4 thoughts on “FNV Week 2 Wrap Up, Week 3 Video Picks”

  1. There is nothing wrong with having an opinion on here but my problem is when we rip coaches who sacrifice an extra 40 hours a week on top of their day jobs to help our boys learn a game and teach them life lessons. We all know teenagers read this blog so why the need to post on here and rip them? What are we teaching them? I coached high school football for over 20 years and my stipend that at its highest was $4350 before taxes which broke down to less than minimum wage by time you factored in winter and summer weight room, taking kids to summer camps, coaches meetings, two a days, meetings with youth level coaches, and regular season practices and games.

    My point was if you know so much, then why not apply when we see positions open every year?

    1. I guess you are the only one that gets an opinion. I like reading others thoughts and if you don’t, don’t read them.

  2. This is one of the first times I almost agree with all of you and what you say. Thank you for all you do for high school football. You add extra excitement to the season.

    Mason is going to make a run in the post-season! This is the best team since 2003-2004 seasons. Mason’s only lost could be Sand Creek but the way their defense is playing, Mason could run the table. Could this be the first time we see a father-son Coach/Player Region Player and Coach of the Year? I saw Mason game 1 and I am a believer.

    Ida is getting better but not what they were. I expect them to be towards the top of the league with Clinton winning it and Blissfield in 2nd place. I haven’t seen any of the LCAA teams in person but have family that plays or coaches in the league.

    Monroe is the real deal. I won’t be surprised when they beat Saline! This is the most talented Monroe team that Coach Notario has ever had and his staff is complete. Its the year of the Trojans!

    Huron takes SMCC to the woodshed. I have watched both teams on Facebook Live and Huron is by far the better squad. Sorry Falcons but 2020 isn’t your year. SMCC lost too much for one year and your coaches have yet to deal with an inexperienced team. No offense to them, I am sure they are fine men but records are records. This is the year for Huron, maybe the last year but it is theirs this year.

    Milan rebounds the rest of the year to share the Huron League title.

    Riverview runs the table the reason of the season and then beats River Rouge. You heard it hear first! I watched Riverview beat down SMCC and the Pirates are big, fast, physical, and disciplined. Almost a mirror image of the 2019 SMCC team. Scary good.

    Is Airport good or bad? I can’t tell by their scores. I have heard their QB is one of the best QB’s in the area but you can just never tell with the J-E-T-S

    Dundee is legit. Irwin is the most underrated QB in the area, Scheroder is one of the better players I saw last year when they played in Erie and I wouldn’t be surprised if they made a 2 or 3 round run in the playoffs because of their district which is much weaker than the LCAA. I see them winning a couple more LCAA games then facing A-A-GR in the District Championship.

    Whiteford will win their district. They are young but getting better ever week. I expect them to get hot at the right time and beat Reading on their way to wherever the finals are head.

    Is Grosse Ile any good? I can’t tell by their scores. I have the same question with Jefferson.

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