Questions with the FNV Staff

Which score/result surprised you the most in week 1?

Chris: I thought Erie Mason’s 54-21 throttling of a solid Summerfield team in Petersburg sent a message to the rest of the TCC, that the road to the title may have to go through them.

Gary: Most surprising score or result for me was GI beating Jefferson by 21. I picked the Red Devils to win but I did think the final would be a bit closer. This is a nice win over what will prove to be a very solid Bear squad.

Frank: Apart from two results in the Tri-County Conference, what surprised me the most was Huron’s win over Airport. While I expected the Chiefs to win, I definitely did not expect a 20-point win. Chad Smith’s team made a statement, and with no Riverview to go through (at least in the regular season), at least part of the Huron League crown goes through New Boston.

Which team is trending up?

Chris: Even though I picked Monroe to beat Pinckney, that result surprised me. I think the Trojans are poised for a solid year against a tough schedule.

Gary: I’m going to go with the Eagles of Erie Mason as the team with the arrow pointing most upward after week one. Again, picked them to win, but not by 30. Mason might prove to be a problem in the TCC.

Frank: : I’m going with Erie Mason. Despite the Eagles being down 21-8 early, they ripped off 44 unanswered points to win their Tri-County Conference debut 54-21. With two of the upper echelon teams losing, the Eagles need to keep things rolling heading into a matchup with Adrian Madison next week.

Which game appeals to you in week 2?

Chris: Grosse Ile at Huron seems like a great match up to me. These teams played a thriller (41-38 GI win) last season. Loads of star power on the field with GI’s Joey, Pizzo along with Huron’s Austin Myers and Issac Smith. An interesting match up will be Smith on offense matching up with Red Devil rising sophomore Tyler Swick who has 2 int’s last week against Jefferson.

Gary: While there are quite a few great matchups next week, I’m going with Riverview at Milan as my game of the week. I foresee many big names having big games.

Frank: ’ll go with Monroe at Jackson. The Trojans survived a trip to Pinckney with a 26-20 overtime win, thanks to a game-winning interception from Ashton Elmer. The Vikings are a different animal, headlined by All-State RB Dorion Riley. The Trojans bring in a ball-hawking defense that recorded six takeaways against Pinckney. Can Nick Notario’s bunch steal another one on a long road trip?

8 thoughts on “Questions with the FNV Staff”

  1. Old View fan here and watchWe the live stream of the SMCC View game several times over the weekend. SMCC made a number of mistakes, however, View forced a number of them. Both teams looked sloppy at times which I guess was expected after a lay off like they all had. SMCC looked bigger on film but View held the line on defense very well. Stand outs in the game to me were Puma (#15) Kincaid (#40) Thompson (#5) Grunwald (#51). I heard a lot about Lockhart (#11) and Moultrie (#3) and they were good but did not stand out. I was shocked to see them throw the ball as much as they did in the 1st quarter and Thompson throws it pretty good and both the big ends looked fast (#40 and #11). Both of those two played both ways what appeared to be in the whole game and they are going to be problems for teams on offense and defense. They may be the best combination TE/DE’s in the league this year. Thompson’s ability to throw and run makes him a serious threat and will make that offense dangerous. Biggest question mark I saw was the interior line. If those guys can develop and get better each week This could be the best View team I have seen on the field in years.

    1. “Lockhart was good” also “11/40 could be the DE/TE in the league.” 😉

      He and Kincaid have been playing TE/DE together for almost a decade. It’s been a treat to watch them and I’ve looked forward to this year.

      Personally (and this is probably b/c I’m his dad) I feel 11/Lockhart will only get stronger as the year goes on. He’s a junior and third year player. A two way starter for the last 2 years and one of the few players teams will have a fair amount of film on. Kincaid is a monster (6’5” 210) who plays with athleticism both ways as well. Expect to hear a lot about him this year.

  2. Ok I’ve held it in for 2 days now. Airport/Huron game-these are just my thoughts. Nobody needs to bash me because of this. Huron honestly gift wrapped multiple times for Airport to get back in that game. Look, obviously the Nye kid is gonna be good and I’m not bashing him when I say this-there was one point in that game when Airport recovered a fumble at the Huron 25-30 yard line. Score was 13-7 Huron. Airport calls a pass play on 1st down with your freshman QB?? You supposedly have the best RB in the league in your backfield. Not to mention the BIGGEST RB in the league along with 4 returning lineman that are pretty darn good. Why call a pass at all??? Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior? Age doesn’t matter-why pass when Pac is suppose to be the focus of your offense? How many carries did he even have? I’m not sure if I counted over 10. I’ll even stay “anonymous” on this one…

    1. I would agree going into the end of the half… a run would have made more sense. Use up the clock… maybe score… but don’t leave Huron time to come down and score. At worst you would have gone into half trailing 13-6. But that play doesn’t really matter when Huron puts 3 TD’s on you in the 4th quarter (easily). If they don’t learn to cover the pass or at least find a way to pressure a quarterback… they won’t be in many games.

      Easy for me to sit on this side of the screen and second guess a play call… I am sure they all wanted that one back. QB could have run it… instead tried to make a play and cost himself an INT. Rookie mistake… I guess you could say.

      I don’t think it is Airport’s offense that will give them problems this season as much as their D. They will be a possession offense and probably put up 14 to 21 points a game (probably closer to 14, not great)… keep it on the ground and eat up the clock (from what I saw). The problem will be stopping anyone else. Huron is good… but not as good as Airport made them look in the 4th quarter. DB’s falling down and turning the opposite way as the receivers… and Myers had all day to sit in the pocket.

      Lots of kids going both ways (lots of kids with little game experience)… could explain lack of pressure and blown coverage in 4th quarter. I hope to see improvement on both sides of the ball, if not it going to be a long 6 game season.

  3. That Jefferson squad did not look good at all. They don’t know what offense they are running and grosse ile had two touchdowns of pure luck.

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