, how is my kicker, do I rely on 11 guys or 3 to get the snap, hold and kick. Do I think I can stop the other team from the 10. Plus coaches use their gut and many have a special play for that scenario. Teams win on a 2 point conversion every week and some lose every week on a 2 pointer. Airport fell a little short. One thing is for sure though, there will always be critics.

          2. The point I was making if the game went to overtime I believe it would favor Riverview because of the offense they run. Starting from the 10 yard line against a team that runs the T effectively would be tough. With all the momentum on Airport’s side I felt going for two was the right call.

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