FNV Week 6 Wrap up and Week 1 Playoff Picks

Watch as Frank, Gary and Chris discuss the FNV week 6 Player of the Week, Week 6 results and make their week 1 MHSAA football playoff picks.

14 thoughts on “FNV Week 6 Wrap up and Week 1 Playoff Picks”

  1. I would like to acknowledge the Riverview Schools football program During the 2020 regular season the Varsity (6-0) ,Junior Varsity (6-0), and Middle School (5-0) went undefeated This is a First Class program with great coaches , involved parents, and an administration that support the kids . Good Luck in the playoffs

  2. My upset of the week is Leslie 42 SMCC 40. No I am not a Leslie fan or an SMCC fan trying to get a team fired up. I am a Monroe fan who is tired of hearing about the Falcons every week when they have not accomplished anything but 1 good win. I remember when that supposed great Falcons team was upset by Leslie in the state semi finals. I don’t see this ending any differently except now it will be at their home field. I have nothing against Coach Kipf or those kids but I do get tired of false hype for bad teams. Sorry Falcons, its time to get out the basketballs.

    1. You just said upset in the state semifinals, for any team that is a great year….and for Monroe that was their best year in 95..Sorry that’s a lot of hate to carry around Rick, seek counseling. Rather you want to admit it or not, SMCC has the best winning percentage of any school in Monroe country so hearing about them is nothing new. Rick prepare yourself as it will continue. And “NO” I am not a Grad or Parent of CC

    2. A couple of things Rick.
      1. I was at that semi final game and was a pretty good game between 2 quality teams so what does that have to do with this years 1st round district game?
      2.I think SMCC had a pretty good season this year with a very young team with at least 2 quality wins.
      I for one of many football fans am very grateful to even see High School Football if you remember we didn’t even think there would be a season just 8 weeks ago. Let the kids enjoy themselves and let’s
      just Support Them.
      Onward with the playoffs!!!!

        1. From what I see there are probably 3 teams better then Smcc in D7.. PW, New Lopthrop, and Schoolcraft.. but don’t be surprise if they don’t make it to the semis… they can know control the ball on Offense.. they can mix in some throwing… the only downfall is their D..

          1. While that can be true(you could add Ithaca, Loyola and JLC to your list), their a lot of teams on par with SMCC.
            Charlevoix, St. Francis, Mcbain, Hemlock, Cass City, and Sandusky are quality teams.
            That would make 12 teams better or on par with the Falcons.

    1. I knew I forgot somebody. Figures it would be my alma mater. Sorry, we appreciate you watching. You can read all of our picks tomorrow when they come out in print.

    1. Wrong…William House is a sophomore and was on JV and is not the #68 for the Trojans you were speaking about.
      #68 for the Trojans earned his first varsity start vs Chelsea and his name is Breylon Richards. He is a freshman. 6’0” 240lbs.
      Everything you said on the video was correct.

      1. AhHHH, thank you!

        I looked on max preps and 68 is House.

        I assume he is Gerald Richards son? He will be a good one!!

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