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This is the 3rd annual Friday Night Victors All Blog team. It was tough with 16 teams and us picking an offense and a defense. There will be 12 players on each side of the ball plus a kicker and a punter. We reached out to every coach asking for nominations. We heard back from almost everyone. Nobody will be listed twice. We also included our Overall Player of the Year, as well as, Defensive Player of the Year and Offensive Player of the Year. We also included a Wildcard player, that was too good to keep off of our team. Click on the player’s name and you will see highlights for most of the players.

Overall Player of the Year

QB/DB Cole McElvany; Jr, Milan

Friday Night Victors on McElvany: Year in and year out, Jesse Hoskins and his staff develop great players. Cole is one of those great players. He has the ability to impact the game from not only his QB position but his OLB position on defense.

Offensive Player of the Year

QB Noah Beaudrie; Sr, Erie Mason

Friday Night Victors on Beaudrie: You could probably write a book on Noah. Great player who can affect the game with his feet, arm and head. One of the best offensive players in Monroe County history. He threw for over 5,700 career yards and ran for over another 4,500. Not sure how many other players in Michigan history can say that.

Defensive Player of the Year

LB Christian Lopez; Sr, Riverview

Friday Night Victors on Lopez: Christian was quite simply the best defensive player on the best team that we cover, the Riverview Pirates. Superphysical on both sides of the ball. Reminds many of Pirate great, Cam Rogers (18′)


QB Devin Albain; Sr, Summerfield

RB Jacob Lewis; Sr, Ida

RB Cole Jondro; So, SMCC

RB Joe Pizzo; Sr, Grosse Ile

E Nolan Vanover; Sr, Jefferson

E Issac Smith; Jr, Huron

E Tanner Herrera; Sr, Erie Mason

OL Noah Bauman; Jr, Whiteford

OL Patrick Fioretti; Sr, Riverview

OL Noah Cartwright; Sr, Milan

OL Jordan Bassler; Sr, Monroe

OL Zach Patterson; Sr. SMCC

K Frank Marvaso; Sr, Huron


DL Dylan Beck; Sr, Milan

DL Joel Rand; Sr, Bedford

DL Tyler Short; Sr, Huron

DL Cross Jacobs; Sr, Monroe

DL Cooper Kinsey; Jr, Erie Mason

LB Ethan Eyler; Sr, Summerfield

LB Owen Thomas; Sr, Monroe

LB Cody Britt; Jr, Carlson

LB Ty Schroeder; Sr, Dundee

DB Nic Hammond; Jr, Airport

DB Jimari Moultrie; Sr, Riverview

DB Tristin Panza; Jr, Monroe

P Drew Dafoe; Jr, Summerfield


QB/DB Jaishaun Williams; Jr, Carlson

Selections were made by Chris Schultz with input from Gary. If I missed someone you think should have made it, I apologize. There were many players worthy of a selection. This was the hardest year selecting a team since we started doing this. Let’s celebrate those who made it, instead of complaining about those that didn’t.

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