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  1. We know our lovely governor paused HS football for atleast 3 weeks, but did she also pause your normal posts too LOL (Playoff Week 3 Questions, Playoff Thoughts and Questions, Player of the week nominee, Video Wrap-up and Picks). Sorry, just a big fan of this site and missing your normal updates. Only seeing comments of people complaining about the T offense is starting to get a little boring to read.

    1. Sorry Joe, that is 100% my fault. I have been swamped at school dealing with practice/tryout cancellations, game scheduling, bus scheduling, attending AD’s meetings with the MHSAA and everything that I already do at school. We will try and put some stuff together this week. I would love to talk about the games with the guys. Stay tuned!

      Also, we are currently putting together our all-blog teams. Going to be tough this year, but the coaches have been great at getting us stats and nominations. I can’t wait to release those real soon.

      On a positive note from an AD perspective. I feel like everyone involved wants and is doing everything possible to finish the football season and all other fall sports as well. Unless Covid and the MDHHS shut us down forever, I feel like those things will happen. Sooner rather than later. Just my opinion based on conversations.

      1. Chris

        That would be great news if they continued to play. I don’t think most of us have very much hope. Did you end up going to the Summit/ Grosse ile game? Was looking forward to your thoughts if you were there. I know what I saw looking thru my red and grey glasses.

        1. I was planning on watching that and a few other games on my computer because of how cold it was. I then got a call at about 6:30 PM asking me to do the play-by-play for the River rouge/ Huron game. So I missed it live but did watch some online afterward.

          1. Hey Chris just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed hearing you do the play by play. Your a natural. Great job!

  2. Melissa,

    Im not going to approve that comment, I doubt Chris will either.

    1. I am just happy we have referees.

    2. Is home cooking a thing in HS football? I think it is. Personally I kind of like it. However, the better team wins 9 times out of 10.

    3. Be happy your team got to play, be happy they won and hope they can continue.

    1. I agree Gary, we are lucky that the majority of games took place on Friday nights this year. I was told by a local assignor that many officials dropped out this year but several crews were willing to pull double duty even on a Friday with a 4 and 7 clock kickoff. I was lucky to see a game every week for 9 weeks and I can only think of 1 instance where I did not think highly of the crew. All in all, I thought the officials did a great job this year under tough circumstances.

  3. Nice job Milan, I hope you are allowed to resume your season in December. I really believe Milan has a shot at making it to the finals. I know Williamston is not a slouch but there is not a loaded Detroit County Day team waiting for them in the semi’s should they beat North Branch.

    On a side note: does anyone know when All League selections for the Huron League will be released?

  4. I thought it was a well played game and was officiated pretty even! The only thing I seen was during the hand shake after the game and the #27 RU player was last in the line and he shoved the first Milan player and the coach after 3-4 more players jerked him out of line and turned him towards the end zone and that is not the officials job !! good well played and coached game !!

    Big Bob Milan

  5. The Milan game was a joke. They had to beat Union and the Refs. The game was out of control. Proud of our kids for not reacting to what was going on. It’s rare that you see a game that. Milan was getting form tackled on defense with no calls. Personal fouls with no calls. Union was big and athletic, but it was criminal with what was going on at that game. Milan pushed through and won. Of that game is at Milan, they win by 35. Honestly surprised that it didn’t get more crazy watching from the stands. A total debacle . Win and move on

    1. I watched the game live. I didn’t get that impression at all. Maybe it was different being there. The live feed for the game was from the home side and there were complaints coming from the stands as well. Maybe just a matter of perspective. Just my two cents.

    2. Yeah I was there live and I didn’t see that stuff going on either.

      There was a unsportsmanlike conduct calls on a Union player.

      Other than that it was a good hard fought game. Milan’s two defense of stands made the difference.

      1. I think I read that there is a chance that they could resume in a few week? Is this true? Really stinks if these kids don’t get to end their season. Especially since they delayed the start of the season back when things weren’t as bad as they are now. Hindsight is 20/20 but I knew it would not end well if we got too far into the flu season.

      2. Unfortunately, I don’t think football or volleyball is going to resume this season.
        I hope I’m wrong, but the numbers don’t look good, and holiday and hunting season will probably make them worse.
        We might be shut down until later spring.
        I so hope they get the vaccine out there as soon as possible.

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