All FNV Coming Soon……..

The annual Friday Night Victors All-Blog team will be coming out over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Players chosen will come from the 16 teams regularly covered by FNV.

We will choose a Overall Player of the Year along with Offensive Player of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year.

The All-Blog teams will then include:

  • 1 Quarterback
  • 3 Running backs
  • 3 Ends/WR
  • 5 Offensive Linemen
  • 1 Kicker
  • 4-5 Defensive Linemen
  • 3-4 Defensive Backs
  • 4 Linebackers
  • 1 Punter
  • 1 Wildcard (somebody we just couldn’t keep off of our list)

Overall 30 players will be listed, but nobody will be listed twice.

Check back to see who will make the annual coveted FNV-All-Blog team

6 thoughts on “All FNV Coming Soon……..”

  1. kicking on side is what Allen Palk on the opening kick off and after scoring did several years ago for the entire game

    1. Ha, that would be funny. I am a disciple of the A-11 offense which has been outlawed by the NFHS. So I am out. I wonder what parents and fans would think of us onside kicking every time as well?

      Pretty sure Dundee wouldn’t want anything to do with Gary’s offense. He would be running straight/fullhouse T.

      We will stick to our neophyte knowledge of football intricacies and comment from the peanut gallery with the rest of the minions.

      1. hahah love it fellas. hey man the one coach that never punts, goes for it on fourth down and onside kicks. pretty sure hes got a goood record just saying. numbers do not lie lol. ya dundee has seen enough of the T lol haha…

        any idea who is applying for it?

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