Questions with the FNV Staff

Which score/result surprised you the most?

Chris: Without a doubt for me it was Summerfield beating Whiteford 33-30. First year Summerfield Head Coach Alex Lipka defeating one of the best coaches in the state in Whiteford’s Jason Mensing behind 345 yards and 5 TD’s from QB, Devin Albain.

Frank: Surprising result: Ida defeating Blissfield 40-27. No reasonable person would’ve expected an Ida team that was already eliminated to defeat a Blissfield team that was headed for the playoffs (If they did, I have some ocean front property in South Dakota to sell). All joking aside, give a tip of the cap to Jeff Potter and company for not giving up on the season and ending on a high note. The Blue Streaks return 25 players who were juniors and sophomores, coupled with players from a very good JV team, for next season. Expect Ida to bounce back in a big way in 2020.

Gary: The Huron League going 7-0 in week 9 stood out. Many of those games were way out of hand as well. The Huron sounded off in week 9, a testament to the great coaches we have down here.

Which team is trending up?

Chris: No team is trending up more than Milan, which finished the regular season 9-0 and won the Huron League.

Frank: Riverview appears to be a team that could do some damage in the postseason after they dismantled Redford Thurston 43-25. 

Gary: New Boston Huron Chiefs. I know they wont play a game until sometime in August 2020, but I have a feeling they will make some serious noise next year. They finished 4-5(winning last 2), outscoring their opponents for the season and were in every game til the end(minus maybe View). The Chiefs are underclassman heavy, look for big things to come.

Which potential matchup in week 1 of the playoffs appeals to you the most?

Chris: A Carlson/Riverview match up is what I would like to see. That is where I will most likely be on Friday, if that match up happens.

Frank:  Riverview and Carlson’s matchups in the playoffs. Both teams could very well see each other in what will be a murderous Division 3.

Gary: I am a fan of reruns, Sanford and Son, Cheers and Airport at Milan. It’s hard to beat a team twice in the same season. You see it all the time, the team who lost the first match-up, wins the second. Milan, the 5th ranked team in D4, would have other plans however. I’m excited to see how this potential rematch plays out.

6 thoughts on “Questions with the FNV Staff”

  1. So the word is Milan has been slowly working on the T-formation, which if some remember was very successful during the 12 and 13 seasons. That’s how they beat CC in 2012. They have the cats to do it. Will be interesting if they come out in double tight.

    Milan Fan

  2. Not to nitpick frank but I thought the Ida Game was 40-28 final?

    Looking forward to tonight’s selection show. Good luck to all playoff teams! I agree with Gary it is hard to beat a team twice in the same season and its even harder if that team is the Airport Jets. If we draw Milan well 9-1 isn’t such a bad season.


      You’re a complete moron. You try to act like you’re commenting on behalf of EM and The Troll. Why? Nothing better to do? How about you get a job and maybe meet a woman somewhere to keep you company? Just some advice-don’t take it personal.

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