August 2020 Thoughts and Questions

We must flatten the curve.

Let them play.

Wash your hands.

Let them play

Can you believe they’re out of toilet paper?

Let them play.

We need more Lysol wipes.

Let them play.

When will our Amazon delivery get here?

Let them play.

Wear a mask!

Let them play.

The “New Normal”?

Let them play.

I was going to go on and on with this, but I really have nothing more to add other than a few serious thoughts and maybe a few serious questions:

This virus sucks! People have died from it. It’s a serious issue. If you don’t think so, I would say over 160,000 deaths in the USA alone should make you rethink that stance.

Covid-19 has divided our country more than ever or maybe it has just exposed our divisions that have existed for a long time.

I think members of our government and news media have been exposed for what they are, self-serving __________ (fill in the blank). Instead of focusing on what should be best for the United States of America, they have continually focused on what’s best for them or their party.

The media is not about the 1st Amendment or “Freedom of the Press”. They are more concerned with ratings or clickbait so they can sell more ads and make more money.

Our elected officials seem to focus on their own wealth and power instead of the common good. I don’t think that is what the “Founding Fathers” had in mind.

I believe we were ALL made equally in the image of God and we ALL sin and fall short of His glory.

I do think this virus will go away, eventually. Maybe it will be because of a vaccine, maybe because the disease will run its course or maybe just because. In the meantime; I will wash my hands, wear a mask (because it works or as a common courtesy), I will social distance when possible and I will pray for continued guidance from above.

I suppose now at this point you are saying to yourself, WTF Chris, isn’t this a football website? It is!

I think we should play high school football and other sports in the fall. I don’t think college or professional sports decisions should have any bearing on whether high school sports continue or not.

I think the MHSAA is doing a great job!

I think kids should be in the classroom with their friends and teachers if their parents want them there.

I think teachers should be in the classroom if they want to be there and feel safe.

I want to go to my passion as a High School AD and Assistant Dean and be with the kids on a daily basis. I’m 54 years old, but I am willing to personally take that risk to make sure these kids get what they need; intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally. Honestly, I may need all those things more than them, so maybe I’m self-serving too.

I am choosing to send my daughter back to the classroom and will allow her to play volleyball if she is allowed by others. She wants to be in the classroom and wants to play volleyball with her friends. Quite frankly, she needs it.

I think most kids need to get back to a sense of normalcy, whatever that is these days?

I had to write this and get some thoughts off of my chest or I don’t think I could continue with the blog. I haven’t had much interest in writing at all, but hopefully this will help me focus on writing about football. If you disagree with my thoughts, I’m not sure what to tell you. Quite frankly, I don’t care. I didn’t ask Gary or Frank for permission to write this. I hope they don’t mind.

In the meantime, Let Them Play!

7 thoughts on “August 2020 Thoughts and Questions”

  1. i would rather side with people far more smarter than I. College university presidents with medical counsel and experts in epidemiology I think are a tad more intelligent in making choices about kids and adults and keeping them safe. Do u think the Big 10 wants to lose money? And how bout teams with covid outbreaks now not being able to practice this week
    They will be in helmets only next week. That leaves them 3/4 days in pads to hit to get ready for a contest. Is this safe ???

    1. I think the big 10 would play 100% if there was not limitations to fans in the stands. So playing would make them lose even more money then not playing. Let’s not pretend this Description is based solely on the kids health. We act like this is the black plague and it’s not. Using the CDC numbers the death rate has went from 9% in April to less 3% today and we’ll keep dropping because we are testing more and more people.( kids are well below 1% as well as Adults below 65)Why would someone not want their kids to have their temperature taken daily, Health questions daily, working out daily to build healthy kids. Like the guidelines we are doing now for teams. And please do not forget the mental benefits of being apart of a team and some sort of normalcy. Is one death to many yes, but so would one more death due to DD, cancer or whatever. At some point is the stop COVID at any measure( now not two months ago) more damaging than the disease. Before someone comes at me with I am not a medical professional, your right but I live with one. When the hospital they work at only has 7 cases Currently with 1500 beds and no more that 14 at one time in the last five weeks and not one death. When is right to return?
      When the only narrative is cases yes it looks bad but if we talked in terms of;
      Recovery rate, death rate, drugs proven if taken in early state, then our mentality would be so much more positive. Because all of this is true.

      I guess that is what I want is a positive message for Kids, family’s and the country because it is there if the media and Leaders would take us there. Stay diligent, wear our masks, do the right things when called but we must go on.

    2. i would rather side with people far more smarter than I…

      Like the Chief of Epidemiology at Duke who told the ACC it’s safe to play?

  2. Well said Chris, respect for taking a side and sticking to what you believe in. I hope the MHSAA is thinking independently of colleges but I hope they are consulting with knowledgeable individuals in their decision making. There is no doubt that the last 5 months has taken a toll on the mental health of many student-athletes and likely coaches, teachers, and administrators as well.

  3. Well said Chris! If we all do the things the professionals tell us that we should do, it will go a long way in our world getting back to the way it was 5 short months ago. I feel that we have been locked down long enough. There were risks in our lives before this virus came along and there will be further risks in the future. Let the kids be kids again if they choose to. We as adults need to help guide our kids and educate them on the risks they take and support them.

  4. If we are truly a free people we should be allowed to decide what level of risk we are willing to take. At this point we have enough data to make informed decisions. One of my sons spent the summer playing baseball in about half a dozen different states. The other son spent the summer playing informal 7 on 7 games with kids from multiple counties as well as working with different haying crews throughout the county. If Covid is that prevalent, I’m sure they have already been exposed.

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