Friday Night Scores

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Lawrence Martin 1-0 FORFEIT

Bedford – 14 Saline – 56 FINAL

Fowlerville – 14 Mason – 42 FINAL

Clinton – 34 Dundee – 20 FINAL

Onsted – 20 Ida – 56 Final

Lake Odessa Lakewood -6 Olivet30 FINAL

Britton Deerfield – 12 Erie Mason – 52 FINAL

Pittsford – 18 Whiteford – 60 FINAL

Sand Creek – 46 Summerfield – 10 FINAL

Riverview Gabriel Richard – 46 Manchester – 21 FINAL

Harper Woods – 57 Carlson – 33 FINAL

Flat Rock – 16 Airport – 45 FINAL

SMCC – 47 Grosse Ile – 40 FINAL

Jefferson – 12 Riverview – 47 FINAL

Huron – 7 Milan – 24 FINAL

43 thoughts on “Friday Night Scores”

  1. Is clinton down this year or something but they did not look good against dundee? maybe came out thinking they were going to role them or something because wow that was embarrassing

    1. I watched the Clinton Dundee game on the You Tube link (Thanks Dundee schools for the coverage!). I noted that at least two Clinton Starters did not play, starting running backs / linebackers Seniors Jack Voll and Brandon Randolph. I do not know why they did not play.

      Definitely not an explosive performance from the Redskins. Also, I would say that the Dundee Vikings played consistent defense, other than the one Clinton completion for a touchdown where the DB fell down. Clinton ground out the win, but they definitely did not look like a state-ranked team.

  2. How’s that Dundee spread offense that someone posted would have won titles last few years? Looks to me the poster was not as wise as he thought. They did wrong by to a good coach. But they have a history for that.
    What will Mason do when they play real competition again in the playoffs?
    Riverview is a solid team, best thus far in the HL.
    SHOOTOUT ON THE ISLAND! GI scored 20 points in 5 minutes. Just ran out of time. Did Gary go? Just wondering since SMCC won, apparently wasn’t a waste of time.
    Monroe real or fake?? Looking the later.
    Rivalry week next week for HL. All bets are off….anything can happen.
    Hoskins still best coach………until playoffs and playing teams like them with talent. Amazing some coaches who do great jobs with much ,es talent get disrespected. Fact all coaches do their best with what they have. If you have issues, apply and grab a whistle……….it’s easy to coach right???!

    1. Dundee people- I know Coach Mac personally and I can assure you he would not want people not supporting the new coach just because of how things ended with his tenure at Dundee. I’ve never heard Mac say a bad word about the kids at Dundee so get behind your new coach and the kids and finish this year strong!

    2. Not bitter, just not lying silent when people say things against our kids, coaches, and community. Those in Dundee football history know they have handled several coaches wrongly. Coach Mac didn’t deserve the hand he was dealt.
      Your right Coach Mac is not bitter he’s a class act. It doesn’t change the fact he was wronged. It doesn’t change the fact people think this system or that system changes everything. And yes coach Mac would support and do anything for his student athletes. I never said anything contrary to that in my post.
      Pizzo is a solid player, but GI has some good skilled players at receiver and Qb.

  3. I want to ask a hypothetical:
    IF (and this is no guarantee because GI is a very dangerous team especially at home) but IF (again, showing respect to the talent there) Riverview should beat GI next week, could you see the HL reversing its decision to crown a champ? They would be the only undefeated in the league and the score differential is really strong (especially considering in 2 of the 4 games the starters sat 3 quarters) so it seems like it should be a valid argument.

    Again, don’t want to get ahead of the final game here. Anyone who knows this rivalry knows both teams will give everything they have. In fact, I remember watching Blanzy last year with a clearly busted up shoulder turn in an insanely gritty performance. He would walk off the field in visible pain, not using one arm, talk to the trainer for a play maybe two then get right back out there.

    I just want to put it out there SHOULD Riverview win, don’t they deserve the league title?

    (Did I cover my butt enough? Haha)

  4. SMCC offense looked much improved tonight. The defense is a work in progress but it their offense looked like the Falcons of old. Taylor and Jondro were the difference makers for SMCC.

      1. very true. I will also say that Bergmooser gave their offense a spark in the 2nd half with some tough runs. If they can continue to improve on offense, and defend the pass better, the Falcons could be getting clicking at the right time by the end of the regular season.

  5. Riverview is ligit. 47-12 over Jefferson. They pulled the starters with 8 min left in the 3rd quarter and up 34-0. Their defense is stout. I am not sure Jefferson even had 100 total yards of offense when the starters got pulled.

  6. Same old Huron Chiefs. Doesn’t matter who is coaching them…they do not make adjustments. Hoskins has their number. Nice field though.

    1. Hoskins out-coaches most everyone, but in fairness take Mcelvany away from Milan and see what happens. Obviously Huron misses Myers. The Chiefs will be fine. They will win out.

      1. Good point Chris, Huron isn’t the same without Myers. Good to hear he should be back for the playoffs. The Airport Milan game should be good next week, probably the first of 2 meetings. Airport has been real close the last few meetings including a nail biter in the playoffs last year, let’s see if they can get over the hump vs Milan this year. Won’t be easy, Milan looked real good tonight.

  7. Milan 24
    Huron 7
    Huron made no adjustments at halftime just like last year. Smith is only threat now with Myers out and Milan just showed everyone how to beat them

    1. Lord have mercy, what the heck Is Flat Rock trying to do o defense.
      No reads, no adjustments , I can’t believe what I am seeing.

      1. I’m not trying to be a jerk here. What you are seeing is the rest of the league is more talented than flat rock this year. It’s not always about the X’s and the O’s sometimes it’s about the Jimmy’s and the Joe’s. flat rock will get the ship righted, it looks like there’s some More talent coming up.

      2. From the airport side it seems like flat rock didn’t have much speed. They are very big, but you need guys who can run.

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