Friday Night Scores

Get your scores in as they happen. We will update throughout the night.

Ida – 40 Blissfield -42 FINAL

Dundee – 0 Hillsdale – 27 FINAL

Monroe -28 Bedford – 6 FINAL

Carlson – 14 Lincoln Park – 6 FINAL

Bishop Foley – 14. Riverview Gabriel Richard – 42 FINAL

Whiteford – 22 Britton-Deerfield – 20 – FINAL

Summerfield – 28 Morenci – 34 FINAL

Williamston – 17 Olivet – 6 FINAL

Lansing Catholic Central – 21 Mason – 45 FINAL

Flat Rock – 16 Huron – 41 FINAL

Airport – 30 Milan – 35 FINAL

Jefferson – 7 SMCC – 40 FINAL

Riverview – 60 Grosse Ile – 29 FINAL

Erie Mason – 56 Sand Creek – 38 FINAL

54 thoughts on “Friday Night Scores”

    1. Ain’t gonna happen, sorry.
      Most teams are starting their best Jv and freshmen players on varsity this year,
      Excluding Riverview, the league is glorified Jv ball this year.

    1. I don’t know if Smcc
      Could, I for sure think mason is a hype train but Smcc is a train wreck in the secondary and Mason would expose that it would be much more Eire mason then we’d like to think… maybe Smcc wins still but it would be a shoot out .. GI threw all over Smcc 300+ yards in 15 completions

    2. Same thoughts I heard about the mason basketball team a couple years back led by Liedel. How’d that go for you guys? Everyone except for SMCC alum and fans are aware that it’s not that impressive for private schools to continuously dominate their public school competition and leagues. It’s a trend anywhere you go, look at Toledo same thing Central Catholic, St Johns, St Francis always at the top in athletics. When your enrollment is kids from all throughout the county it’s not a fair comparison.

      1. I don’t think CC has kids from all over the country. I would assume 90% of the kids on their roster are from Monroe and the other 10% from outskirt areas of Monroe. This isn’t IMG academy

        1. CC has a bunch of kids that live in Jefferson school district but their long time SMCC families that have been attending the school for generations. Throw in a random Temperance or Ida family but most of the kids are from Monroe. I can’t stand the “they recruit” or “they draw from everywhere” argument. Public schools have FREE school of choice. SMCC has tuition is $10,100.00 and most families might only get $2000-$4000 in financial aid, they have to be bussed or drive to practice everyday, they rent their stadium, their coaches might make a couple hundred bucks if they’re lucky, and every single dime the program raises goes back into the program cost.

      2. We kicked there butts in 2017 and 2018 in hoops. Mason is having a very good year and I wish them good luck. I feel CC has had so much success in the playoffs because they play such a hard schedule. One last point I am tired of this recruiting BS with school of choice every school does it. Look at Airports baseball team last year the majority of the senior transferred to the district when they were in the 8th grade. Just saying!

      3. Well see come
        Playoffs is it hype or is it real… and remember everyone makes the playoffs so they could see a 1-5 team round one well see what happens when they play blissfield and or
        Clinton who are traditionally lcaa teams … anyone can drop down a league and pick up wins.. imagine if clay left the trac and joined the city league every game would be wins just to be smashed in playoffs ..

        Same thing when start played Whitmer start has owned the city for a while and they were a no show against a mediocre Whitmer 55-7 start loss lol but everyone thought they were gonna hang with Whitmer bc of Domonince in city games

        Not saying mason will be smashed but let’s not drink the kool aid to soon

        1. Following the CC playoff run last year I observed when you get deeper into the playoffs and start facing teams like montrose and glen lake, you need elite coaching, execution and some experience in big time situations helps out a lot. CC had 22 seniors who made playoff runs in 17 and 18. Erie mason has never even sniffed the playoffs

        2. Not a Washed Up Coach

          Why are we even talking about Toledo teams?

          Give Mason a little credit. Yes the TCC is not the LCAA, that has been established. You have to be happy for the seniors who never won a league game in their entire careers now winning a championship their senior year. Will they make a run in D6? I don’t know, they have Blissfield and an improved Ida team waiting for them in districts but until then remember this was a program on the verge of 8 man football or shutting down not too many years ago.

          And for the person saying SMCC would smash Mason, why even bring it up? They’re not going to play each other and even if they agreed to in the future, Beaudrie will be gone and really thats the match up everyone wants to see anyway.

          Congratulations Mason, enjoy these moments

    3. i think cc wins but a shootout. cc secondary has struggled this year a lot. and noah is a good qb that can throw the rock. but stopping the T , idk if mason can be discipline enough

  1. I know it’s not a full Huron League season and Huron would NOT have been an easy win (IF it would have been a win at all because Meyers would have been healthy) BUT shouldn’t the Huron League change course and give Riverview the league title? They’re the only undefeated team. There’s no crazy 4 way tie scenario. They outscored their opponents 208 – 66.
    I know the “We know who the real champs are” argument but thoughts won’t put a team’s name on a trophy or a patch on a varsity jacket. Legacy means a lot to a high school athlete.
    There are a lot of seniors on this squad who would love to go out with the OFFICIAL title of Huron League champs and honestly, I believe they deserve to have the trophy and patch to go along with it.

    1. You have my vote. Riverview was the best Huron League team GI played this year. I think Huron and Riverview would have been a good game, but you guys would have ended up with the win. I also feel if you played SMCC later in the year that my have been a lot closer game. They have improved a lot since game one.

      1. Totally agree about CC. Last time they had a “rough start” I think they ripped off their last 5 or 6 games and won a district title. Coach Kipf works magic down there.

        1. I agree, it seems like they are making improvements every week. The kids at CC believe in the tradition of the program and Coach Kipf has done a great job. It also helps the program when you have 3 former head coaches on your staff and multiple successful coordinators.

          From what I am hearing through the alumni channels, this week is going to be a tough test. Gary, can the Falcons pull it off in Detroit next weekend?

  2. What is happening in Dundee? They went from a playoff team to a team that can’t even compete on both the JV and Varsity level? I am not throwing darts at the coaches but are numbers low? Are there a ton of injuries?

      1. I am not trying to degrade the new coach, I am just asking if there is injuries, or if the numbers are down? Usually Dundee is competitive in most games over the last 10 years (except for their 0-9 season) which is why I asked. Their new offense had no problem against Onsted and a good Clinton team so do you have any other excuses? Since you want to get defensive, folks are getting tired of “just wait until this class are seniors” excuse. By the way, is the new turf stadium going to happen or did someone screw up that 1 million dollar donation?

  3. Riverview is playing very good football right now. On offense you can see why the O-line was player of the week last week. They threw one pass that was incomplete. In the 1st 3 quarters with the starters in they scored every time they touched the ball and scored 60 points in 3 quarters on the ground. They also have a good defensive unit also. GI scored 22 points in the 1st half on 2 long pass plays and had 1 Real drive. The last score was at the end of the game. This team is coming together at the right time and have some very good pieces in place to make a deep playoff run.

      1. I agree but it works at this level so why not. Took them to the semis in a strong division and CC has won state championships running it.

        1. It’s because they don’t pass. It’s not showy enough for people who don’t know squat about coaching football.

          1. If you score when you run the ball, why do you have to pass? Unless you are having difficulty moving the ball, then you may have to mix it up a bit. If not, run the ball, control the clock and score points.

          2. Exactly what I was trying to say. The casual fan has no idea the complexity of a well coached, disciplined running offense. They make comments about it being a peewee offense because they don’t understand it. It looks simple to them simply because they don’t pass. Truthfully some passing offenses can be quite a bit simple too, but it looks fancy.

  4. Erie Mason takes care of business on the road! 56-38. Game really came down to the turnover battle. 1 punt the entire game between the two teams. It’ll be interesting to see Masons first matchup come playoff time. The TCC is definitely not the LCAA.

    1. That is exactly what I have been thinking. Not to take anything away from those kids, I will be convinced they are for real when they can beat a D6 school. This is their best win program wise so far in my opinion though in a long time.

    2. It’s a smoke and mirrors thing, look at Clinton they couldn’t hang in the lcaa years back and then dropped to the TCC and were top 3 annually.

      Add that mason has played the same 18-19 kids for 4 years now they were destined to be a 1 year wonder.

      Then add covid so mason gained ground again by have 4 years framiler starters against d7-8 teams.

      I expect mason to play blissfield or Clinton round one and either win by 1 or take a loss and have reality set in

      They still are not hard to figure out, just have your best athlete spy the Q and stop him on his feet … they spread you out to create lanes for him to run and he is 98% of the offense so any team who practices in the secondary and has a player or two who can spy Q will dismantle them with ease

      But good for them to gain confidence and help repair the program that has been down for a while this will get kids out of the halls and onto the field I’d imagine just to bad they can’t. Pack the stands with a community who loves football that’s only downfall this season for them not able to embrace the atmosphere when they have a good showing

      1. Much easier said than done. EM beat a very good SC team. Many a slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip, but as it stands, Mason can compete with anyone in D6.

      2. I agree with some of what your saying but it’s not that simple to accomplish for any school D6 or in their league. Beaudrie is going to be the best athlete on the field against any team they play. So whoever a team “spies” him with won’t matter because there hasn’t been a player who could tackle him 1 on 1 in the past 2-3 seasons. He has weapons that get open all night. It’ll come down to the team that can penetrate their o line fast enough to not let plays develop. No one is beating mason by being the more athletic team, if they lose it’ll be to the team that’s bigger and stronger in the trenches.

        1. Old argument that really doesn’t hold water any longer. In the case of SMCC, school of 330 competing against schools with 900. Do you hear SMCC making excuses? School of choice has leveled everything. Look at some of the rosters for public schools.

          I can name several players on almost every team that do not live within school boundaries. There are players that have been on our player of the week poll who do not live in their own public school district. Happens all over the state. But unlike SMCC, these schools have similar enrollments to the league they are in.

          Losers make excuses – Lou Holtz

          1. Why do you always make your statement like you are absolutely right and no one should
            doubt you. LOL

            Great kids and parents from all over Monroe County have paid thousands of dollars to attend SMCC for years. If you have the money, you can join the school and be a an athlete. No other public school has this.
            School of choice has narrowed the gap,
            but it will never be an even match. Good coaches help, sure, but I haven’t heard of Gibraltar Carlson winning a championship yet.
            What do you think the difference is??

            No recruiting, just paying to play and go there is enough.

          2. I’ve been part of this site since 2009 in one way or another.

            I’ve had this argument, 1,000 times. I should treat it as a new topic each year.. but it is hard.

            If a kid transfers or goes to a public school in another district, its school of choice.
            If the same happens at a private school, its recruiting.

            Both of those statements are wrong half the time.

  5. Milan 35 Airport 30 final. Airport got a nice kickoff return with 6 minutes left to the Milan 47. First down Pac 2 yard loss then 3 straight incomplete passes. Milan took over and ran the clock out. Great effort by both teams but Milan prevails again in another squeaker. Let’s do it again in a few weeks fellas.

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