MHSAA Football Division 8 Week 5 rankings

This season FNV will be giving their weekly rankings for all divisions. Look for these to come out the Monday following Friday’s games

  1. Sand Creek (4-1)
  2. Addison (5-0)
  3. Centreville (5-0)
  4. Johannesburg-Lewiston (5-0)
  5. Clarkston Everest (5-0)
  6. Detroit Southeastern (5-0)
  7. Fowler (4-1)
  8. Flint Beecher (4-1)
  9. Reading (4-1)
  10. Breckenridge (4-1)

3 thoughts on “MHSAA Football Division 8 Week 5 rankings”

    1. If you watched the game.. they didnt get destroyed.
      Got beat by a top team 2 divisions higher.

      Who is better in D8?

      Mason would win D8. Which means they are better than every team in D8.

      That doesnt make SC worse than the other teams in D8.

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