2019 Defensive Player of the Year

SMCC’s Sam Cousino has been chosen as Friday Night Victor’s Defensive Player of the Year. The 6-3, 230 lb senior LB was a 3 year starter for the Falcons and led the team in tackles this season with 104.

In Cousino’s three years on Varsity, SMCC was 28-9, including 3 District Titles, 1 Regional Title and the Division 6 State Championship.

Cousino breaks up a pass attempt with a timely shoulder to the chest in the State Championship game at Ford Field

If you were to look up defense in the dictionary, you might find a picture of Sam Cousino. Sam played with a physical and aggressive style which perfectly fit his 6’3″ 230 lb frame. I had the luxury of calling every varsity game he played. I rarely had to look to see his number, when the pile went completely in the other direction, you knew who made the tackle.

Opposing Coach’s Comment: ” You absolutely had to game plan against him. Knowing where he was at all times was key if you were to have a chance. Tremendously physical and instinctual.”

7 thoughts on “2019 Defensive Player of the Year”

  1. Thank you Friday Night Victors! What an honor and what a wonderful few years it has been at SMCC!! We are very blessed and no matter what the future holds he will always be a Falcon!! We have enjoyed this blog for many years and will continue to do so.
    #28 mom

    1. Stop trying to compare teenage kids on a public forum. Let Sam enjoy his well deserved honor. Save those discussions for you and your friends.

        1. I don’t mean anything bad by that. I am wondering from a player who played with both of these great football players and have seen them develop and do great things. I also was asking Gary because he has been the color guy for cc for many years and now and has especially seen these kids develop. I saw them on the field in person and he saw them from upstairs. I am friends with both these mine men.

          sorry coach to upset you. I just wanted to see what the blog and people of Monroe county wanted to say.

      1. I am also a cc alum, as you can tell in my name, and would never try to hurt these kids picture on or off the field. I was very happy when cc won the state title and was glad to be part of the tradition and the alumni all around the world cheering y’all on.

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