Questions with the FNV Staff

What was the most surprising score/result from week 7?

Chris: Obviously Dundee whooping Columbia Central 43-6 stands out, but Milan beating Huron 22-21 has me scratching my head. Did Milan look past the Chiefs or has Huron been underachieving all year? In the past, Huron has made a living on snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, but I personally thought a trip to the State semi-finals and a 4 year run to the playoffs had exercised those demons.

Frank: Did anyone expect Dundee to beat Columbia Central by 37? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? After giving up an opening drive touchdown, the Vikings reeled off 43 unanswered points to keep their playoff hopes alive. Can Kyle McElvany’s bunch keep it going in the final two weeks? Stay tuned…

Gary: Dundee defeating BCC by that score was the most surprising outcome of the week for me. Great job by the coaching staff of Dundee, getting a win that will most likely get them in the playoffs.

Which team is trending up?

Chris: I really like what Bedford is doing right now. I’m not sure many thought the Mules would be 5-2 at this point with a solid chance of going 7-2 in the regular season and a chance to make waves in the playoffs.

Frank: Airport. After dismantling Flat Rock, the Jets are now in the catbird’s seat for a playoff spot at 5-2. The Jets need only to win against Milan or Melvindale to punch their ticket to playing in Week 10.

Gary: I’m once again sticking with Bedford. The Kicking Mules are in great shape right now. Home playoff games are on the line.

Which is the most intriguing game in week 8?

Chris: Without a doubt, it’s Milan at Airport. The undefeated Big Reds narrowly escaped a two win Huron team and Airport seems to have found a swagger that has been missing since their 14 year playoff run came to a halt in 2013.

Frank: Milan at Airport. The Jets are looking to fly into the postseason with another win, while Milan can lock up the Huron League crown outright with a win of their own.

Gary: Most assuredly it’s Milan at Airport. The Huron league is on the line. Milan has clinched at least a share, with a victory it will be all theirs. For the Jets, this would be their statement win and what a win it would be.

7 thoughts on “Questions with the FNV Staff”

  1. I think Milan has the toughest and strongest D line in the league. Normally I would say “Give Pac the ball every play” but not this week. Airport will need to be creative this week in order to win. You better bet Milan will be ready after last week so don’t pay any bit of attention to that Huron score. Other than it was the same exact score that Airport beat Huron by!!

  2. This will be the first time EVER that I root for airport. I want a share of the Huron league title. gO jEtS🤷‍♀️

  3. I’m expecting another down to the wire game between Airport and Milan like the last couple years. Good possibility these two teams meet again in a couple weeks.

  4. How close is Dundee to the playoff mark if they finish 5-4? I don’t see anyone beating Hillsdale and theres no guarantee they can stop Mason but if they can this week, how close would they be?

    How close would Ida be if they win out and beat Onsted and Blissfield?

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