Weekend Quarterback

Weekend Quarterback is a new feature for 2020 where I will give some casual conversation (thoughts) about MHSAA football and the teams we cover.

So excited that Michigan high school football is back. Whether you coached, played, were able to go to a game or had to watch it streaming; it was pure fun to have a football on Friday back.

Airport: I was a little surprised by the score against Huron. I expected Airport to win that game. The Chiefs must be for real.

Bedford: I was not surprised by last night’s score against Melvindale ABT. Not sure why a school with 150 students would want to play a school with 1,400 or vice versa. I guess it beats not playing.

Britton-Deerfield: Getting beat by Morenci was a very good possibility coming in, but playing without QB Nico Johnson was very tough for the Patriots.

Carlson: Nice opening week win for Dan Kalbfleisch and Carlson. Taylor is expected to be better and the Marauders convincingly took care of business.

Dundee: Certainly not the start 1st year head coach Ross Crow and Dundee were looking for, but Blissfield is legit.

Erie Mason: Hello everyone, we’re the Eagles and we’re very happy to be in the TCC.

Father Gabriel Richard: I expected FGR to win this game, but am not surprised by this score. Beecher is solid.

Flat Rock: My Rams found out early and often that Milan has reloaded in 2020.

Grosse Ile: I should have known, GI is a different team in even years under John Bodner.

Huron: If you were one that questioned my hype of the Chief’s Issac Smith; do you believe me now?

Ida: How good is Clinton? Ida was one of my favorites in the LCAA.

Jefferson: I thought the Bears would beat Grosse Ile.

Martin: The Clippers spotted Tri-Unity Christian a 14-0 lead, then responded by outscoring them 60-8. Wow!

Mason: The Bulldogs with a big win over a solid Haslett Viking team in week 1.

Milan: I have said it once and I will say it again, Jesse Hoskins is a great coach.

Monroe: I expected Monroe to win against a quality opponent in Pinckney and they did not disappoint.

Olivet: The Eagles flexed their muscle in their week 1 47-13 win over Leslie.

Riverview: The Pirates left no doubt that they are one of the favorites to win the Huron League his season.

Riverview Gabriel Richard: The Pioneers put up 61 points last night. That must be a school record.

SMCC: Playing the league favorite in the opener after graduating 22 seniors is never a good thing.

Summerfield: Sounds like the Bulldogs just lost to a better team.

Whiteford: I know I picked the Bobcats, but I texted TCC guru, Doug Donnelly at 3:45 pm yesterday and said, “I expect Madison to be much improved”.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Quarterback”

  1. The Cat even Wonders

    The Cat wonders quite a bit about this Monroe team who it took 5 turnovers to even reach the overtime with a decent Pinckney team. Yes they won…but do you really think they will ever get anywhere near the amount of turnovers again this year? Doubtful. How good is this Jackson team this year? Beating a probably weak Tecumseh team was a more than likely win…can Monroe on the road again….beat this team? We will see….Monroe always seems to stub their toes on a level field with no crab grass. The Cat’s guess is they lose at Jackson looking ahead to next week.

    The Cat feels that SMCC played a sloppy game on offense…but…the D was better than the score. The Pirates had a bone to pick at home…and of course they went back to the ship a happy bunch…but I am betting their practices will be tough this week…the Cat knows even though the coaches were happy with that win…just not too happy…if they are the favorite to win the Huron League…they have a long journey to reach that Island in the sun!! Huron and Milan can beat them and the Cat bets his litter box that they will…well…at least one of them will.

    Hats off to that Erie Mason team…that was a tough opener for them…or so it seemed…the Cat viewed that game from a sturdy branch and had a hard time getting down…but he did get down…shook himself off as a panther looking black cat will and made his way home.

    Milan will win the Huron…and Jefferson will again bring up the rear…even the Cat knows a bear hibernates…and they have been asleep for many years.

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