Potential Playoff Seedings and Match-Ups

These are the hypothetical top 4 or 5 seeds and playoff points, after this weekend, as if all the favorites win. These, of course, could change if upsets occur and they most likely will. I will add more to this page as I go.

Division 7 District 56

  1. Riverview Gabriel Richard, 5-1 (37.834)
  2. SMCC, 4-2 (36.834)
  3. Grass Lake, 4-2 (32.9)
  4. Jackson Lumen Christi, 2-4 (31.502)

Division 1 District 6

  1. Detroit Cass Tech, 6-0 (61.5)
  2. Woodhaven, 5-1 (59.267)
  3. Monroe, 4-2 (55.167)
  4. Dearborn Fordson, 4-2 (54.167)

Division 3 District 23

  1. Riverview, 6-0 (53.333)
  2. New Boston Huron, 5-1 (49.833)
  3. Allen Park, 4-2 (49.667)
  4. River Rouge, 4-1 (48.667)
  5. Gibraltar Carlson, 4-2 (47.5)

Division 6 District 47

  1. Blissfield, 6-0 (46.167)
  2. Clinton, 5-1 (41.5)
  3. Erie-Mason, 6-0 (34.5)
  4. Dearborn Advanced Tech, 4-2 (29.667)
  5. Ida, 3-3 (26.166)

33 thoughts on “Potential Playoff Seedings and Match-Ups”

    1. I meant to today but I got busy at work despite my best efforts.

      I have them both winning. Milan stays at 2 and Airport at 3.
      Both would have home games.

      Milan vs Adrian
      Airport vs Tecumseh

      Win and you are looking at a rematch

    1. He probably has an opponent winning that I have losing. On the Huron side does he have SMCC winning? On the AP side does he have Taylor winning?
      I’m guessing that is where the difference is. I have SMCC and Taylor both winning.

      I went with calpreps to take out the bias.

  1. I’m curious to see how all mighty mason does with ida Clinton blissfield

    They ran away from the lcaa for wins but the lcaa teams are waiting for them in the playoffs

    Will be fun to see how they fare is the hype real or not we’ll find out soon

    1. cmon man, they didnt run away for wins.

      Those should be great games. Im guessing Mason is the favorite in all of them.

  2. Would love to see a healthy clinton play blissfield. that would be a hell of a game. lots of athletes on the field. fun fun fun friday night

        1. Armchair Analyst

          It would be huge for SMCC to get the number 2 seed in the district. Save the traveling and allowing team to come down to Navarre. Hopefully they bring their A game at Detroit Southeastern, and all the Huron League teams pick up Ws this week.

  3. Outside Observer

    Who do you think Dundee will play in the first round if they win on Friday? Who do you think they would play if they lose? Are they essentially locked into the 6th spot?

    1. Ill take a look at Dundee. They have a tough game this week. They wont go lower than 6, unless Jefferson wins.
      Couple things have to happen for them to move up to 5.

    2. If Dundee wins and WL and AAGR lose, Dundee can move into the 4 spot. If 1 of those teams lose they will move to 5, if they beat Hudson.
      So lots to play out for Dundee. If everything works out(dundee win, WL lose, AAGR lose) Dundee could host a playoff game as a 4 seed.

  4. Wow Riverview vs River Rouge would be a huge second round game. How would a 2 loss Allen Park be seeded higher than a 1 loss Rouge?

      1. Any one able to give a quick break down of how the playoff seeding will work? Based on what I found on mhsaa website I was under impression all 8 teams from every district will make playoffs. I also calculated a different point amount for the teams via info on mhsaa.

        1. The numbers on MHSAA are actual as of now. I forecasted wins and losses for this week, for each team and all of their opponents.

          1. Gary, I think I found my issue I did similar to you. (Projected if every team won). But I was looking at just the playoff point total, I see now how they actually use a formula and get the end result that are aligning with your projections.

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