Latest Poll: MHSAA Football or Not?

The MHSAA released their latest statement today that essentially said fall sports will go on as planned, unless we take a step backward with the pandemic. Let us know what you think will happen.

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Will High School Football in Michigan be played in the fall of 2020?
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9 thoughts on “Latest Poll: MHSAA Football or Not?”

  1. MHSAA should switch fall sports with spring sports. That was the only idea I’ve ever agreed with the Gretch on. Summer baseball seems to be doing very well. Might as well keep it rolling into high school and start football indoors in February with the season starting mid March in the snow!!

      1. That is a fair argument. I personally don’t see that happening. If the MHSAA can’t get fall sports in somehow before winter sports start, I don’t think there will be a sports season for those particular sports. Unless, they shorten many of the seasons. I do know the MHSAA would like to somehow get all 3 sports seasons in. I’m just not sure if that is possible. Maybe there is some sort of a quick season for instance: Let’s say winter sports aren’t able to start until 2021. Maybe you would see, winter in January/February, fall sports in March/April and spring sports in May/June. While certainly not ideal, it at least gets a shortened season in.

  2. Nobody is going to be in school this fall, which means no football. Politics are too heavily involved.

  3. I think fall sports will happen on time, but we won’t see football games until mid September.One of my son’s coaches believes that they will end up following the same schedule as college football but a shorter season. Many schools have already come out and said that they will be allowing athletics even if they are in a hybrid learning model. It sounds like the Huron League schools will be in person learning as well. Maybe we won’t see playoffs this year but I am praying that we see some contests. I hope instead of us becoming divided because of politics, that we can pull together for the kids and also show our support for the teachers and coaches who have a very difficult job ahead of them.

  4. As long as our health system has the capacity to handle a surge there should be in classroom instruction and sports this fall. If not, shutting down The country will be the new paradigm every flu season.

  5. The announcement on Friday just bought the MhSAA more time-Aug. 10th
    Lansing schools have already said on first marking period, Melvindale starting online. So schools arent comfortable with kids coming in. So what message are those schools sending? Can the online schools still play? Dont come to school but after school come run into one another?
    Go with plan B Buy some time 7 Months -and fit high risk football,volleyball and swimming right after winter sports. Spring sports then follow-Baseball starting in nice weather- YES – and for those ranting about football back to back-it wouldnt be-football ends and a spring 2-3 month season then begins-thats complete down time or at least so it should be.

  6. Voice of Reason

    Not sure if you guys will post this. Fall sports will not happen this year, but it’s because of politics not health. There is a push to remove Trump from office. Look at history and how sitting Presidents have lost re-election. I’m not a Trump guy, but I’m not willing to bury my head in the sand because he is a DB.

    Look at the actually numbers. There are approximately 330 million people in the USA. As of today, there are approximately 3.7 million positive test. This doesn’t mean people, but for math purposes let’s say it does. This means that 1.12% of the population of the USA has tested positive for Covid-19 since say February 1, 2020. Deaths in the USA are approximately 140 thousand. That puts the likelihood of death for the average American at 0.042%. Now we also know the numbers for death are higher for at risk people. Those with health problems, older population, etc.

    Obviously, any death is one too many, but let’s at least understand that a certain amount of deaths happen on a regular basis anyways. What that number is, I don’t know. I guess my point is why on earth would we ever shut anything down the way we have because of the numbers above?

    I’m not necessarily a conspiracy theory guy and I do wear a mask every day when I go outside or when I go to work but have we ever shut down our country, schools or anything else because of low numbers like this. Absolutely boggles my mind.

  7. i dont think fall sports will happen on time. i just dont know when they can push back fall sports and still get them done. thats my worry. and to be honest. i dont see fall sports happening this fall. very sad but i just dont

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