FNV Week 12 Staff Questions

Since you were at the game, what is your reaction to the Montrose/SMCC game?

Chris: I thought the Falcons imposed their will on a very good Montrose team. There really wasn’t a time other than late in the 2nd quarter where I thought the Rams would stop SMCC’s offense. Senior RB Alex Morgan is easily the best RB I have seen all year and a surefire 1st team All-Stater. It is fun to watch a player break tackles, then literally outrun everyone to the end zone time and time again.

Frank: Saturday was an eye-opening experience for me. I had thought that SMCC was a good team, but “good” is an understatement. The way that the Falcons thoroughly dominated a Montrose team that was ranked in the top 5 of Division 6 leads me to believe that they are just on another planet. I’ll also throw in that the Falcons may not talk the talk, but they will always walk the walk. This was further evidenced by the way they took care of business when Montrose decided to show up in “Catholics vs. Convicts” attire (you would have thought opponents would have learned after the smack talk by Warren Collegiate backfired).

Gary: My reaction would be Utter Dominance. Offensive and defensive lines for the Falcons were impressive to say the least. Great performances all around. I could literally name every player. I will mention one and it’s a name you have heard before, Sam Cousino. Sam’s leadership on both sides of the ball has to be mentioned. A part of a SMCC game I like to watch the most is when Cousino lead blocks. I feel sorry for the kids in his way.
And why would Montrose call themselves convicts? These convicts got their pride stolen and were sent home with an “L” in the shape of a “T”.

What result outside of the FNV area surprised you the most?

Chris: The River Rouge/Orchard Lake St. Mary game was a butt whooping. I expected a close Rouge win, but for the Panthers to hang a 49-14 stomping on the Eaglets was extremely impressive.

Frank: There were two that stood out to me. The first one was Onsted upsetting Hillsdale 12-0. I was in attendance for this one, and while it’s not a huge shock that the Wildcats won, it’s surprising that they were able to shut down the Hornets’ rushing attack. Onsted advances to the semifinals for the first time since 1993.  The other result that stands out was DeWitt beating Edwardsburg 35-14. The Eddies were the reigning champs in D4, and looked poised to contend in D3. The Panthers now have to face Muskegon in the semifinals.

Gary: The trouncing Rouge put on OLSM. I thought OLSM was going to win the game. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I sure would like to see a Musky V Rouge Match-up in the Finals.

What is the one thing you are going to watch in the Onsted/SMCC semi-final game?

Chris: Onsted was able to shut out an undefeated Hillsdale team that runs the T. So for me, it would be the Onsted defense versus SMCC’s version of the T. During the post season the Falcons have scored on virtually every drive. The Wildcats will have to get some stops or find away to force some SMCC turnovers.

Frank: Both teams make their hay running the football. I’m interested in which defensive coordinator, Onsted’s Aaron Klotz or SMCC’s Brian Flint, can game plan better. The Wildcats have faced full house T offenses five times this season, while the Falcons haven’t faced a double wing offense like that of Onsted.

Gary: I love the double wing offense. I’ll be watching to see how the SMCC defense handles the power Toss of the DW. Both Guard and tackle pull from the backside, even the QB leads through the hole. Throw in the counters, wraps, wedge and play action passing game of the Wildcats, SMCC will face something they haven’t seen before.

What other semi-final game do you find intriguing?

Chris: At first look I was thinking the Belleville/Brighton game looked good, but I’m afraid that Belleville wins this in a blowout. I’m going to say Cats City/Lumen Christi. The Red Hawks have given up only 52 points in 12 games this year and have won 11 in a row since losing the season opener to Montrose 16-14. Lumen Christi has won 3 straight State Championships and have won of the best programs in the state of Michigan history of high school football.

Frank: I’m going with River Rouge-Chelsea. I have considered both teams to be contenders in Division 3. Rouge comes in after knocking off Orchard Lake St. Mary’s, while Chelsea comes in after squeaking past Allen Park. Both teams are familiar with each other, as it was the Panthers who defeated the Bulldogs 35-10 in the 2017 playoffs. This should be a good one in Dearborn on Saturday.

Gary: I’m going to go with Pewamo vs Iron Mountain. Will Pewamo have a let down after the HUGE win vs New Lothrop? Iron Mountain is no slouch either. This will definitely be a game to keep an eye on.

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  1. Brian Flint baby. man is the GOAT. along side his partner in crime, Pat Ignani. you can hear him if you go any cc game. he’s very loud in the corner of the stand for the falcons lol. GOOOOOOOOOOOD

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