FNV Thoughts and Questions Playoff Edition

Jacob Pac, Airport; Photo Credit: John Umin

Congrats to a young Airport squad on the Jets first playoff victory since 2007.

After looking at scores, do most people think the MHSAA should have went top 32 teams in playoffs and let everyone else play one more game against “like competition?

I’m starting to think that “Open Enrollment” is hurting the big schools like Bedford and Monroe in football.

No reason for the Marauders to hang their heads, they battled Team Detroit the best they could.

Is there something wrong with Belleville? They only scored 47 points last night.

Nice job Dundee, you made most of us here at FNV look pretty good.

I’m starting to believe in the Erie Mason Eagles.

That Country Day @ Notre Dame Prep game next week ought to be a good one.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the Summit/Flat Rock final score. Hats off to the Dragons.

Very excited to see a Dundee and Grosse Ile matchup in week 2 of the playoffs.

Personally I was very excited that Riverview Gabriel Richard was able to win without their starting QB last night.

I bet the 3 LCAA teams in the Region 4 District 1 of Division 6 really want a piece of the Erie Mason Eagles.

Huron looked impressive in the first half against Southgate Anderson.

My worst fear came true when my Lakers traveled to a very good Ida team.

Saw a little Jefferson/GI action last night. The Bears are huge.

I don’t think metro Detroit teams should have to travel an hour to play what amounts to a pre-district game.

Do the Milan fans get a complete refund from the ticket company after Adrian forfeited late week?

Hats off to Melvindale for playing a 1/8 seed match up against Riverview.

Not sure if anyone in Division 7 wants to play the ever improving Falcons of SMCC.

Oak Park became the first “0” win team to win an MHSAA playoff game.

I bet that was a nice homecoming win for Alex Lipka and his Bulldogs over Cabrini.

Bobcats sent a message, but the road gets tougher from here.

I will be watching the B1G scrimmage in Ann Arbor today.

18 thoughts on “FNV Thoughts and Questions Playoff Edition”

  1. The reason why “the kids have been playing together for X number of years” matters is because it shows it shows they’re at the school for academics, not athletics.

    My kids go to Riverview because that’s where my wife teaches and we’re proud to have them there. Riverview just happens to be in a nice stretch where a lot of kids and families with multiple athletes in them got into the district a decade or more ago and have stayed because of academics and friendships.

    On top of that, with coaches like Mac and Southward who care greatly about the kids and their development as young men Riverview’s retention of players and younger siblings is going to continue to be strong.

  2. Yes, but Riverview has one of the largest out of district student populations in the entire downriver area.
    Yes SOC does hurt larger schools like Monroe and Bedford.
    Milan’s QB lives in the city of monroe.
    Monroe’s high school population is about 40% less than 20 years ago, as well as monroe area catholic schools.
    Not just athletics, some kids get lost in bigger schools like Monroe, plus Monroe has had past reputation for many problems.

      1. Rouge has bus stops in Detroit, Dearborn, Melvindale and a couple of other downriver towns. Some of those bus stops are right by the local public school. Go Bucs!

  3. The Cat even Wonders

    On your question about open enrollment hurting Bedford and Monroe…tbh…I really don’t know much about it…I could see Bedford losing a few to Toledo schools but that could go both ways….as far as MHS…they could field the Baltimore Ravens and still end up losing lol…but as far as you know…how many kids have either school lost or added in the last few years?

    1. Or Monroe could turn the ball over 6 times and lose. Unfortunately it was a tough way to end the season but most teams don’t win turning the ball over that much.

  4. Booger McFarland

    Team Detroit (RR) will be traveling to Team Downriver (View) Nobody has more open enrollment students than these two schools.

        1. It doesn’t matter how long the kids have been together, the fact of the matter is, Riverview has an extremely large open enrollment population at the school and entire district for that matter. Do the research, ask your superintendent.

    1. Most of the View starting line players have been playing together since they were little. No huge injection of kids from all over in their program.

      1. Everyone said the same thing last year and the Riverview faithful knows the truth. Not sure about this group but last years group had pieces from other areas. Scrimmaged their middle school in eight grade and many knew faces once high school came around. It doesn’t really matter because it was allowed with open enrollment so not like they were breaking any rules. Just getting the benefits from Taylor area struggles. Truth is they just keep getting better at copying the CC style of winning that was brought to them by a past coach. Milan’s QB is from Monroe as well but nobody talks about that for some reason.

    2. Notice how these folks aren’t refuting the accusation of having kids from all over. They just want to say how long the kids have been transferred for.

      It’s common knowledge that Riverview couldn’t get a school bond passed because of all the transfer students. But apparently none play

        1. If your kid can play why not send him to a school that can win!!! I couldn’t talk my son out of leaving the Mason district to play for SMCC in 17,18,and 190. And no, they don’t recruit there

          1. Nobody wants to pay the tuition unless your child has been going through the catholic system already for years. That is why open enrollment has leveled the playing field for the most part. A lot of the dominant catholic schools took a big hit.

        2. Gary this isn’t a recent football success thing. Riverview has had overflowing transfers even when the football program was not doing well. Personally I could care less how many kids transfer there, but they should at least own it. But I would also expect RR to own how they get their transfers also.

          If you’re looking for people to be mad might I suggest looking at one of their border cities who’s team just got their doors blown off to Huron 🤷‍♂️

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