20 thoughts on “MHSAA Division 6 State Championship”

  1. I am very disappointed at how much you guys do not print.
    The old blog was much more fun. Part of reading is putting everyones opinions, good and bad.
    I know probably 10 to 15 people whose opinions you constantly don’t print. Mr Hauf needs to chill out a bit and print everything, even if its against his beloved SMCC. This site has become way to SMCC biased and way too politically correct. I will stick to the Monroe News.

    I’m sure you won’t print this either.

    1. If you posted anything but backhanded comments or veiled swipes at players or schools… maybe your posts would make it to the blog.

      We just arent going to allow anyone to discredit players or institutions. That’s not what this blog is about.

      As Chris said, we deleted 27 posts this year.. 22 were yours.
      Take that axe out back, dont grind it in here.

  2. Thank you to Friday Night Victor’s, Chris, Gary, Frank, Jeff -all of you who give your time and your GREAT insight on the great game of football. THANK YOU ALL. Looking forward to next year.

  3. Congratulations SMCC on your State Championship! – Also thank you to all the teams in the FNV area for giving us another fun filled and exciting season! I’m already looking forward as you all are to next year. Thanks FNV for all of your great insite.

  4. Weird to see all the Jefferson/Monroe/airport/any Huron league or Monroe county team become smcc bandwagons hoping that we win.

    1. Fans like you make it hard to root for the team! But we’re not bandwagon fans, just a fan of the league!!! Would have rooted for any team in the Huron League to make it! Actually any team the blog follows we would have rooted for!

    2. Why is it weird? We’re not bandwagoning we’re just supporting another Huron League team and that’s what we should do. When there is only one Huron League team left all the other teams should rally around them. That’s what I did and I hope you would of the same if my team ever got to this point

    3. Replace “weird” with “awesome” and “bandwagon” with “fans” and your post sounds a lot more adult like.

  5. What was with that booing at the end? Were the other players faking injuries to avoid the end? Also never seen a defensive block in the back. Strange game but well take it. Go falcons

    1. Yes their coach was telling their players to cramp to gain an officials time out so he could sub in younger players for 1 last snap. The officials saw through it from the start and refused to give them an officials time out

      Not taking anyway anything from the Falcons who are well deserved of their state title but I am starting to think SMCC-Onsted the real state championship game last week.

      #6 for SMCC was the best player on the field tonight

      1. Why would the Onsted game be the state championship game? Because it was a 3 point game instead of a 7 point game? It wasn’t played at ford field. It wasn’t a state championship.

      2. I agree with lions fan. also I think the bright lights got to maple city QB. he didn’t throw the ball as well as he did before. they also did not run him that much on draw and follows. I think there offensive scheme was veryyyyy poor. I also think cc defense had to do something with that. but the scheme was poor.

    1. When I told Brian Flint that he was a defensive mastermind, he said it wasn’t all him. He said to gibe credit Pat Ignagni, Lonn Passon, and Nate Geiger. All four of those gentlemen came up with a masterful game plan on defense.

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