FNV Week 1 Wrap Up and Week 2 Video Picks

Watch as Chris, Gary and Frank discuss some of last week’s games and make their picks for this week. The video was running long so we weren’t able to pick every game out there.

13 thoughts on “FNV Week 1 Wrap Up and Week 2 Video Picks”

  1. When will we see what Dundee is truly capable of? I know Blissfield is legit, I am thinking by the time Clinton comes to town we should have a better gage?

  2. Finally! Someone agrees with me on Jacob Pac. It’s like common sense right? Establish him early and often and keep it pounding! Seemed like they didn’t even want to establish him against Huron.

    1. I don’t pretend to know Airport’s situation too well, just when we play them (Riverview dad here) and it seemed to me last year they had a great inside/outside threat w PAC and the speedster (forgot his name) who burned us for two late scores. I was shocked it took until the 4th q to get him involved, but admittedly, I’m just a dad and not a coach so…*shrugs*

    2. its just a weird vibe with Pac his whole career with the Jets. they have a horse (6’3″ 195lbs) and best back in the league this year and last (IMO), but they don’t want to lean on him to carry the team?! I 100% don’t like it at all, but i have to believe the coaches are seeing something we aren’t seeing.
      and yes troll, i believe your coaching record is the same as mine 0-0.

      1. I’ve seen a lot of questionable things over the last few years with decision making at Airport. If Pac was on any other football team in the HL he would carry the ball 25 times a game. Well, most HL teams anyways. Common sense-lean on your horse right? And sure sneak in a couple sweeps or passes. However, speak for yourself on your coaching record. I’ll leave it at that…

      2. I would have to disagree with you on the best back this year and last year I think you should see the season out and the kid from cc was the best back last sam was he first name pac is good runner wait to a couple games in before you say he’s the best

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