Friday Night Scores

Riverview 42 Airport 6 final

Carlson 39 Trenton 15 final

Monroe 21 Saline 48 final

Milan 19 Jefferson 14 final

Bedford 27 Skyline 6 final

Erie Mason 74 Morenci 14 final

Huron 26 SMCC 7 final

Madison 34 Summerfield 21 final

Sand Creek 50 Whiteford 14 final

Hillsdale 50 Ida 20 final

BCC 26 Dundee 0 final

B-D 24 Pittsford 0 final

38 thoughts on “Friday Night Scores”

  1. I’m not bashing Airport at all. What I’ve noticed with Airport over the last 5-6 years is the team lacks size on the line. This year is probably one of the better years for size and they still don’t match up with Huron or Riverview. Or Jefferson for that matter. What happened with all the size out there? When they last won the HL they were enormous.

    1. Troll Airport definitely ran into a buzzsaw Friday night as I don’t see Riverview losing a game in the regular season and they should making a nice postseason run. The schedule sets up nice for Airport with two winnable games (Flat Rock and Melvindale) with Milan in between. Right now I would call the Milan game a tossup.

  2. Sorry to hear about Meyers. Sounds like he’s a special talent.
    In Riverview, I think they’re showing how good they are on both sides of the ball. The air attack tonight was incredible as was the defense only giving up a kick return for a score. The 2’s played the whole fourth and half of the the third.
    I’ve been around a few Riverview teams now, including the one that made the state semis and this team is as good. Just a lot of fun to watch and they have found their team identity.

      1. It’s pretty sweet that we’ve had enough success at the View lately and we can debate which team would be better but 40-0? That’s crazy talk. Got to be one of my fellow parents from that season and wearing some rose colored glasses.
        I’ve been around both teams and watched every game from the sideline. I watched FR beat us with the pass that year and any team w a pass game put up huge points against us. We struggled there. Our defense and not our offense was the strength last year. Double digits interceptions (Poe had 8 alone) and Thompson and Moultrie each picked up a few.

        The line in 17 was ALL STATE. Those guys were insane and C Rog and Guthrie behind them (not to mention Warlick) made for a potent run game.
        Notice, I didn’t say at any point they were better, just potentially as good. They’re scoring at a ’17 clip while holding opponents to ’19 levels of scoring.

    1. Hipp hop anynomous

      So I’f the teams matched up proiord years bit just 2017 who’d would sin? Come on now us your head , that team was almost i unstoppable.

        1. That’s a great idea Chris. In reality I do not want to take anything away from either of these teams. I saw everyone one of the 2017 games and will see everyone of the 2020 games thanks to technology. To me it is ironic that some of your leaders of this team had brothers that played on the 2017 team. Kincaid, Lockhart, Thompson, Johnson and Lopez all had older brothers that played in 2017. Both teams are good but very different. 2017 was the best around from an interior line perspective. Kincaid, Demare, and Maher were some of the best linemen in the state. They were relentless. I don’t see that from the 2020 line yet. If you graded the teams here is how I would grade
          Linemen – 2017 better
          Tight ends – 2020 better
          Running backs – 2017 better but close (could be just a result of the line)
          Quarterback – 2020 Thompson gives a new threat to throw and ends can get it.
          Line – 2017 better
          Ends – 2020 (scary part they are only juniors)
          Linebackers – 2020 / 2017 tie (Grunwald and Lopez are good but some was Rogers and Divily were good also)
          CB – 2020
          Safety – 2017

          Basically the way I see it the 2017 was much better up the middle on offense and defense and slower on the edges. 2020 is more athletic and has not let much if anything get outside and need to work on the middle to become great. It’s to early to tell how special this season can be but if they keep working and come together it could be very special. The 2017 players were very close especially the senior leaders and this team is starting to show some of the same attributes.

          Long winded long time Riverview fan

          1. I disagree with a few
            Qb Dom over Preston by a bit
            Te diveley, sarnscki, gardner way over
            De gardner divelely
            CBS rice wood Johnson with cam roving come on
            All are just common sense
            Not to mention 3 all state players on line with rbs that we’re also all state caliber

      1. I said this year is as good, and I believe they can be. 17 was great but let’s not forget how we struggled against the pass.

        This is a better defense and slightly less efficient offense. Again, we’re spoiled to have such a great run lately.

  3. I said it last week wait before calling kids best in the league riverview is proven there whole team is the best in the league first cc then milan now put pac in check this team is scary

    1. Maybe Riverview should move into a league where they play against teams in their own division? That would be a true measurement on how good they really are. I remember a few years ago when SMCC and Milan had roster count’s in the mid to low 20’s and Riverview and Grosse Ile’s rosters were in 40’s.

      1. I remember a few years ago when Airport had the biggest enrollment in the league. Things tend to be cyclical in the Huron League

      2. That is such a weak argument. I’ve been watching Huron League football for 40 years. The enrollment has been cyclical the entire time. Carlson, Jefferson, Huron, Milan, Airport, and Riverview have all had the largest enrollment at some point in the last 40 years. The only teams that havent are CC, Flat Rock and GI. So we are going to have to move leagues around every 5 years to satisfy fairweather fans who can’t handle another teams success? True fact: the largest team in the league only wins the championship one out of every four years.

    2. Just AF
      they have proven nothing. you have proven Pac is best in the league. you call out CC and Milan as a team but then called out ONE player on Airport. View is not the best. I’ve seen both view and huron. my take is huron has faster team speed, more athletic in skilled positions, and the two key areas are hurons LBs and DBs will be difference in the game.

      1. In his defense, there’s usually a guy on here who wants Pac to get 30+ touches a game. Maybe he was baiting that guy?

        Riverview dad and I don’t take any offense to your take. I’ve thought for the last fews years Huron has had better talent than their record but I believe the coaching issues there are fairly well known. I think a lot of kids at that program probably got screwed out of some wins because of it, but it certainly seems they’ve got that straightened out.

    3. I’m going off what was posted cc ok but correct me if I’m wrong it was said pac and kendrick was basically the best coming in to the season riverview bet a state championship team then the league champs from a year ago and just yesterday from what you said is the best back in the league was shut down riverview running back had a way better game and proved who the better back was yesterday

    4. As a parent who had a kid who was one of those linemen that they are speaking of above that team was special. They had a bond that I have not seen at Riverview before or since. I will say watching the kids this year this team is coming together. This is the same group that won the peanut bowl in junior football several years ago and you have a number of kids that have truly committed to the game. I am a little biased since Landon is playing on this team but I know the work he has put in. He put on 35 lbs since last season and it is showing now and him and Lockhart complement each other well on the ends. I would love to turn back the clock and see Brannon’s team play Landon’s team but that can’t happen and as a parent I am going to enjoy these next 2 seasons and love all the memories these boys are making. I was proud of my oldest because of how he carried himself and played the game and he taught his brother the value of hard work so if this team continues to grow and work they can be every bit as special as the 2017 team everyone likes to compare them too.
      Proud Riverview Parent.

  4. You can find Riverview’s live stream by searching “Riverview Football Livestream” on Facebook. Top notch live stream and commentators every week. Go Bucs!!!!!

  5. Hopefully Meyers is ready to go in Round 1 of the playoffs. Us Huron League fans are rooting for the Chiefs to go deep in a State run! Lotta heart and good coaching on that team!

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