Week 3 Question with the FNV Staff

Which score or result surprised you the most?

Chris: I would guess Erie Mason dropping 74 points on Morenci. That is a lot of points. Maybe too many.

Gary: Hillsdale beating a good Ida team by the margin they did surprised me the most this week. Ida was up 7-0 at one point and it looks like the wheels fell off. Hillsdale is no slouch mind you, it just goes to show you how tough the LCAA is week in and week out.

Frank: I have to go with Erie Mason taking Morenci to the woodshed. The 74 points is somewhat surprising, but not as much as holding Morenci to only 14 points. Give the defensive staff for the Eagles credit for turning what has been a glaring weakness into a strength, especially since Rob Beaudrie and company are first in the TCC in points allowed at 13.2 points per game. That total is the lowest through the first three games since 2004.

Which team is trending up?

Chris: The Carlson Marauders have been playing really well. They should get a stiff test from Harper Woods this week. That game should help Carlson get better for down the road in the Downriver League and the playoffs.

Gary: The Pirates of Riverview seem to keep getting better and better each week. The huge dominating performance against the Jets earn Riverview my upward arrow this week.

Frank: I’ll go with Riverview. The Pirates have seemingly found another gear, especially on the defensive side of the ball, as they did not allow an offensive touchdown in a 42-6 win over Airport. Derek McLaughlin’s group is starting to show that they could be a real dark horse in Division 3.

Which out of area score or result surprised you the most?

Chris: Chelsea beating Schoolcraft by 3 TD’s didn’t surprise me at all. I was surprised that Chelsea would play this game when a division 4 school like Edwardsburg was available. Hats off to Schoolcraft for scheduling this game. I just thought the Bulldogs should have played the Eddies.

Gary: My out of area surprising outcome was Jonesville taking defending D8 state champs Reading out back for a whooping. I guess this is why you schedule a team like Edwardsburg. Jonesville learned what it is to play extremely aggressive and Reading paid the price. 

Frank: The easy answer would be Jonesville ending Reading’s 25-game winning streak in the Big 8, but I’m going with Blissfield defeating Clinton 28-14. The Royals made a statement by holding an explosive rushing attack that had scored 49 and 54 in their first two contests to 14. I have a strong feeling we will see both of these teams meet again in November. If so, get your popcorn ready.

Which game in week 4 appeals to you the most?

Chris: I would imagine that it is, the Milan/Huron game. Can the Chiefs keep pace with Riverview in the possible absence of Autin Myers? Can the Big Reds stay within striking distance of a partial league championship? (FYI, no official league championship will be awarded this year)

Gary: Game I’m most looking forward to next week is Milan at Huron. This game means a lot in the Huron League race. Keep in mind Riverview has to go to the island in week 6.  Could there be 4 teams sharing the league crown?

Frank: I’m going with Milan at Huron. At the time of writing, no status was given on Chiefs’ QB Austin Myers, who went down with an injury in the win over SMCC. Whether or not he plays is far from the main storyline. The Big Reds squeaked out a 22-21 win last season, and the Chiefs will have revenge on their minds.

7 thoughts on “Week 3 Question with the FNV Staff”

  1. I like the way taylor is looking this them coaches first year and the downriver league is tough i give them guys 3 years and we will see a turn around with that program

  2. Michigan High School Sports Updates

    The result that surprised me the most was Huron over SMCC. It’s time to start thinking that Huron will finish tied with Riverview. The team thats trending up in my opinion has to be Taylor. Even though they’re winless, they’re out here doing their best. If they weren’t in the Downriver League, I think they would have squeeked out a win. The out ofmarea game final to me was Canton and Brighton. Both very good squads in an extremely hard KLAA. Expect both to be unstoppable come Playoff time. And the week 4 game that I’m most appealed to is Saline and Bedford. Both strong teams that can go far into the Playoffs. I like both teams a lot.

  3. I was surprised by the saline/Monroe score I thought it would have been closer Monroe is definitely moving in right direction tho.

    1. Saline is the tops in the SEC. Until somebody can knock them off, I’m never surprised when they win.

      I think Monroe was up 7-0. Thought maybe this would be the year.

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