Thursday Night Scores

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Monroe 33 Pioneer 6

Riverview 26 Jefferson 6

SMCC 32 GI 20

Huron 34 Milan 6

Flat Rock 32 Airport 0

Clinton 28 Dundee 0


Monroe 55 Pioneer 6

10 thoughts on “Thursday Night Scores”

        1. Outside of Huron, I don’t know of any programs downriver who have juniors on JV. In fact, I didn’t even know it was a thing. I thought as a junior is was Varsity or nothing.

          I thought JV meant junior varsity because of age not (respectfully) that the talent was sub par to varsity.

          1. I’m not sure which teams have juniors on JV. I’m not sure if Huron does or not. There is a rule of thumb for juniors on JV from a coaching perspective. If a kid can’t contribute or help on the field as a junior, but a coach thinks they may develop and be able to help or start as a senior, they are sometimes put down on JV to get valuable playing time that would help that development along. In my humble opinion, junior varsity is meant to prepare players for the varsity team. In my example, sending a unprepared junior down to JV can make that happen.

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