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  1. Hines did not come back after the second ankle injury! By that time, Milan was not going to win it so no sense in keeping him out there!! Heard there is no serious injury and the ankles were rolled!

    They had a great season!! A win against DCD would have been awesome for sure! But then guys have so much to be proud of! They had their winningest season in program history and that says a lot!!!

    It was nice to see kids from other schools covered by the blog come out and cheer on the Big Reds!!!

    Good Luck to SMCC!! Do the HL proud!!!

  2. Knew It was going to be tough sledding for my Big Reds, but still a Great season, hold you heads high guys, you had the best season in Milan history!

    SMCC Congrats on a Regional title! … keep doing your thing, I think you guys will roll Onsted, and we’ll see you at Ford Field!

  3. Montrose has a kid #5 named Adam stiverson. Very talented football player, running back and defensive end. He has the speed to get outside, power to run through people. He can squat 500 pounds, is 6’2” and is just physically gifted. A special player. His downfall though is his temper. He had 3 unsportsmanlike calls, was ejected from the game for fighting, and wouldn’t shake the kids hands after the game, his hands were behind his back. This kid could probably compete at the Mac level, but if those coaches see this game film. I don’t think they’ll want to invest in a hot head. There’s anger that every player goes through, but today was just out of control for him. Unacceptable

    1. SMCC parent and alum

      It was more than just #5. From the moment they walked on the field for warmups it was all about intimidation. They made sure they stretched across the 50 yard line into CC’s side of the field to do their cals. The CC coaches saw it and warned the kids to rise above it. So proud of our boys and our coaches for playing the game with class. I know they weren’t perfect but mostly they did their talking with their pads. Now it’s time to climb another mountain. Onsted shut out a good team that runs the T so it will be another tough one next Saturday.

      Congrats to Milan on a great season!

    2. I sometimes think that players just get overhyped. I’m not saying they don’t have talent but the competition leads to the great stats and legacy. You see it all the time. Number 5 and the QB were ok but not the anything that you don’t see in the Huron League. Remember they had a large line up front that probably pushes around a lot of the teams in their league. The players were a reflection of the coach as he was an a— going through the line too. The kids pick that up. Respect is earned and not just given. In the playoffs you earn it week to week.

  4. Private schools should only play each other, same with Charter and Public. Unfair advantages don’t make for an even playing field/game. Regardless, very proud of our Big Reds. You made history, what a way for the Seniors to go out. It was an amazing season, thank you for the Friday Night Lights. ♥️

      1. It likely was “unfair” to Milan parents Saturday – as for the Milan fans, this was the first time all season where things were pretty apparent that their opponent had some ridiculous advantages tied to enrollment process & funding that created obvious disparities.

        Almost all of Milan’s other opponents either took self-responsibility to account for their enrollment process advantages (namely SMCC), or they were a public school with the same process.

        Unfortunately, the MHSAA is obviously fine with it — they continue to choose not to weigh the private schools differently from public schools in their state playoff formula – even though EVERYONE knows these teams clearly have differences in enrollment process that creates advantages and disadvantages.

        And to their credit, the private schools on their own merit choose much larger leagues to play in for competitive value. For example, SMCC clearly knows that despite an enrollment of 350, they are a far better competitive fit in a league that is 2-3 times their size because of how they develop their roster…So while they are district and league champs – and hopefully state champs — it was their own personal responsibility to account for their advantages in enrollment that cost them a league title and a perfect record this year by choosing to play schools that were larger but had different enrollment systems. And it was very fair…and more so, it was responsible.

        Somehow the MHSAA can’t get their head around it…even though multiple states have succeeded in creating equity between private and public schools through 1.5 and 1.75 multipliers on enrollment for private schools. So lets not blame SMCC or Country Day for being members in an association that has its blinders on…I say good luck to both teams next week.

        But we can begin to hold the MHSAA accountable…they owe it to ALL kids to see the disparity for what it is – and act like the private schools do – by finding the appropriate competitive level for ALL of their teams.

        1. I have a thought on this. It will never happen. Schools such as DCD would threaten lawsuit which could potentially bankrupt the MHSAA. It has been done before. DCD does have some advantages, but it does come at a huge price tag to most of the students. I haven’t checked lately, but DCD cost somewhere near $30k per year for high school. Sure kids get scholarships, but their enrollment is limited because of the cost factor and I wouldn’t say their great athletes get full scholarships. They have great facilities over there because of the huge endowment from alumni and others. They train their kids a certain way and their athletic requirements for all students help them find hidden gems. Do they have an advantage in the grand scheme of things? Probably, but why don’t they dominate in every sport year in and year out. I’m not trying to be disrespectful, but did you have a problem when Milan’s open enrollment was through the roof or when they won a state championship because of players from Ypsi and Ann Arbor? I say play on. High school sports is about more than winning championships. It is about teaching life lessons, skills and character that will last a life time.

          1. yes, lets not forget when u got latin Davis and nick Perkins from ypsalanti area. they weren’t Milan kids at all. so Milan does the same things, sometimes. maybe just not in football but in basketball they sure did. because the year after those dudes left milan basketball was nothing.

          2. Well – I think Milan’s basketball team a few years back and this year’s Belleville football team – among MANY other teams right now – are certainly engaged in the one response to the MHSAA’s irresponsibility that you are seeing. Yes, I do believe this is the very by-product of MHSAA”s irresponsibility. Public schools, with the same passion to win as private schools – let’s be clear – its the SAME passion and therefore should not bear out any more consequence from the MHSAA – are now leveraging school of choice to mimic the private schools advantage in enrollment.

            And thank you – your acknowledgment of those teams proves the very point…we don’t have to be naive to this…it is clearly an advantage that we can all see…we don’t have to be an expert in athletics like the paid professionals at MHSAA to see it for what it is…enrollment process is a factor here.

            But do you find it funny that the MHSAA is now working harder on transfer rules than ever before implementing more policy on a yearly basis…instead of owning their own issue of equity in their playoff formats? What does that suggest from their leadership?

            And please let’s not be naive that multiple kids on that Country Day football team don’t have near or full scholarships to the $30,000 a year school. It will be fun for Milan as years go by to reminisce about playing 3-4 incredible players on the 2019 team as we watch them in the NFL…like in 2007 when Kenny Demens, Jonas Gray and Bennie Flowers all must have had parents that just thought the math program at Country Day was better for their sons and paid that $30,000 per year…ugh, come on.

            Finally if you believe high schools are more about teaching life lessons instead of winning championships, why would a multiplier be a threat to that? Would not teams still learn character and skill?

            I am Ok with Belleville. I am OK with Milan’s basketball team. I don’t ever begrudge a person or group of people that try to compete on equitable terms in this country.

            But I will say with first hand information that the bonds that this District Champion Milan football team has within the circle of friends on that team is MUCH stronger than what the Milan basketball team had even with their state championship… A hired gun is a hired gun…he’s not going to know the words to your fight song because his purpose there is simply to win…not to embrace the community.

          3. This kind of talk happens when a public school loses to a private school. However, nothing would be said if that public school team were to have won.

            You cannot compare DCD and SMCC. The complex at places like DCD, PNDP, OLSM and the like are ridiculous. SMCC has nothing of the sort. No football field, no swimming pool,no track, kids get bussed to practice…. I could go on.

            The kids that go to SMCC are legacy kids or are there because of the religious aspect. You don’t go to SMCC to play football or any other sport. Can one still say there is an advantage, sure, but it’s usually only said after a loss.

          4. How do you know any of those DCD kids are full or nearly full scholarships? What are you insinuating?

            You mentioned Benny Fowler in your post. Did you know his father was up until recently vice president of the Americas for Ford motor company? Pretty sure he could afford the full price tag to DCD.

          5. And again, I don’t blame Country Day for playing on the field that the MHSAA provided…Good luck to them.

            And to SMCC as well – would love to see the league earn a state title! I certainly would never compare what they are doing to Country Day or IMG Academy… I know those SMCC kids have been together since 3rd grade – the Milan team has “battled” them for years now…it was a great rivalry and many friendships between the schools.

            Again, great job this year on coverage – your blog and site really enhances the experience for us fans of the Huron League football teams!

        2. Riverview best Divine Child in 2017 in the regional final. You win some and you lose some. All there is to it. No sense in complaining.

      2. I said nothing about the loss Gary. I’m talking about the same rules not having to be followed by all schools involved. Notice how I mentioned Charter schools also, as they generally don’t stand a chance against Public schools. But, you can make it a petty comment if you choose to. Our boys had the winningest season in Milan history, we have nothing to be petty about. A giant Private school beat a small, country Public school with the same season record. Next.

        1. I know you didn’t mention the loss. But your comment came after you lost. If you won, ask yourself, would you have made that comment?

          1. Ok but it’s not like Milan wasn’t in the game. It was competitive. I got word Hines was injured during the game. Not sure if he came back?

    1. You recruit more than the private schools so I’d be careful with what you say. Example is your player from Monroe. If a school has a third of the enrollment that means less talent pool to pick from. Think about it.

      1. Here are the facts, of all schools 86% is public and 14% private( religious and non)
        Football , there is a trend and not good for Public schools !

        Since 2000, 41% of state titles were won by private schools.
        The divide between public and private schools is getting worse. Since 2011, private schools have won 53% of the state titles!
        Of teams with 5 or more state titles since 2000, 6 of the 9 are private schools. Those 6 teams have 35 state titles between them.
        Lopsided contests between private and public schools are not uncommon. Two of the biggest blowouts in state finals history have been private schools thrashing public schools. In the 2001 D5 title game, Jackson Lumen Christi beat an undefeated Livonia Clarenceville team 49-0. In the 2011 D7 title game, Saginaw Nouvel led an undefeated Pewamo-Westphalia team 56-12 at half time! In 2014 Warren DeLaSalle beat Muskegon Mona Shores 44-8.
        Private schools can still be successful playing against larger schools. In 2003, the private school Detroit DePorres won the Division 8 State Championship. They had an enrollment of 248 students. During the regular season they beat the eventual Division 1 State Champion Detroit Catholic Central 33-27. Detroit Catholic Central had an enrollment of 1,996 students.

        1. Not sure about your numbers regarding % of public to parochial schools, but let’s assume they are correct. If you’re going to go back 20 years. You have to go back 20 years on the percentages as well., Just saying. I mentioned earlier that I don’t think sports is about winning state championships. It’s about so much more. I will say though, the MHSAA does emphasize the state tournament more than they should. The soccer season for boys literally last 5 1/2 weeks after Labor Day. They start the districts in early/middle of October to make sure they can put a championship in early November. They do this because this drives revenue to fund the association itself. In my humble opinion, I don’t think the high school football season should last until after Thanksgiving. Now I understand they are just doing what their membership wants them to do, but that is limited to those who sit on the committee’s for many of these sports. There are many times that athletic director’s vote and make recommendations’s and they are ignored in favor of the executive committee.

        2. Kids want to go to winning programs. For every JLC, there is an Ithaca, for every GRWC, there is a Mendon, for every DCC, there is a Rockford.

          Winning attracts. Private. Public. Whatever.

          Most of the talk is about SMCC on here. They don’t have all the titles the schools I mentioned above. Heck they havent won their own league since 2015 and lose to public schools each year in the playoffs.

          I don’t know what goes on at the OLSM’s of the world or the Muskgons of the world, but I know what goes on at SMCC.

          1. SMCC does it the right way. Their kids have been playing together since 3rd grade. Their school makes a conscious choice to play in a league that is twice their size. Their facilities and how they pay their coaches are similar to league teams…they make an intentional decision to hire great coaches and that is how you win.

            And, you have to agree that there is competitive balance in our Huron football league…with the last 5 years we have had Milan, Riverview, St. Mary’s and Grosse Ile all win league titles. It appears to be working fine there. Again, not sure what the real argument is here about an influencer on private schools…as in our league, SMCC competes just fine despite the difference in enrollment.

            In terms of Country Day, all you had to do is google “Detroit County Day scholarships” to find examples of money dedicated specifically for student athletes…but I am willing here for a full review of the facts…I just think that would make it significantly worse for them in this regard. I won’t provide the rumors that I heard…since its not grounded in a document that is factual…but I do know that Country Day was asked to forfeit state titles by the MHSAA from the Chris Webber era due to his decision to violate amateur rules in regards to funds…and the school refused. And both Webber and Battier both acknowledged they were on scholarship there. Unfortunately, County Day is NOT transparent on their data about athletic scholarships so your conjecture really is only good as mine…but it doesn’t take a lot of work on the internet to see there is dedicated money for special athletes…and maybe that, along with what Webber and Battier have acknowledge…point to what is really occurring…as that certainly is consistent with the rumors I hear about the school’s top athletes.

            Finally, in terms of 20 year history with private schools and the MHSAA, the data is the same. You can view it at fairplayoffs.com…it does not get any better over 20 years…it only shows how irresponsible the MHSAA is to that data. Again, while other states have applied enrollment influencers to look to balance the data – and have succeeded, this state has done nothing.

            So simply put, if the MHSAA’s goal is to provide equitable competition for its member schools, they are failing at it.

            With all that said…hope about we let Milan fans be a little bitter about losing to Country Day – and that includes allowing them to voice concerns about the clear advantages that Country Day has. Remember guys, while Country Day was practicing in their indoor football field all week – a 4.3 ,million dollar structure paid for by private donors…the Milan team was chasing all over Ann Arbor to find a field to practice on…so they could get an equitable chance to win the game. I think its Ok if they are a bit bitter…give them a little space.

            And Milan fans can remember that SMCC is certainly NOT Country Day. They are an equitable fit in the Huron League – and I seriously doubt they would have any issue with a 1.5 influencer…they have hired great coaches with the same stipends other teams offer – which any school can do – and have done a good job coaching their kids. I personally think they would still win it all at D-5…and likely D-4 (if Country Day was moved up).
            Good luck to them!

          2. ha ha – true – its very likely the GRCC will likely beat this junior/sophomore laden DCD team in two weeks. They are loaded as well.

            But Country Day will return most of their players, including back-up QB Mann – who also played safety. He is VERY talented…they likely will get BETTER at QB with him next year.

            Hines is healthy and played well – he had some special moments vs DCD – including his TD run where he made a DCD LB look silly. But he also took a ton of shots from their LB’s that he never took all season…they had incredible speed…and he was out for most of the 4th quarter due to it. I will say DCD’s starting QB was holding his ribs most of the 2nd half…and didn’t throw passes after taking a tough hit to that region…so it was physical.

            Furtney played amazing – probably his best game. He had a pick 6 and several receptions against a secondary that includes a kid going to Stanford for baseball, another going to BGSU for football, plus the Mann kid who will be big-time. He absolutely brutalized the BGSU kid on a play…that is for sure. If Furtney needed any more video to show recruiters his talents, he certainly got a ton of it – likely 4-5 more incredible highlights for him…as he clearly showed he has the ability to compete and hold his own against top college athletes…great finish for a kid that had to work incredibly hard to just to play this year.

            That is the one nice thing about playing a team with NFL/Div 1 type talent on the field…when you beat them even for a single play, you get a memory to brag to your buddies for a life-time…and along with Furtney’s and Hines’ moments…the defensive line and DBs had some great plays against some highly recruited kids that should project to play the game for a long time…including professionally…

            I can hear the Milan guys bragging now when these DCD kids make it big about how, for at least one play, they took em to the woodshed.

          3. I just put the facts up and the argument will never be solved here. I am for sending your kids to where you feel they get the best experience for education, student life and athletes. Choice is not a bad thing, I wish CC luck this week and they represent our league with pride & respect. Right now this CC team is playing as good of ball as any HL team in the last 30 years.

          4. with cc its all about tradition. if you go to see or know anyone from cc they talk about the great tradition and family like atmosphere from the place. the facilities are sub par, pretty much don’t have nothing at all. you give this big public schools are facilities and they complain about it and don’t get better. cc kids are gritty and accept what they have and go at it. the coaches don’t get paid jack squat man. they love the kid/football program/tradition so much they are giving up there salaries to work at cc. the only on campus facility cc has is there. and the off campus faculties aren’t anywhere close to other schools, we accept it and move on.

            in all cc sports they just play harder than everyone and play with a chip on their shoulder. rarely do you see a cc go down without a fight. its just the vibe that comes from being at cc. if any of you want come talk to me about it. lemme know and we can

            ik Gary will back me up on this

      2. talking about recruiting. I am in college getting asked by people if cc recruited. plz stop we don’t recruit. people come to cc for good education and religious aspect.

    2. By that logic then school of choice should be done away with. How many Ypsilanti, Lincoln, and other surrounding districts did Milan get athletes from. The small catholic schools do not give any money to athletes, beyond the popular public circle misconception. If a parent can pay the tuition and they live in the district they can go to the school, period. Same with school of choice except you don’t have to pay anything. Don’t get me started on on places like Inkster a few years ago, Oak Park now, Cass Tech, and many other public schools. Talent followed coaches. That’s why the state finally put a rule in for one year sit outs, but only if you can prove it was a transfer for athletics, good luck with that. So know the facts. better yet enjoy the great record breaking season and success the Milan program has put togther.

        1. School of choice has certainly been a game changer for the MHSAA.

          School of choice is about 20 years old now in law, and we have seen the MHSAA change their transfer rules 5-6 times in that 20-year period to address the advantages this law creates in enrollment process for teams that are leveraging it. They have worked very hard to limit the advantages gained for schools embracing school of choice…even though the facts are clear that it has been a very small group of schools that have won a very small amount of state titles leveraging this law…including Milan basketball. Certainly its not 15% of schools winning 45% of state titles…right?

          So thank you for mentioning it. We now have clear evidence that even the MHSAA can recognize that enrollment processes can affect competitive balance and equity among schools.

        1. Onsted beat Blissfield 28-21 in the predistrict. Then they went on to face Grass Lake and won 35-21. In the regional they controlled Hillsdale and won 12-0. They will battle SMCC in the semis next week. They should not be taken lightly averaging 31 points per game and only letting up 18.4. One thing to consider, their average is skewed due to the Erie Mason game where they put up 52. Erie Mason has no defense so that game probably should not be included in the average. Removing that game brings the ppg to 29. Early Prediction SMCC 46 Onsted 20

          1. Congrats to the Big Reds on a great season.

            Keep it going Falcons! Way to keep pounding. One game at a time. On to Onsted.

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