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  1. The Laughing Troll

    After I heard you guys say you talked to the coaches and they gave some names as to who they wanted you to mention I knew exactly who those coaches were going to mention. First of all, I don’t care if you publish this or not but as always I’m gonna put my 2 cents in. I’ll tell you guys the biggest piece of that Airport team is Austin Lakatos. He was last year and once again this year. Stronger than an ox!! If you take him out of the equation that’s a totally different team. From what I hear that kid should’ve been at least a DH on the baseball team last year too! Hell of an athlete! And hell of an athlete for being about 260 pounds or whatever he is. If Austin Lakatos plays for SMCC you would’ve been hearing about him since possibly his sophomore year! Airport has done almost as good a job keeping him covered up as I have done keeping myself covered up.

      1. The only meaning behind the Lakatos at SMCC comment is he would’ve been talked about a lot sooner and more often if he was there or at any other school for that matter. Lakatos just doesn’t get the recognition he should while there have been others who receive a little more than they deserve. That is “The Airport Way”

    1. Short and sweet it’s all politics. U want ur kid to be recognized or talked about, then be at every single high school event, fundraiser etc. Just think of all the good athletes that didn’t go past high school because of this problem or because of no money to contribute or just flat out work to much to be part of it all. Food for thought!

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