River Rouge @ Huron

Here is the recorded live stream from Arrow Head Stadium at Maveal Field from the River Rouge/Huron Game. We did have technical difficulties early on, but sorted things out.

6 thoughts on “River Rouge @ Huron”

  1. Thank you for the history lesson, was not aware of this have only been going to the games for several years. The school should paint the name of the family on the new field to honor them.

  2. You kept referring to the field as Mayville or Mayfield field when I have been there for games I have never heard it referred to any except Arrowhead Stadium please advise

    1. The property where the stadium sits was donated to the district by the Maveal family Back in the late 50’s early 60’s and was called Maveal Field until they tore down the old press box (the name was on the press box for all to read) built a new one and somebody renamed it Arrowhead Stadium. I made it a point to say Arrowhead Stadium while referring to Maveal field as well. I knew the family when I was a kid. Most who grew up here remember the name. It’s unfortunate the name went away.

  3. I watched the first half and Chris, you were doing those live reads like a seasoned vet! The Vin Scully, solo announcer of the HL!

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