FNV Week 4 Wrap Up and Week 5 Video Picks

Watch as Frank, Gary and Chris talk about last week’s MHSAA football games, discuss the player of the week winner, make their week 5 picks and answer questions regarding the playoffs, forfeits, the MHSAA and officiating.

23 thoughts on “FNV Week 4 Wrap Up and Week 5 Video Picks”

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for the O line nomination and win. As stated above this O line is a huge part of Riverview’s success. The line is often overlooked. The big guys thank you.

  2. Do you really think Gary or Chris sit around and scheme different ways to get their favorite high school player to be named FNV Player of the Week? They do this to promote high school athletics for fun. I doubt any of them truly care who receives player of the week, its just another way for them to promote student-athletes.

  3. Here is my 2 cents, in order of the games I will be attending or following because of family involved:

    Monroe over Bedford by 14, Monroe has a very underrated defense this year. Monroe wins 28-14

    Milan over Airport by 3, Airport seems to be the team that always gives Milan trouble and Milan seems to find a way to win. Milan 24, Airport 21

    Jefferson over SMCC by 1, !!upset special of the week!! There is an inexperienced Falcons team coming off a big win and the Bears are desperate to right the ship, this is all the makings of a trap game. I hope I am wrong but I see a Jefferson 28, SMCC 21 final score.

    Huron over Flat Rock big, running clock before half time. 48-6 Chiefs. Sorry Rams

    Riverview over Grosse Ile by 24. I have seen almost every Huron League team this year and Riverview is more physical than anyone else I saw and I saw them week 1. They’re gearing up for a deep playoff run in Riverview. Riverview wins 56-24

    Hillsdale over Dundee by 21. I saw alot of injuries last week for the Vikings including two of their top players. It could be a long night for Dundee. Hillsdale wins 35-14.

    Ida over Blissfield by 8- Pick em game. Logic says Blissfield but Ida wrecked Blissfield’s home field playoff plans last year and I could see Ida doing it again. Ida wins 22-21

    Whiteford over BD- Whiteford quietly improves this week, laying in the weeds for the D8 playoffs. 28-10

    Summerfield over Morenci in a blowout, 40-14

    ~~~GAME OF THE WEEK~~~
    Erie Mason over Sand Creek by 16. Based on past history, I get why everyone is going to pick Sand Creek but I think this is Mason’s year. Their offense is more explosive, they’re playing in the right league, their coaches are top notch, and they have the best defense in the TCC last I checked. I expect the Eagles to go on the road and pull the upset of the season. 48-32 final score.

  4. The Bedford/Monroe game will be very physical and I think this year should be a great game. Both were pretty much annihilated by Saline which makes this is a very difficult game to pick. Monroe has a much improved defense and Bedford is back running their veer option that they run so well. Question is can they limit that rushing attack? They couldn’t last year against a running back (Christian Brown) with a bum ankle. Bedford has a bunch of strong kids that run the ball very hard, so Monroe needs a big game from their D-line to have a chance at winning this game. I agree with FNV that you can throw everything out the window for this game. This game has the feel of a playoff game. Personally, I see the Golden Cleat going back to Monroe this year in a very close game. Good luck to both teams!

  5. Do you guys consider kids from conference teams not in the Monroe county area? Madison (TCC) has had a kid run for over 200 yards 3 out of 4 games.

  6. Reading an Mlive article on Lumen Christi cancelling. I find it interesting that the varsity game is cancelled, but the JV game is still on. With them citing injuries and suspensions. Wouldn’t most schools pull up the jv kids for injuries, and to fill in the holes. It makes more sense to cancel the JV game and play the varsity. It does seem like they are playing the rule. Just my thoughts.

    1. Maybe, but one thing is evident regarding JLC, they play just about anyone. I dont think they are dodging a loss.

      My problem is with how the current system is set up. You should only get bonus points from teams you actually play, win or lose.
      Getting them for a forfeit seems nonsensical.

      1. I agree Gary,
        They should not receive any type of reward for a forfeit. 0 bonus points. Most teams would find a way to put together a patchwork team and compete as best as they can but in my personal opinion, teams are using the “everyone is in” as an excuse not to play. Suspensions, strep throat, injuries, “precaution with no positive cases”, I have read alot of excuses this year. You better believe if SMCC manages to win out and earn home field advantage through the first couple of rounds, JLC will somehow become healthy and those suspensions will be lifted if the Titans have to travel to Monroe.

        Praying that no young man from any team suffers serious complications from the virus and that all of our Monroe County teams remain healthy as they finish the season.

      2. I’m not saying they’re dodging anyone, Lumen has never been afraid to play anyone. I believe they had a stint where they played Grand Rapids West Catholic as their opener. I think its interesting they cancelled varsity but are still playing the JV.

        I agree with the point that no points, or bonus points should be awarded for a forfeit.

        Another hypothetical thought. What are the chances the MHSAA keeps this format of every team making the playoffs. Start the season a week earlier, everyone gets to play 10 games, and you still end on Thanksgiving. May eliminate scheduling conflicts teams have. Now the variable I am unaware of is how many schools opted out of the season and how that would effect the number of teams in the playoffs.

        1. I am unaware of any talk to continue with an all in for the playoffs for future years.

          As it stands currently with teams opting out of the playoffs, the MHSAA has said they do not believe they will redraw lines or districts at this point. Too much already rests on the work that has been done.

          This will probably mean byes will be given to certain teams.

  7. When does athlete of the week, which indicates singular, include of whole offensive line? This is not a fair pick!

    1. I would think people would be happy we gave the offensive line from a team credit. Riverview is 4-0 and averages 291 yards per game on the ground, yet their top rusher averages 60 yards a game. They have 5 guys who carry the ball, they are never going to amass Player of the Week stats, but the O-line is going to be opening those holes for them. SMH

    2. I think it is great that RV line or for the matter any O lineman gets a shoutout. Go back and look at the majority of AOTW finalists… mostly skill positions. This is great that they get their moment. (If you have played against them… you know they deserve it). It shouldn’t reflect negatively on any other player that was nominated and didn’t win. It is a nice recognition to be nominated. If you are concerned about the fairness of a Twitter poll for a regional HS website… I think you are missing the point.

      1. Agreed, this is totally a popularity contest. If you think a player is more deserving then you need to get more people to vote.

        Also, I’ve been around this site for a few years now. This is not the first time an O Line has won and it won’t be the last. A lot of skill players tend to show up more than once so whoever the OP wanted to see win will likely get another shot.
        (The poster formerly known as “Adam”)

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