Giarmo Steps Down

Jack Giarmo has stepped down as the head coach of Gibraltar Carlson. Coach Giarmo had a 23-8 record over 3 seasons while qualifying for the playoffs each year.

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    1. We are in the process of making changes. January, February and March are great times to do this. It will be up and down over the course of the next 6 weeks. We are making changes to make the blog bigger and better than ever.

  1. I read an article yesterday and there were at least 29 head coach positions that opened up after the season finished. I don’t ever remember that many openings in one year.

  2. I’m hearing their AD is already reaching out to candidates including 2 current Huron League coaches and 2 LCAA coaches. Theres also 2 coaches on staff and a former OAC coach with interest is well. I could see this job getting alot of applicants after Giarmo has taken it to another level.

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