10 thoughts on “Episode 7 Four Guys Talking Football”

  1. gary what do you see are some upsets in D6. there was a big one with Ithaca week one?

    also, if cc loses, I don’t see this as an upset tbh

    1. As far as lower seeds beating higher ones. I would say Constantine beats Hillsdale and Onsted beating Grass Lake. I wouldn’t call those upsets though.

  2. Well looking at the match-ups SMCC has by far the easiest road to Ford Field and maybe the best team in the County let alone the State. Milan may not win this week and has Country Day in waiting. So nice season but not happening this year big reds. Riverview benefited from a sloppy field last week but kudos to them for hammering Carlson. AP will be a tough match up and AP knows how to defend the T. They see it from two teams in the Downriver league. Again even if RV wins the district their regional is brutal. So nice season Pirates but not happening. SMCC is the best bet to go all the way. This is the team people were talking about three years ago. Now the studs are seniors. Not much resistance in their way until semi’s and finals. Go Falcons!

    1. Not much resistance is SMCC’s way?
      WMC and Montrose would have a very good shot at winning the Huron League. So I would say you are underestimating those schools for sure.

      If Milan and DCD were to meet, I give Milan a decent shot to win that game. They will have to play great.

      Riverview is the largest school in the Huron League. Division 3 will have better teams of course than the lower divisions. Pirates seem to be coming together. Play well and they can beat AP.

      1. WMC only played 2 teams with winning records and lost to 1. CC played 4 plus the H.L. is more physical than the charter leagues. Montrose only played 3 teams with winning records and lost to 1. Not saying Milan and View can’t win just saying after looking at schedules they have a tougher draw in districts and especially regionals.

    2. Give Riverview credit. Viewers are not respecting the power of the offensive lineman. This team uses average of 7 to 9 minute possession. Take a deep look at the power of Riverview offensive lineman’s. Really look at the Riverview Right tackle Edward Trey Bryant.

  3. Having been at the Milan game last week… my best guess is that it was going for shock value, as much as a win on the road. If they convert, they have Milan on edge. It would put a lot of pressure on Hines and Co. I would have thought Airport would go with Adkins and use Pac as a decoy. But it surprised me as much as anyone.

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