FNV 2020 Players to Watch

Here are some of the many players to watch from your Friday Night Victors viewing area in 2020. These players will represent some of the best Michigan High School football players in southeast Michigan.

* Denotes Returning FNV All Blog Player

We may have missed someone. It’s okay. It wasn’t intentional.

*Kendrick McBride, Milan WR/DB

Noah Cartwright, Milan LB

Jett Issacs, Milan DB/K

Kaleb Monahan-Alber Milan DL

* Noah Bauman, Whiteford OL/DL

Devon Shaw, Whiteford RB

Shea Ruddy, Whiteford QB/DB

Jack Andrews, Whiteford OL/DL

Eli Dyer, Whiteford DB/RB

*Joe Pizzo, Grosse Ile RB/DB/K

Keegan Mott, Grosse Ile WR

Trey Swick, Grosse Ile LB

Will Davis, Grosse Ile DB

Ethan Eyler, Summerfield LB

Devin Albain, Summerfield, QB

Jacob Prati, Summerfield, OL

Anthony Greear, Carlson LB/FB

Cody Britt, Carlson LB

Taurus Wilson Jr, Carlson LB

Jaishaun Williams, Carlson RB/DB

Nick Mcarthur, Carlson TE/DE

Stoney Buell, Dundee RB

*Ty Schroeder, Dundee DE/TE

Issac Wylie, Dundee DB

Carson Irwin, Dundee QB

Cole Jondro, SMCC RB

Zach Patterson, SMCC OL/DL

Emiliano Sauceda, SMCC LB/TE

Garett Bergmoser, SMCC RB/DB

Drew Grup, Bedford LB

*Joel Rand, Bedford DL

*Degan Garcia, Bedford K

Nolan Vanover, Jefferson WR/DB

Thomas Boggs, Jefferson RB/DL

Dradyn Ray, Jefferson OL/DL

Brendan Bashaw, Jefferson OL/DL

Luke Conover, Jefferson RB/LB

*Tristin Panza, Monroe WRDB

*Cross Jacobs, Monroe DL/OL

Carson Deseranno, Monroe DB/WR

Bryce Younglove, Monroe DL

Jahiziel Williams, Monroe DE

Joseph Siniarski Flat Rock OL/DL

Devin Dustman, Flat Rock WR/DB

Xavier Martin, Flat Rock QB/LB

Henry Hamilton, Flat Rock RB/LB

Bradley Williams, Flat Rock DE/TE

*Christian Lopez, Riverview LB/RB

Jimari Moultrie, Riverview RB/DB

Noah Grunwald Riverview LB

Preston Thompson Riverview DB

Cal Lockhart, Riverview DE

*Noah Beaudrie, Erie Mason QB

Tanner Herrera, Erie Mason WR

Cooper Kinsey, Erie Mason DL

Cam Micheau, Erie Mason OL/DL

Austin Myers, Huron QB

Chase Molnar, Huron DB/WR

*Issac Smith, Huron WR/DB

Rory Callahan, Huron DL/OL

Owen Sampson, Ida RB/DB

Ty Hathaway, Ida OL/DL

Park Henry, Ida TE/LB

Austin Herkimer, Ida OL

Tyler Satkowski, Ida DL

*Jacob Pac, Airport RB

Shawn Sweet, Airport LB

Noah Umin, Airport DL

Sheldon Baldock, Airport TE/DE

31 thoughts on “FNV 2020 Players to Watch”

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  2. Smcc football grad

    This season SMCC Will have troubles with the amount of seniors missing. But talent is coming back. Watch out forZach Patterson OG/DL he has been a major factor and has made huge impacts on both sides of the ball. Garett Bergmoser RB/DB will be a great leader for the falcons with lots of talent. Emiliano Sauceda LB/TE will be a huge impact on the linebacking core for the falcons. He also made a big impact in the playoffs. Blake Birkenhier RB/LB has a lot of talent and it was almost like he was hidden this year because of the senior overload. He had a touchdown on his first carry of the 2019 season and a game sealing INT against Montrose in the regional final. This kid has talent. Gavin Witaszek is a very very strong DT that will get to the QB this year and will be a big impact this year as he did the last. Mitchell Kemmerling at QB will be a huge factor as well. There is a lot of talent coming like i saw in the past few comments. Go falcons!

  3. SMCC football alum

    It will be tough for cc this year. They are losing multiple seniors. Although they have talent returning that wasn’t shown much during the season due to the heavy load of seniors that they had. Players including Zach Patterson OG/DL he has been a beast on both sides of the line, Garett Bergmoser RB/DB is going to be a leader with talent on this team, Emiliano Sauceda TE/LB had big impact for cc in the playoffs, Cole Jondro RB/DB made big impact as a freshman, Blake Birkenhier RB/LB scored on his first carry as a running back in the 2019 season and had a game sealing INT against Montrose high school. He will be a big impact on the offensive and defensive side next year. Also Mitchell Kemmerling QB will be able to execute the offense well. The list goes on and on with talent. There are many more that I could list It will be tough with the amount of experience that they are losing but cc will be in the running this year for the Huron League. GO FALCONS

  4. Check out Jefferson Bears RB/LB/KR…Luke D. Conover on Hudl, watch out Huron League!
    Jefferson has added to the playbook!
    GO BEARS!!!

  5. Watch Gavin Witesek for smcc. He played a lot for them this past year. Will bring some experience to a fairly inexperienced team next year.

  6. Watch out Huron League… Jefferson Bears have 11 Juniors returning for their senior year!
    Bear Down and get ready!!
    Playoff bound!!!

  7. Mitchell Kemmerling SMCC QB. he was their JV QB. kid is very athletic and can throw the ball and has good speed. he will def be at the helm of central next year

    1. What are your thoughts on cc this upcoming year? Losing a lot of seniors who played a lot. Sounds like you went to some of the jv games – how did they look?

      1. this will be the toughest cc has had to work for anything this off szn. as you said losing a lot of players that played both ways, losing a lot of leadership. someone will have to step up for them and be their leader. Coach Kipf will get the fired up to play football and compete. he will be in the ear all off szn about how no one excepts them to be good. I do think they will make the playoffs but they will not win the league next year, believe huron will. I think Coach Kipf will put in a few new wrinkles into the O that we have no seen before. I think he will try different things than before because he does not have the horse that he has had for his 5 years I could see Jandro in his later years being even better than Morgan, kid showed he could do it as a freshmen, he will learn the cuts and the movements of the trap. yes this years line was unreal and a lot of the credit goes to them. I think people will see a more of an offense like they did at the end of year, meaning using their QB on more runs. defensively they will struggle here the most I believe. still have the best defensive coaches around but with the lack of experience they will struggle. it is good though that they have little bergmoser and a few D line back to help assist the young guys. LB core they have one coming back.

        all in all, I see cc being 5-3, 4-4, still do not know if they have a week 9 yet. I think they will get into playoffs with this record because the huron league is full of A and B schools. I am excited to what they do and I hope they prove me, and the rest of Monroe county wrong.

          1. really GI?? did they have a good JV team this year? because I thought all there playmakers this year were upperclassman

          2. OG CC Alum…to answer your questions…they had 5 seniors and ~17 Juniors in 2019…and no, their JV did not do to well last year, they had ~15 total players

        1. What’s the over/under on number of years before smcc is no longer in the huron league? The new playoff system hurts the d3 d4 teams by keeping them around. Bringing in a mediocre d3 team to replace them would give teams more playoff points than they would get from smcc. Figure once 3 schools figure out that playing smcc screwed them out of the playoffs they’ll get voted out

          1. You bring up a good point, but you have to remember football is just one sport in the Huron League. I highly doubt anyone is going to vote out a school that has been in the league for 50 years.

          2. people have been trying to get cc out of the league for many years now because they don’t like a school with wayyyy less kids whooping up on them. we will still be daddy of the league. you don’t worry about us. we will show out

          3. That may be true, Chris, but an AD’s job at most schools are mostly effected by 2 sports, football and basketball. Football generally brings in the most outside money and has the biggest clout. AD’s will still have to explain why their team is missing the playoffs regardless of league history. Time will tell who or what goes under the bus when a job is on the line.

            With the new playoff point system I’m hearing all sorts of stories from around the state. Conferences are going to get shaken up in the next few years (some have already started) why wouldn’t the huron league be one of them? Grosse Ile may be on the outside looking in at D5 also.

            Just my thoughts. It could be a wild ride around the state.

          4. River Rouge would be a nice addition.

            They continually complain about nobody wants to play them in football. The HL might be the answer.
            I mean, nobody would beat them, but you would get those D3 points for their wins.

          5. River Rouge would be a terrible addition. They want to play by a different set of rules. They have good people over there, but they would not be a good match for the Huron League.

          6. Outside money brought in from football is meaningless in Huron League football. That is more of a college thing where good programs fund the rest of the athletic department. I don’t see SMCC going anywhere.

          7. I had a thought on that Gary. Let’s say Wyandotte, Woodhaven, LP and possibly Edsel Ford leave the DRL for a bigger conference. That could open the door for Riverview, Huron and even RR to move. Southgate’s enrollment is dropping so they would likely stay. That would create an almost all D3 conference. Would that force FR, Milan, Airport and Jefferson into looking at creating a D4 conference? The playoff system has thrown wins out the window so it could be a possibily…

            There are alot of dominoes on the table, it would only take one or two to fall to start the effect. Is it probable? No. But it is possible.

          8. Honestly, Chris, I don’t see any moves in this area. Sports just aren’t on the same level as they are in other parts of the state and AD’s are very comfortable in their jobs. Rouge to the Huron League is just a bad idea all together. After 12 years of kids playing hs ball I can finally sit back and play what if. Creating an all D3 conference sure would be fun to watch though

          9. I would love to see this conference


            I’ve been hearing rumors of the LCAA breaking up largly because no one wants to drive to Hillsdale or BCC anymore and Ida, Dundee, and Onsted are outgrowing the conference.

          10. I do wish ida and cc would start playing in regular season or Dundee and cc. I think the crowds and atmosphere would be excellent for both schools.

            especially when ida had there good runs. I think the cc ida game would of been amazing to play in and watch.

  8. We’ve watched Joel Rand since he was in elementary school. He is truly living his dream. What do the asterisks next to the names denote? Thank you.

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