Talking FNV Football with Dundee AD

Listen as Chris practices “Social Distancing” and talks FNV Football as he welcomes Dundee Athletic Director Tom Oestrike to the show via the studio phone. Topics include; Dundee Coaching Search, Dundee Stadium Project, Dundee Schedule and LCAA Football, Erie Mason Move to the TCC, Natural Rivalries, the New Playoff Format, and Players to Watch in 2020.

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    1. All the numbers were due to the MHSAA in February. Normal enrollment numbers come out sometime in April and I would assume that the football divisions would come out sometime after that. Since were in the situation we are with the pandemic, I’m assuming these numbers will be later than sooner. If you want to know the enrollment number of the school, you can go to the MHS AAA website and look at a particular school. Listed on the main page, would be their enrollment numbers for 2019-2020, but if you go to the football tab to the left and click on that the 2020-21 football schedule should show up and below that you will see an enrollment number that is most likely different from the number you saw prior. At this point there is no place to where you can look at all the numbers at the same time.

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