Friday Night Victors Way Too Early 2020 Projections

Airport: The Jets made the playoffs for the first time since 2012 last season and return All FNV RB Jacob Pac. Projection: 5-4.

Bedford: The Kicking Mules made the playoffs for the 4th consecutive season last year, but will break in a first year head coach (John Phillips) in 2020. Projection: 6-3*

Carlson: The Marauders made the playoffs for the 3rd straight year under Jack Giarmo, but must replace the coaching legend and Ian Stewart in 2020. Athletic Director Dan Kalbfleisch will serve as the interim coach this season. Projection: 6-3*

Dundee: The Vikings made the playoffs in 2019 after a 6 year hiatus and will welcome a new coach with a tough schedule in 2020. Projection: 4-5

Erie Mason: Mason is jumping from the LCAA to the Tr-County Conference. The Eagles should like the change of scenery especially with All-FNV QB Noah Beaudrie returning. Projection 6-3*

Flat Rock: The Rams must replace two of the most prolific offensive players in Flat Rock history while playing in the tough Huron League. Projection: 4-5

Grosse Ile: The Red Devils finished 2019 with a 2-7 record. Even years have been kind to GI and Jon Bodner over the last decade. Projection: 6-3

Huron: The Chiefs finished 4-5 last season and will boast a powerful offense again behind the arm of Austin Myers. If they can find a defense, they could find themselves in the playoffs. Projection: 6-3*

Ida: The Streaks found themselves out of the playoffs for the first time in 6 seasons in 2019 Don’t look for that to happen to Jeff Potter’s team again in 2020. Projection: 6-3*

Jefferson: The Bears broke out a bit in 2019 while finishing 3-6. Can they take a step forward in 2020? Projection: 3-5 (Current 8 Game Schedule)

Milan: The Big Reds won the Huron League and finished 11-1 in what was a historic season in 2019. It will be tough to repeat that in 2020, especially without Tristin Hines. Projection: 5-4

Monroe: The Trojans finished a disappointing 3-6 in 2019 and are hoping for a much better season in 2020 with stars Tristin Panza and Cross Jacobs returning. Projection: 5-4

Riverview: Riverview finished 8-3 in 2019 while advancing to the playoffs for the 6th time in 7 years. Look for more of the same from the Bucs in 2020. Projection: 8-1*

SMCC: The Falcons had a special year in 2019 as they finished 12-1 and won the Division 6 State Championship. SMCC must replace 22 seniors going into 2020. Projection: 3-5* (Current 8 Game Schedule)

Summerfield: The Bulldogs missed the playoffs for the 2nd consecutive season in 2019, but return one of the best QB’s around in Devin Albain. Projection: 5-4*

Whiteford: The Bobcats qualified for the playoffs for the 8th consecutive season in 2019 and should be a much improved team capable of making a playoff run in 2020. Projection: 6-3*

* Denotes projected playoff team in 2020

23 thoughts on “Friday Night Victors Way Too Early 2020 Projections”

  1. Sorry Falcons but even if you do make the playoffs at 3-6 , you are going to end up with Onsted, Hillsdale, Blissfield, or even Erie Mason which has an offense unlike anything the Huron League sees. Coach Kiph has done a great job, theres no disputing that they deserved it in 2019 but they lose their best player on defense Cousino, best player on offense Morgain, and a huge line on both sides of the ball. They will be lucky if they don’t start out 0-3. Not trying to sound like a bitter alumni but I get tired of hearing how great the Falcons are year in and year out with half of their team being someone else’s talent

    1. Well, it looks like SMCC will drop to D7 this year. With that said, the Falcons have better programs than those 4 schools that you listed. I would also argue that the Milan, Grosse Ile, Huron and Flat Rock offenses are every bit as good as Erie Mason’s. I do think SMCC will struggle a bit this year, but they will compete, they will make the playoffs and they will be a team that nobody wants to play in the playoffs.

  2. Smcc is that far down?

    Mason will be fake news they will make the playoffs on a easier competition schedule and then get waxed in the playoffs like they have been in lcaa.

    1. I disagree with your statement on Erie Mason. This will be their best team in over a decade.They have some solid players returning and a very good QB. They will most likely be D6 and they can compete at that level.

      1. They don’t play any defense what so ever, look at Their scores.

        Offense minded only and that’s proven, what are they gonna do get the wins against d7/d8 schools make the playoffs and see a lcaa team, the same teams they have not beaten in years and are avoiding now.

        Who will they see? Blissfield, Dundee, ida. Who else Clinton or Hudson … Smcc they won’t beat any of those teams

        All you have to do to beat them is make them throw, they are reliant on QB feet and broken down plays where the defense drops into coverage and he has lanes to run.

        It’ll get them wins just like when Clinton left the lcaa to rebuild in the TCC I say 5/6 wins and everyone will think mason football is back but it’ll be a rude awakening in playoffs

        1 win max in playoffs but I don’t even see that.

        Teams like Smcc under jack tested themselves with tough non conference opponents playoff qualifies

        Clinton and mason both bailed to lessen the competition to rebuild false hope in hopes people buy in and in all honesty the best thing for them is to win games but miss the playoffs and miss being exposed that way they can ride the wave into future about how they would have won states but didn’t make it instead of 42-20 loss round 1

        1. Do you think there is a big difference in D6 compared to D7 or D8? I don’t think so. Actually I heard many say last year that D7 was tougher than D6 last year. Most teams can be pretty competitive playing within two divisions of each other, Example: D8 to D6, D3 to D1.

          1. Look at Clinton and why they left the lcaa and how they became instantly good in the TCC, mason plans to do the same. Pound for pound TCC is no match for lcaa just like history has shown the Huron league trumps the lcaa not always and not every team but overall

            Suddenly mason is a power house after they lighten the schedule 🤷🏻‍♂️

          2. You do realize that Clinton will be the smallest team in the LCAA except for Hudson? Erie Mason was in that same boat playing in the LCAA.

    1. Sand Creek and then each other jump out to me in the TCC. Also, I expect B-D and Summerfield to be much improved. Pittsford has been a very good program for years, but depth appears to be a problem for them in 2020.

  3. Prior to the season, I will write an article in regards to the new playoff changes and it’s possible affects.

  4. SMCC will go 1-7 with that one W against Jefferson. They have NOTHING coming back. Coach Kiph and his staff will have to do one heck of a coaching job if they want to return to the playoffs.

    Nothing against them, but how long with the new playoff system can we see SMCC staying in the Huron League?

    1. I highly doubt that they only win one game. They graduate a lot, but they do return players who contributed and they have a very good coaching staff. They will find a way to get three wins somewhere. There’s only two games on the schedule I look at and say those aren’t winnable.

      1. I agree Chris. I see SMCC winning more than 3 though. If my memory serves me correct, their JV had a good year and all those underclassmen had a month of extra practice. They won’t contend for the league title but my predictions:

        Almont- Loss
        Airport- Loss
        Milan- Win
        Riverview- Loss
        Flat Rock- Win
        Huron- Win
        Grosse Ile- Win
        Jefferson- Win
        Week 9 ?
        Has anyone heard if they found a week 9 yet?

    2. First off hope everybody is staying safe. Airport returns one of the best RBs in the area in PAC but unfortunately lose quite a bit from last year’s playoff team. I’m hoping Duffy has them in position where they are competitive every year even with big graduation losses. That week 1 game vs Ida at home will be critical, a win for Airport could be the springboard for another playoff season. It won’t be easy, I’m pretty sure Ida has quite a few starters returning.

  5. Can you please explain why you don’t have Grosse Ile getting in the playoffs with a 6-3 record, but you have SMCC getting in with a 3-5 record? Doesn’t make much sense to me. You have all the other 6-3 teams getting in.

    1. That is a fair question regarding GI. It will be close. It could depend on where your week 1, 7 and 9 opponents fall in the divisions. SMCC (week 7) and GR (week 1) are both going to probably be D7. SMCC could end up in D6 which would help the Red Devil cause. GR could possibly drop to D8 which won’t help. Clintondale (week 9) could possibly drop to D7, which would hurt. They will most likely stay D6. One of the keys for GI is to be in D5. If they happen to bump up to D4 that would hurt. Quite frankly, if anyone else on the schedule drops divisions, that will hurt GI.

      Carlson could be in the same boat, but I don’t see a chance for many of the teams on their schedule to drop down a division. If anything, three have a chance of moving up.

      SMCC is in a nice and unique situation by most likely dropping to D7. I have run the numbers and they will get in at 3-5 in D7. It’s because you get bonus points for playing schools in a higher division whether you win or lose. You also get a certain higher amount of points for every game you win against the bigger school.

      Something to ponder with the new playoff system is; SMCC right now, only has an 8 game schedule. That hurts all their opponents who could benefit from another Falcon win. I’m sure they have tried getting a 9th game, but probably haven’t found one. The other thing that jumps out with the new system is, SMCC appears to be headed to D7.That hurts all the bigger schools on SMCC’s schedule. Obviously this won’t be a popular point, but it is valid.

    2. All depends on who you beat Red Devil Fan. Chris must have you beating teams in lower divisions with poor records.

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