FNV Thoughts and Questions

A big thank you this Memorial Day weekend to all of those heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice.

I hope everyone is safe and healthy out there.

I fully anticipate having high school football this season.

Who is going to open holes for the running game at Airport this year?

I wonder what the local athletes are doing to stay in shape during the Pandemic?

Is Riverview being hyped too much?

What are the newly hired coaches doing to get to know their kids?

Don’t sleep on SMCC, too much tradition.

State Champs is sponsoring a helmet contest over on Twitter. Several local FNV teams are represented.

Rebuilding year at Bedford?

I noticed Huron broke ground on their new field last week.

Will the Huron League be down this year? Lot’s of “Star Power” graduated.

What offense will Carlson run?

There are some very good QB’s returning around the area in 2020.

That Dundee schedule scares me.

Still wondering if we should expand coverage to the whole Downriver area?

Will Erie Mason thrive in the TCC?

Should we start the podcast back up?

Is Flat Rock planning a field turf?

Excited to have Frank out covering more than just Dundee games this year.

Football returns to the island in 2020.

The LCAA looks to be loaded again.

If Huron can stop people this year, they should have a good season.

Was the stay at home order meant to “flatten the curve” or eliminate the curve?

Expect Ida to return to the playoffs!

I wish we would get more comments. We have had some great content the last 2 or 3 weeks.

Does Jefferson get above .500 this season?

Will the casual fan stay home this year or will they continue to attend high school football games?

Milan will surprise people in 2020.

Can any of the FNV teams make a state title run?

I have a good feeling about Monroe this year.

Anyone else going stir crazy?

Does the best QB in the area reside in Petersburg?

Peyton Manning or Tom Brady? Golf people, golf!

I think Whiteford is capable of a run this year.

44 thoughts on “FNV Thoughts and Questions”

      1. Outside Observer

        I believe there was an article in Monroe News that indicated that the Complex was placed on hold this year due to the pandemic.

    1. In my opinion the probability is fairly high.

      If I had to give it a number, I would go with about a 77.8% chance that we will be playing HS football in the fall.

        1. thing is Chris, to me, no matter what we are going to get a spike because more people will be around each other and people will then be around the virus again. Hopefully this “herd immunity”, where people being around the virus will give our bodies its own vaccination against it. I just hope the authorities do not freak out and shut down everything again.

          1. would totally agree with MI opening back and the world slowing opening back up.

  1. As a senior that graduated this last season, I know for a fact Huron will be in the top of the league. They have the athletes, just depends if they can be disciplined or not. If they avoid unnecessary flags, they could be a team to watch out for.

  2. Big Bob -Milan

    Tristen will be at the next level this year, He reports to Eastern the 22nd of June !! However I’ll be at Milan Friday night when they’re {EMU} at home ! I’m only 5 minutes away on my electric cart so I’ll be there lol !!

    Jessie will have the boys ready to play !! Of course that is if we get to play in this Covid mess! I hope everybody is safe and healthy afterwards. Looking forward to Chris, Gary, and Frank doing their thing on the blog. They do a great job !!Everyone who does enjoy it should donate a little something to help as it improves every year !!

    Good Luck to everyone this fall and may all of our lives be Blessed !

    1. i feel like that will hurt Dundee a lot because of not good athletes and new coach and new system. T is much easier to understand and run

      1. Dundee will be just fine. They have plenty of athletes walking the halls that probably avoided coming out in the past because of the T. No one wants to play in an offense where you block 90% of the time as a tight end if you are a receiver. The type of kids that Dundee has coming up at the lower levels are more spread-type athletes than the T. What kind of offense did Dundee run the last time they won a playoff game? The spread with Bolster at QB. There is a plethora of quarterback’s coming up in the system that don’t need to be wasted by running 32 Trap and Boot Pass.

        1. Dundee has won 1 playoff game since 1950. I doubt the style of offense they ran the last 5 years had anything to do with the previous 65 years.

          I’ll also add that during the last 5 years of running the T, Dundee averaged more points per game than any other 5 year period since 1950.

          People like to bash the T, but the offense proves time and time again that it is a powerhouse style.

        2. Last time they made the playoffs with their beloved spread they went to Navarre field and lost 68-14 haha haha keep drinking the spread kool aid dundee goes 3-6 or worse

        3. bolster was a top athlete to walk through dundee and this county. special player he was. and like people below have said. SMCC won a state title, running the T. CC has proven since the start of running the T that it is a successful offense. riverview runs the T now, and are pretty dang good. They have big strong lineman that now how to block and put their weight on you. Ida running the T pretty good, down last year but that happens. Imagine Bugg and Manicky, idk how to spell his name graduated in 16′, running the spread. would have done nothing. Bugg is the perfectd power fullback and the other kid was a perfect speed option. Clarkston, i believe, a D1 HS team runs this, and they are unbelievable.

          1. totally agree with you chris. GI runs the outside zone blocking schemes and a spread type offense and that has done them well for the later half of the decade now. I was not trying to say that the T was the way to go, because I agree when you have athetles you need to get them in space and use that to their advantage. When milan had barnes and lindaman, wow they were fun to watch, they ran the spread with more of a lead blocking follow your big guys.

        4. Josh (if thats your real name) you sound like a parent,
          or maybe even a disgruntled ex-coach that had all the answers on Saturday mornings. I have heard, Coach Crow is looking for coaches for his staff, maybe you should apply! Sadly it is people like you that cause good coaches to leave. This is nothing against the Dundee administration who I have heard good things about for the most part but why is there so much turnover in coaching? Last year it was girls basketball and volleyball, this year, you replace your football coach then basketball coach within months of each other. Maybe it is time to take a look at what kind of culture there is within the school and community that is contributing to this much turnover. I feel bad for my nephew who is going to have a new football coach, and go back to playing in the old stadium after the superintendent sold everyone on this fancy multi-million dollar stadium which we didn’t need in the first place but needless to say we all bought in, and a new basketball coach for his senior year.

  3. Summer field QB throws for almost twice as many yards as anyone else in TCC and doesn’t even receive honorable mention?

    Who can’t OLW beat in D8?

      1. Mason will score. They can probably put up 30 on anyone in the TCC. Can they stop the running game of Whiteford and Sand Creek enough to have a chance in the 4th is the question.

    1. WHS Sports Fan

      I would enjoy coverage of Downriver area schools. As a graduate of Flat Rock, I have followed your blog for years but I teach at Woodhaven so it would be nice to see coverage for our athletes.

        1. WHS Sports Fan

          Sounds great Chris. Especially with Riverview and Huron playing some Downriver schools in the playoffs.

  4. Where is Huron’s new field going to be and will it be ready for the season? Can’t wait to get out and see the boys out playing this fall! I think you should start the podcasts back up, with the down time and Zoom and Microsoft Team maybe you could reach out and get some of the coaches on and have a “get to know the coaches” while they have a little time away from the players. Coach Hoskins did a great session with Tristen Hines that you can see on You Tube. Thanks again for all you do to bring us the news on High School Football.

    1. This will be the third year we have heard that. A lot of pressure for Huron to do something since the league graduated tons of talent and this is “their” class. New field coming but same coaching staff.

        1. I assume they will have a new defensive coordinator with Coach K going back to Carlson to help his son?

          I will start drinking the Huron Kool-Aid when I see them actually do it on the field.

          1. In fairness Jimmy Ray, they lost 3 games by a combined 11 points last season and gave state champion SMCC a solid run for their money. The only game that was not close was the Riverview game. Not sure what they’re doing defensively this year, but they will need to be better if they want to win games. The offense will be good again.

          2. i think huron is the team. like was stated below gave cc a run for its money. reminds me of the offense in about 2014 when they had the QB that was a great athlete. big guys upfront, a good QB, and good WR and RB to handle their business.

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