Playoffs Week 1 Questions with FNV Staff

Which score/result surprised you the most?

Chris: Without a doubt it was Summit Academy’s 56-6 thrashing of Flat Rock. I tuned into the NFHS Network around 8:00 pm to catch part of the game and the score was 42-6 at halftime, if I remember correctly. I thought to myself, that must be a mistake and did not post the score on FNV

Gary: Erie Mason winning 56-0 (the score could have been 100-0 if they wanted)  was a bit surprising to me.  I thought Ecorse had a little more juice than that. Or maybe that score speaks to how good Mason is. I think it’s probably the latter.

Frank:  I have to go with Dundee knocking off Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard. Give a tip of the cap to the Vikings’ defense for forcing five turnovers while keeping the Fighting Irish out of the end zone. Now the Vikings must venture to The Island for a showdown with Grosse Ile.

Which out of area score/result surprised you the most?

Chris: For me, it was (2-4) Caledonia defeating (5-1) Jenison 21-14. The Fighting Scots had lost to the Wildcats 28-14 in week 3 and Jenison was Gary’s Sleeper pick to win it all.

Gary: Out of area surprise score was 8 seed Oak Park defeating 1 seed Grosse Point South 35-27. Both teams played difficult schedules, GPS going 4-2 and OP going 0-6. One of two 8 over 1 seeds this weekend. The other being Howard City over Central Montcalm.

Frank:  I’ll go with Caledonia upsetting Jenison 21-14. The Wildcats were picked as a sleeper in Division 2 by one of us (sorry, Gary). The Fighting Scots avenged a 28-14 regular season loss to set up a showdown with Lowell in the District Semifinals.

Which FNV area game intrigues you the most?

Chris: Without a doubt, it is (5-1) River Rouge @ (7-0) Riverview. It will be “wide open” speed and talent against “ground and pound” grit and talent. I circled this game back when the MHSAA announced divisions in the spring. I will be there covering the game for FNV.

Gary: Some very nice games coming up this weekend. One that jumps out at me is D6 matchup Erie Mason @ Clinton. If the Eagles were to get this victory, would the naysayers(because there are some) then say Mason is absolutely 100% for real?  How could you not at that point? 

Frank:  It’s Rematch Week for some of the teams on the blog, and I’m going with the game that I’ll be at this Friday—Ida at Blissfield. The last time we saw these two teams, the Royals squeaked out a win by the skin of their teeth. Can the Blue Streaks get revenge this time around?

What out of area game intrigues you the most?

Chris: I’m not sure if this is in or out of area, but I’m super excited for the (3-4) Jackson Lumen Christi @ (6-1) Riverview Gabriel Richard game. JLC is one of the all-time geat football powers in Michigan and beat the Pioneers 42-14 last season. The Titans have been to Ford Field 4 straight seasons (winning 3 titles and losing last season). GR is an up and coming program looking to gain state respect.

Gary: In D5 I’m looking forward to the Grand Rapids West Catholic @ Portland game. Two excellent programs battling for the chance to play #1 Grand Rapids Catholic Central.

Frank:  Detroit Country Day was my pick to win Division 4, but they will arguably face their toughest challenge in Pontiac Notre Dame Prep in the District Semis. Get your popcorn ready for this one

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  1. If you check the record books Riverview has a loooong history of winning football. Yes it has been somewhat cyclical but for the most part a great winning tradition. When Riverview was playing in the Great Lakes Eight conference and was the smallest school by far and still winning a high percentage of games it was because of great coaching and a strong desire to win from the players. School of choice hasn’t changed the formula, it comes down to coaching and talent and most of the Riverview kids aren’t there for the athletics. Go Bucs

    1. Hudson played .500 in the LCAA and was respectable in their loss to Blissfield. Sand Creek will have their entire offensive and defensive lines intact for the first time this season and they have a running back who is probably better than anyone that Hudson has seen this year. On the the other hand, SC has only beaten one team with a winning record this year so I’m hesitant to make predictions.

  2. only reason why i get so heated is because i played in the huron league and my son also played in the huron league and that league was tougher than any other league around here. yes we, flat rock we not good. but jefferson was the only other team really that hasnt been that good, maybe throw airport in there. but you had the view, huron, the island, central, milan. good fricken teams that erie would not do well against.

      1. people are hyping up erie this year cuz they switched to the worst league possible and they are dominating it. i was saying put them in the huron league, as an example, and they would not do as good. also trying to talk up the huron league for being a damn good league. was hard to win that thing, year in and year out. i know how hard those teams worked. just think erie got bailed. but i could be wrong cuz they could play blissfield in finals of districts and if they win, i look bad

        1. You could say that about just about any team. Put them in a league with bigger schools than them and they will not dominate.

          Lets put Riverview in the OK RED. They wouldn’t fair well. Nothing against Riverview but that is one of 500 examples I could use.

  3. erie mason overrated. bottom line. but them in any other league around here. clamped up. maybe win 2-3 games. qb overrated. he either looks you off then goes back or throws right where he is throwing. not that speical. sorry about it fans of erie but this team aint that good. hope yall post this so i can see what people say. cuz this is wat the blog is all about. people going at each other and talking crap about one anothers teams. i hope erie posts this in there locker room or give it to the qb to put on his fridge at home. prove me wrong that yall arent bad and got lucky switching leagues. prove me wrong.

    1. Wow, just wow. Erie Mason is legit and so is the quarterback. He has numbers to prove it and an outstanding OL and DL backing him up. How low can you get knocking a high school kid?? I would not call yourself a football fan!!

  4. I don’t understand the obsession with hating on Mason. No one from the team or community is playing some claim that they want everyone to say they’re great. They go out and play the sport they love. Mind you at the highschool level, yet a bunch of people are on here trying to pick apart their season.
    They moved out of the LCAA and to the TCC we understand those schools are smaller. There’s no doubt that the LCAA is tougher with schools with bigger enrollment. Please present the quote where someone from the program has claimed they are the great almighty now.
    Coming from Monroe County even as a high schooler anytime I saw any local team having any kind of success we rooted for them. I can remember in 2011 going to Ford Field with a bunch of teammates to root for SMCC, we didn’t know any of the players. Just wanted to show support for a bunch of fellow athletes from our area doing what they Love. It’s so weird to see so many grown adults on here trying to bring down a bunch of high schoolers that are just showing up and playing the sport they love. Win, lose, draw this has been a great season for the Eagles and I’m proud of them.

    1. I think it can be ok to critique. As long as it is done with taste.

      Believe me, this stuff ends up on team’s bulletin board.
      Mason’s should be full!
      Will it matter, maybe not, but for myself, I always liked being undersold or overlooked.

      Spot the ball!

    2. This is a blog about high school football. If everybody is in agreement there isn’t much to discuss. My only point about Erie Mason is that what they did against TCC teams this year is pretty much the same as last year and I assure you that I have no animus against EM or any other high school team for that matter. If they play Clinton close they are obviously a much improved team. If they beat Blissfield( and I hope they do ) they could go all the way. This team is worth talking about because they may be a State caliber team or they may be a team just exploiting a weaker division and at this point nobody can say which with certainty. Two weeks from now there won’t be anything left to debate…we’ll all know.

      1. Don, you’re comments and opinions were not the ones I was referencing to. You’re purely evaluating in realistic and respectful way.
        I’m an alum and I still agree with most of what you’re saying. I’m interested to see how they fare against Clinton. Overall the offense is one of the most fun high school offenses I’ve ever watched. I personally worry that they haven’t had to close out a close game yet.
        I know nothing about Clinton other than their scores and schedule.

        1. Daniel, Its my opinion whoever wins this game can go all the way. Will breaks have to be made along the way, a bounce here and there, yes, but Clinton and Erie Mason both are good enough to go all the way.
          Big game.

        2. Daniel, I have two sons that play for Sand Creek. last weekend some kids from Erie Mason contacted my oldest to ask about Clinton. He told them” they’re big and they’re physical. You have to get them off the field on third and fourth down or a three minute drive turns into a twelve minute drive”. Kids from Clinton also contacted him to asked about Erie Mason, to which he replied:” if you give Noah time he’ll find receivers down field. What killed us is our defense didn’t stay in their lanes and we allowed Noah to extend plays with his legs.” I agree with the kid on his analysis of EM vs Clinton. I also agree with Gary that the winner of this game could go all the way.In fact Clinton was my pre season favorite to win D6. It should be a great game. Good luck!

    3. Thank you!! This team was going to have a winning season no matter what league they are in. As a parent of a senior, I have watched my son take a beating since he was a freshman playing on varsity. This was always going to be their year, they have been together for 4 years and do know by now, what is expected. This hatred and anger for this team is uncalled for and as a parent, it’s hard to read about day in and out. Give these kids and coaches some credit and that they may just be that good this year!!

      1. I’m not sure if there is any hatred or anger toward Erie Mason or the kids and staff. There may be a misguided yahoo or two, but I don’t see any hatred or anger.

        1. I think there was a comment or 2 back in september under Mason’s season preview from someone going by “bored at work” that ruffled a few feathers.
          But it didnt come from a point of hatred. I think people just want to see Mason beat a top team in their own division.

  5. I’m still not sold on Erie Mason simply because I don’t see how a team can improve that much in one year, especially a team with essentially all the same players returning. After watching them play Sand Creek, my initial impression was that they would have probably beat SC last year and that’s what happens when you play down 2 divisions. If they beat Clinton, especially if they beat Clinton as convincingly as they beat SC, I will be convinced they’re legit …I’ll also feel better about Sand Creek’s prospects going forward if they get past Hudson.

    1. Don, you win with Seniors. Mason over the last few years has been primarily all underclassman.
      That might explain why the Eagles have taken such a leap forward. To add, these kids know the offense they run like the back of their hand.
      I dont know first hand, but I would wager that few put in the time, off the field, preparing like Noah Beaudrie does.
      If Mason is to lose in this playoffs, it will not be a lopsided affair. The team that beats Mason(if anyone does) will have earned it.
      They, like SC, Clinton, BLissfield, are all very good teams with their eye on the season ending prize.

  6. Mason hasn’t beaten anyone all season long, and don’t give me D8 Sand Creek as an example. Clinton has 2 of their arguably best players out for the season, if Mason can’t beat a depleted Clinton they are who anyone who knows local hs football thinks they are. Losing Friday wouldn’t be a surprise at all #overrated

    1. Clinton’s top 2 backs did play last week, both coming off injuries possibly too soon. With that being said I have Clinton 49-42

      1. Are you speaking of Voll?

        He didnt get any carries last week, the main chunk of carries went to Campbell, Ames, Lehman and Randolph.

    2. Why can’t you people give Erie Mason a little credit. They have beaten everyone they have played. The kids got beat up the last 3 years and have had enough. I can here it now when they beat Clinton someone will have some lame excuse why they won. Don’t be a hater!

    1. As a Sand Creek parent, I’m more apprehensive about playing Hudson than I am about playing Addison. Given the communities and traditions of these two schools, I expect Friday to be a lot of fun.

  7. I think everyone should ask themselves this… If Riverview wasn’t winning, would the same flag be raised as far as bringing kids in from other areas?
    I can assure you the answer is no. It is because these teams have been winning that people have a problem with what they perceive as being unfair.

    If you didn’t raise the red flag when Riverview went 51-64 from 2005-2016, then you can’t raise it now when they are 33-8 with 5 playoff victories.

    Riverview is in a good area, they are the largest school in the HL and are well coached. And might I add that they switched to the Full House T right when things turned around for them. I promise you that is not a coincidence.

    1. I forget who said it on this blog (a commenter) but these things tend to be cyclical. I’ve been around Riverview football for the last 11 years when my oldest was playing city league football for Riverview and nearly EVERY kid played for Riverview from that age forward or the middle school.

      We took a lot of beatings in those city years and we also watched the squad that are juniors now win a Peanut Bowl but there were a lot more losing seasons and first round exits than anything else. These all reinforce Gary’s comment about the past and the present of the program.

      The squad you’re looking at for Riverview have been at the school for the school, not athletics. In addition to that, I believe there are only a small handful of kids who play who have no connection to Riverview through either city ball or came through the middle school. I believe those kids came from places like Creative Montessori where there is no high school.

      I’m not sure who was throwing shade at the program, but I can tell you, we DO NOT recruit kids. We just happen to be in the middle of a nice athletic run that’s only been 4 years so far.

      Facts > reckless speculation

  8. Ecorse won one game and that was against a nobody thier only other win was a forfeit

    In my eyes if mason wants any credit this year they have to win against Clinton and then beat the winner of blissfield and ida and prove they could hang with the lcaa top teams

    Otherwise it was same old story like Clinton proved can’t hang in the lcaa drop and rebuild in the TCC

    If mason wants real credit they need to win the next 2 and then they deserve the hype

    Remember they have what 17 3/4 year starters it’s basic science they should be ahead and ecorse was a joke program this year

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