Week 3 Player of the Week Nominees

Here are the nominees for the FNV Week 3 Player of the Week. Please go to twitter and vote @FNVictors.

Noah Beaudrie, QB, Erie Mason: Beaudrie threw for 305 yards and four touchdowns, plus added 62 yards and a score on the ground, in the Eagles’ 74-14 rout of Morenci. That put Beaudrie over the 5,000 yard passing mark for his career.

Nico Johnson, QB, Britton-Deerfield: Johnson had a big night in the Patriots’ 24-0 win over Pittsford. The junior rushed for 243 yards and three touchdowns, plus threw for a TD, and also added an interception while playing defensive back.

Tycen Steven, RB Huron: Stevens rushed for 115 yards and a TD as the Chiefs defeated SMCC for just the 3rd time in school history.

Jaishaun Williams, QB, Carlson: It was another night at the office for Williams, as he tallied 166 yards and three touchdowns rushing, to go with 106 yards and a touchdown through the air.

8 thoughts on “Week 3 Player of the Week Nominees”

  1. Not Sure If anybody, If so very very few has ever averaged 200 yards and three touchdowns a game as a running back In the Huron league, he is a good player “YES” but their team is very good with a lot of playmakers. Slow that thought a little bit.

  2. Tycen Stevens is a stud – Huron underutilizes him. If he had 15-20 touches a game, he’d rack up 200 yds and 3 TD’s weekly.

    1. Well in fairness to Huron, they are 3-0 and I believe their QB is reading the defense. Amount of carries will be determined by what the defense does as the play is happening.

      1. Touches are rushes and pass receptions combined. Offensive game plans are installed during week, minor adjustments occur during game, QBs in HS don’t have free reign and full decision making ability. May occur a bit on read option or zone read. HS football plans start with the OC and HC.

  3. Tycen Stevens is a stud – if they fed him 20 carries and a few passes, he’d easily have 200 yds and 3 TD’s each game.

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