Friday Night Scores

Hillsdale 28 Ida 14 final

Dundee 43 BCC 6 final

Monroe 30 Huron 0 final

Huron 21 Milan 22 final

Airport 55 FR 28 final

SMCC 26 GI 12 final

Clinton 44 Whiteford 20 final

Carlson 30 Harper Woods 16 final

Bedford 42 Pioneer 28 final

Blissfield 54 Erie Mason 26 final

Riverview 26 Jefferson 2 final

Sand Creek 40 Summerfield 8

83 thoughts on “Friday Night Scores”

  1. another question. Who’s is a better QB. Burger with the 16’ team Blanchett with the 18’ team or Harrington with 19’ team. I think Harrington. Has a better arm and accuracy with passing. Also better fakes and leads the team more.

    1. Burger would have been the ’15 team I believe

      Im gonna go with Blanchett. Burger did not stick out to me. Harrington can’t run the ball that well. JB just had a grit to him.

      1. How soon we forget. All those dudes were good. But to say Burger didnt stick out.. man.. he was fabulous.
        Lets get back to the teams here boys and girls… this years. Lots of good football left to be played.

        1. Gary the only reason why im talking about other stuff rn is because I like having conversations.

          Here’s one for you. Where has blanzy need at this year for grosse Ile. I haven’t heard that kids name once. What’s going on

          1. He just had a huge game against CC With a TD.
            GI is just bad so you don’t hear about him, plus GI people hardly participate on this blog.
            the kid is however is having another great year watch his highlights, and Hines both are impressive tapes

          2. to me if you’re a good player no matter what you are going to hear about them even if the team is bad In 16 when CC went 4-5 people still knew who Woolford, LaPlante, O’Brien, and Haut was. They were all good players but just on a team that was not so good.

        2. Like you said, Gary, ‘it’s just for fun’.

          There’s no way Morgan beats the greats. He’s had a great season but the stats don’t tell the whole story.

  2. Does eliminating week 9 to put in a Huron league championship game sound interesting to any of you guys. Milan vs SMCC part 2 sounds really fun considering how both teams are playing right now.

  3. Milan and Dundee are both having strong seasons, and the two communities are just 10 miles or so apart. Too bad those teams can not work it out and get games setup. Pretty sure the communities involved would enjoy the matchup.

    Maybe the community members need to put pressure on the district to make that happen.

      1. SMCC IS ROLLING!!

        First off please don’t compare Dundee to Milan. Dundee doesn’t have a division 1 quarterback. Second off, SMCC would smoke Dundee.

  4. Alright bloggers. OG cc alum here. I really want to know what y’all think. What cc backfield is better

    The 14’ state champ year or this years 19’.

        1. 1991 SMCC team went undefeated and won the state title. So not sure 2014 team can even say it’s the best team in school history with that one loss. I think Flat Rock also went undefeated in 1976 with a state title. Hard to argue that 2014 with one loss is better than two undefeated state champions…

          And, I saw the 1994 Jefferson team and the 2014 SMCC team play…both had one loss and were state champs. I think Jefferson would win…they were very good upfront.

          1. WOW, Monroe county history

            OG cc alum you really should get off the Medication.

            Erie had an undefeated state champ team 87 as well

          2. the one loss for 14 CC was to a LCC team that was much bigger and faster than them. Also 4-6 players got hurt during the game or were hurt before. Also I don’t think that one loss takes away from how good they actually were

      1. The 14′ cc defense was unbelievable. So much speed and athleticism. Beat the Michigan st kid who is now in the NFL. unbeliable

    1. Interesting Question. Lako-Lamour-Bino vs Cousino-Morgan-Bergmooser – – -> Lako was a bronco and currently leads DI Akron as a captain I believe. Lamour was a real bulldozer. Bino was shifty and speedy. Cousino is a truck. Morgan is a dawg. Bergmooser is shifty and speedy.

      I give it to the ‘14 squad but the ‘19 backs are solid as ever.

        1. I wouldn’t consider Morgan the best back on the CC team the freshman replacement has been as good as him playing the same position

          1. Both effective and do it in such different ways. If you have watched Morgan all year, you would think like I do.

          2. Armchair Analyst

            Okay now let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Morgan was at like 760 yards through 5 games before getting dinged up. Doing this with about 12 carries a game. Comes in this past week in the 3rd quarter cold runs the ball 3 times for about 60 yards. The freshman is solid. But morgan is by far the best back on the team. As far as comparing them to 14 team let’s wait till after the season. I’m not even sure the 14 team had the best backfield in the past couple decades. You have the 05, 09, and 10 team that had arguably the better backfield. I believe the 10 team holds the school records for points in a season hard not to argue them the best backfield. 05 team was just nasty as well.

          3. Exactly Jane. He’s good, no lie, but he’s not the best CC back ever. Alex is fast but he doesn’t break 2 tackles a play to score like Woolford or Lako did. He gets solo tackled by the LB or a DB too much to be the best back. Morgan just runs the tunnel well and scores if no one sees him.

          4. Come on guys this is crazy why does the blog keep talking about this kid this pointless and the kid is soft he can’t take a minor injury. Talk about the kids that actually deserve it lots of talent around the league.

            Better than Tyrone Wheatley Right Garry?

          5. Every team has great players they can compare. Its just for fun. A great player is a great player.

          6. Bear pride. U don’t know what injury morgan had. So you can’t be talking. The kid got cleared that Thursday before they could play because of an hamstring injury. You don’t mess around with those. Also, how bout you worry about your bears as the falcons are gonna whoop on you by 4+ TD. goodnight

        2. I would disagree Gary. 14 year old fullback rn for CC. 28 carries 185 yards. 2 TD in just two games. Pretty dang good another running back that u obviously can’t forget is Collin Woolford

          1. True that. I am calling it like I see it. Ive seen them all from Haddix to Lipford, to Swiderski, to Leito, to Morgan and yes now I guess the freshman. Morgan is special.
            Its not just the results, all those guys had results, its how he does it. Amazing to watch.

        3. I personally think its pretty ridiculous to say Morgan is the best back you have ever seen at a school like smcc, let alone the best back on his current team. Yes he is a very good running back, but you also have to take into consideration the position he gets to play in that offense, where a freshman is producing incredibly well in his absence.
          As for his current team, Sam cousino is the best running back on that team and that is not up for debate, the kid can literally run through all 11 defenders and keep his feet, and has enough speed and illusiveness to get by people and into the end zone as well. That leaves Bergmoser, and from the half back position I would say Bergmoser is slightly above Morgan with his strength and speed, to go along with his better blocking (A VERY IMPORTANT PART OF THE CC OFFENSE)
          And that is just the two guys playing with him currently, lets not forget about Collin woolford from a couple of years ago, like cousino, Morgan is not comparable to woolford because of his refusal to be tackled and his speed afterward (also a great blocker).
          Also from a few years ago I would say Justin Carrabino is the best running back I’ve ever seen at smcc and was much much better than Morgan. Carrabino had like 60 something touchdowns in his varsity career and was one of the fastest and most shifty kids I’ve ever seen in the HL, and also was incredibly strong.
          Oh and then there is some studs from a while back like John Lako who is starting at Akron.

          So idk about the best ever my man

          1. It is splitting hairs. Like I said, every team we cover can name off many great players and try to compare them all. It’s tough to say who is the best and it is all subjective.

            I know for me, Morgan is flat out fun to watch. I know Alex and his family could care less if I or anyone else thinks he is the best or the worst, they just want to win as a team.
            Yes, even on his own team you can say someone is better and that is an opinion I wont argue. Maybe I am overstepping a bit but I’ll stand by what I said.
            It’s not a slight to anyone. Those you mentioned and many others are fantastic. Sam, Wyatt, Colin, Justin, all amazing ball carriers. What a luxury to have.

      1. I forgot about the QBs. Windham vs Harrington. Windham was drafted by the cubs. Nuff said. ‘14 squad wins it.

  5. New Boston Huron came to play and the first half they did and we didn’t play all that well trailing 21-7. After the half Milan’s Defense stiffened up and kept BH out of the end zone. The hitting was intense and Cole Mcelvaney finally scored his second TD to make it 21-14. With 7 min. left in the 4th Cole went in for his 3rd TD of the night!! Tristen finally crossed into the end zone with the 2 pt. conversion.

    My opinion was that if New Boston would have played like that all year they should not have lost 5 games!! That was a great performance from their team and they deserved to win but the rain on the end probably saved our butts. Next up is Airport and the team will be ready to play and Jessie Hoskins and staff will make that happen!!

  6. Milan comes back and squeaks out a victory with a TD and 2 point conversion in the 4th.

    Huron had a 21-14 lead with ball in own 40 yard line with 7 minutes to go and elected to go for it but failed. Coaches don’t like their punting game?

    Milan marched it in and got the 2-point.

    Huron had one more chance. On 4th and short in the rain in Milan’s 40 tried a pass play but didn’t make it.

    Fun high school football game to be at.

        1. SMCC is flat out dominant against any members of the league since the Huron league was created. The only team that has consistently given them fits in the past 15 years is Milan. Theyre only 11-6 vs them in the past 17 years.

    1. Huron up 21-7 at the half. Milan gets the ball first. Milan not looking good tonight. Huron controlling the game.

    1. I’m at the Milan game. First time I’ve seen them play. Not much intensity. Is this how they’ve played all season? What’s up?

      Maybe 2nd will be different. Huron has had 3 nice drives.

      1. Obviously, not how they have played all season. They are 7-0 and the Huron League Champions. A win is a win although it was rough. On to the next.

  7. Looking forward to the Cousino vs blanzy matchup tonight. You can bet blanzy will be looking for Cousino, but will blanzy be able to contain the three headed monster of Cousino morgan and bergmoser?

    1. Three headed monster was to much SMCC rolls on. Ran over GI. Blanzy had unreal game though kid never gave up, 1 long TD to.

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