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This is the 2nd annual Friday Night Victors All Blog team. It was tough with 16 teams and us picking an offense and a defense. There will be 12 players on each side of the ball plus a kicker and a punter. We reached out to every coach asking for nominations. We heard back from most everyone. Nobody will be listed twice. We also included our Overall Player of the Year, as well as, Defensive Player of the Year and Offensive Player of the Year. Click on the players name and you will see highlights for most of the players.

Overall Player of the Year

QB/RB/DB/KR Tristen Hines; Sr. Milan

Gary on Hines:

“Going into the season we knew how well Tristen would do running the ball but the question was how well could he pass. He answered that question early and often spreading the ball out to his talented receiving corp. Hines is just an all around great football player. There really is nothing he cannot do. It was a joy covering him for 4 years on Varsity. Players like him do not come around very often”.

Defensive Player of the Year

LB Sam Cousino; Sr. SMCC

Chris on Cousino:

“I saw Sam play numerous times this season. He was seemingly involved in every play on defense from his LB position. Certainly one of the main reasons why the Falcons finished 12-1 and won the Division 6 State Title”.

Offensive Player of the Year

RB Alex Morgan; Sr. SMCC

Chris on Morgan:

“Alex seemed like a completely different player from a year ago. He went from a solid RB to one of the best in SMCC history. He could break tackles and then outrace the defense to the end zone. I could only imagine if he carried the ball 20-25 times a game”.


OL Matt Brown; Sr. Bedford

OL Noah Bauman; So. Whiteford

OL Garrett Vineski; Sr. Riverview

OL Sam Lewallen; Sr. Milan

OL Brendan Sloan; Sr. SMCC

QB Noah Beaudrie; Jr. Erie Mason

RB Christian Brown; Sr. Bedford

RB Jacob Pac; Jr. Airport

RB Joe Pizzo; Jr. Grosse Ile

E Caron Clayton; Sr. Flat Rock

E Tristin Panza; So. Monroe

E Issac Smith; So. Huron

K Degan Garcia; So Bedford


DL Gus Flint; Sr SMCC

DL Joel Rand; Jr. Bedford

DL Ty Schroeder; Jr. Dundee

DL Cross Jacobs; Jr. Monroe

LB Nieko Castiglione; Sr. SMCC

LB Christian Lopez; Jr. Riverview

LB Justin Chambless; Sr. Airport

LB Johnny Blanzy; Sr. Grosse Ile

DB Brendan Dafoe; Sr. Summerfield

DB Ian Stewart; Sr. Carlson

DB Kendrick McBride; Jr. Milan

DB Wyatt Bergmoser; Sr. SMCC

P Luke Willams; Sr. Dundee

Selections were made by Chris Schultz. If I missed someone you think should have made it, I apologize. There were many players worthy of a selection, but these are the players we went with.

13 thoughts on “FNV All Blog 2019”

  1. Gary/Chris/Frank – have you guys heard any rumblings on kids who might be playing next year. We know where Hines and Stewart are going, but what about kids like Luke Williams, Blanzy, Cousino, Morgan, Christian Brown etc.

  2. Confused how Williams had almost 1,200 yards rushing but didn’t get on as running back. No hate just curiosity. Thank you for all you guys do though.

    1. Running back is a loaded position. I’m just not sure who would be replaced. Many fine seasons out there at the RB position. Especially when you look
      at total yards from scrimmage.

    2. Luke Williams was our punter who averaged a school record 44 yards per punt. As you know, we only list a player at one position. We did make it a point to put his hudl highlight reel on there. I don’t think it included any punting.

  3. The disclaimer at the bottom pretty much sums it up. There were many deserving players, Poe was certainly one. The stats we were provided had him at 6 int’s, which is still a really good number.

    We don’t do things like the Monroe News and name 10 kids at each position. Chris chose who he thought were the best and I agreed. No doubt there are some very good players left off.

  4. How is riverview db poe is not up there he was #4 in the state with 8 int only one 1 pass was caught on that kid all year

    1. Wow and put someone on that missed half the regular season. This is just to sprinkle in all teams a little bit and make people happy and still reading. Good thing coaches get a say in who they know deserve recognition. Not perfect, but kids that they know led them. I did enjoy this blog for the most part but also glad I don’t have to look at it anymore.

      1. Thank you.

        We do our best and we do it only because we enjoy HS football. We take some flack here and there but in the end, we hope everyone enjoys the blog.

      2. I hate responding, but I will.

        Please think of it this way. We listed 5 OL. There are 80 starting OL from the teams we cover. We listed 2 QB’s out of 16. You should see the stats from some of these QB’s we didn’t choose. We’re talking school record stuff. We listed 4 RB’s out of 45 starters. We listed 3 ends out of 32 starters.

        On defense, we listed 4 guys at DL out of more than 65. We listed 5 LB’s out of over 50 starters at that position. We listed 4 DB’s out of the 60 or so out there.

        We realize that not everyone will be happy, but what is wrong with celebrating those we did choose?

        Lastly, if your glad you don’t have to look at it anymore, please don’t read. I honestly don’t care. We simply do our best as high school football fans to provide a service to recognize the kids.

        1. Thank you for the love and support you have shown Tristen over the past 4 years!!!! I will definitely miss spending my Friday nights watching him play HS Football, but now I’ll get to watch him on Saturdays!!!! Keep up the good work Chris, Gary and Frank!!!

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