Friday Night Scores

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Jefferson 34 Pershing 0 F

Carlson 29 Wyandotte 30 F OT

Britton Deerfield 6 Adrian Madison 48 F

Pittsford 0 Erie Mason 56 F

Whiteford 34 Summerfield 29 F

Ida 43 Columbia Central 6 F

Hudson 21 Dundee 7 F

Chelsea 26 Monroe 17 F

Woodhaven 21 Bedford 14 F

Stockbridge 12 Olivet 61 F

Mason 40 Williamston 10 F

A2 Huron 56 Flat Rock 8 F

Clintondale 8 Grosse Ile 36 F

Airport 46 Melvindale 7 F

Tecumseh 27 MIlan 50 F

Huron 34 Crestwood 0 F

31 thoughts on “Friday Night Scores”

  1. Kevin FitzPatrick

    Huron league down this year? Yeah right. All 8 league teams are making the playoffs. Most ever in the history of the league I believe

  2. biggest pet peeve with the vikings rn. like what they are doing on defense honestly. but offensively. gotta throw earlier in down. they were waiting until 3 and long to throw their first pass. They would run two inside zone plays and gain maybe 5 yards in 2 plays. When they did throw it… wow it was nice, besides the 2 INT tonight lol but i am serious. idk how old their QB but he can be good good if he comes back next year. sucks they will lose their best player Ty, number 6, hell a football player. hope dundee can get a good game in these playoffs where they can pull off the dub.

    1. I thought the spread offense is what the administration wanted out there and thats why Coach Mcelvaney was run out of town? Now it seems like there is a post on here once a week complaining about the offense. Not to mention the defense gives up on average around 27 points per game so maybe they should start complaining there instead. The parents and *some administration got what they wanted by running the defensive coordinator out of there as well and now hes an administrator at a Huron League school.

      By the way Vikings, is the new athletic director and he is still going to be allowed to coach or will there be another opening at DHS ?

  3. Watched most of the game with the Flat Rock Rams and Huron River Rats from Ann Arbor on Twitter. The Huron team went to the air very often. The Michigan High School Athletic Association site just posted that the final score was Ann Arbor Huron 56 and Flat Rock 8. The great news is that all of the Huron league teams will be in the playoffs! Good luck to everyone! Thank you to Chris and the team for another great year with the Friday night victors!

      1. I thought I saw a bunch of different colors. Pink, blue, and green. I could be wrong. I was watching on my phone though.

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