FNV Week 10 Staff Questions

What was the most surprising week 1 playoff score/result?

Chris: I would say Riverview beating Carlson 22-8. Most people thought I was crazy going with the Pirates and quite frankly I wasn’t sure with my pick, but once I got to the game I felt pretty good. Riverview seemed bigger, stronger and while they don’t necessarily have more star power, I felt they put more talent on the field and were the more disciplined team.

Frank: Milan escaping Airport. Some might say it was field conditions after a day of rain. Others will say Airport was able to control the game by time of possession. Either way, the Big Reds were able to survive an upset bid by the Jets by stuffing a two-point conversion late to preserve a 14-13 win. Up next is a visit from Romulus Summit Academy.

Gary: I would say Riverview beating Carlson. Speaks volumes on how good the Huron League is this year.

Which team is trending up?

Chris: I would say SMCC is trending up and have the best shot at winning a state championship of the three FNV teams remaining. The Falcons have won 6 games in a row, they are healthy and I like their path to Ford Field

Frank: Of the three remaining teams on the blog that are still alive (which all three are from the Huron League), I have to pick Riverview. The Pirates have tightened the screws on defense, as they are allowing 14.8 points per game, and defense was a reason they defeated Carlson. Next up is a trip to Allen Park for a rematch of a first-round match last season. This one could be a low-scoring game, as the Jaguars are allowing 10.9 points per game.

Gary: Not sure I can pick a team that is trending up more than the others. All 3 are playing well and all 3 have a solid chance at winning a district. I’m looking forward to the weekend.

Which game is the best FNV match up of week 2 of the playoffs?

Chris: I’ll say Riverview at Allen Park. These two schools are identical to each other. Both have 8-2 records, they are both blue collar type hard working towns and teams with storied histories and programs. This is a pick’em game.

Frank: I’ll go with the game I’m covering on Friday; Summit Academy at Milan. I had a chance to see Summit in Week 1, and they are similar to Milan in terms of athleticism. The Dragons are having their best season in school history, and are coming off of their first ever playoff win after defeating Redford Union 18-12 last week. Expect a good one in Milan on Friday night.

Gary: WMC @ SMCC. Two great programs. Both think they can win a state title. Speed vs Power. Clash of styles. The folks that brave the cold and head out to Navarre field on Friday, will be treated to a great football game.

BONUS: Which out-of-area matchup in Playoff Week 2 is most intriguing? 

Chris: I will go with a Division 1 battle of undefeated teams, as 10-0 Belleville travels to 10-0 Woodhaven. These are the top 2 playoff point teams in the state that are left in the playoffs. This will be a battle of a super talented Belleville team loaded with future college players against a system team (Woodhaven) that is slowly, but steadily building a powerful football program that represents one of the better public school athletic programs in southeast Michigan.

Frank: Plenty of matchups to choose from, but if I have to pick one, I’ll go with Cassopolis at Reading. Reading is the defending champion in Division 8, while Cassopolis was a semi-finalist in Division 7 last year. And did I mention that both schools are nicknamed the Rangers?

Gary: I’ll go with D6, Ravenna @ Montague. It’s a rematch, in which Ravenna won 17-7. The winner of this game has a great shot at Ford Field.

9 thoughts on “FNV Week 10 Staff Questions”

  1. Everyone keeps saying speed vs power for the SMCC match up but this SMCC team from what I have seen has some of their best speed in years, just my observation

  2. Milan: Stop Tristan. Stop Milan. But nobody has been able to stop them thus far.

    View: Tough tough tough. Is Allen Park tougher?

    SMCC: Tough against power teams. But struggle against speed in space (lost to Hines and Milan). Warren has speed in space.

    1. People make it sound like stopping a kid is so easy. There’s a reason Hines is a Division 1 player, and there is a reason no one has been able to stop. The kid has played phenomenal. Also, give credit to Milan’s offensive line. He would not be able to do anything without any of those guys up front.

      I don’t think SMCC kryptonite is speed in space. They struggle with a true dual threat quarterback, like Hines, who can make plays with their feet or arm. If SMCC runs into that with a team that has a kid or two that can catch the ball, like milan, then they could struggle.

      Good Luck to the Huron League this week. No body has an easy one anymore.

      1. I would not say losing to a 10-0 Milan team on the road by 7 creates a “weakness”…plus SMCC appears much healthier now…and while Tristan Hines certainly does it all – including helping to stop that last two-point conversion (he was in on tackle)… his fellow teammates will show up all over All-League and All Region lists…especially that defense.

        Last week 30% of home teams lost – including 2 teams rated #1 by the Associated press in their divisions. In that, 8 undefeated teams lost as well. Several teams lost to a team they beat earlier in the year – most notably Mason lost to St Johns after beating them 46-7.

        It is the playoffs and most to all games are going to be close to the vest…so it should be another great week! I like the Huron League’s chances…their ONLY two out of conference losses on the entire season are to two teams that are currently 8-2 and still alive in the playoffs (and while Flat Rock lost to Thurston, Riverview beat em in week 9).

        Winning three district titles as a league would be a pretty defining year for the league.

    2. im gonna say again. cc played a very poor team first wrong, very poor. but they had speed and when they were able to get on the edge cc filled lanes reallllllly well. very happy with that

      I will be in attendance on Friday. will let yall know whats up

  3. Best staff questions post of the year. I loved reading this one. I love the BONUS question the most though. Belleville at Woodhaven will be interesting. Cassopolis at Reading will be interesting as well. And out of all 8 divisions Gary picked Ravenna at Montague as the most intriguing. Hmmm.

    1. I follow the lower divisions more than I do the upper. Not a fan of Ravenna or the Gue? These 2 could very well be the best teams in D6, meeting in the 2nd round.

    2. Lower division games: Cassopolis at Reading is gonna be real good. D5 good ones Muskegon Oakridge @ Kingsley, Lansing Catholic @ Potland, Maybe D7 RGR @ JLC will be good or maybe it will not

  4. If Tristen’s touchdown wasn’t thrown out and an extremely muddy field didn’t prevent another one, Milan would have won by much more than 1 point against Airport. But, if’s don’t count. That’s the way the cookie crumbles. Looking forward to Friday’s game. Milan Big Reds, remain undefeated. Good luck to all the teams remaining.

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