MHSAA Football Back On

In what was a startling announcement, the MHSAA playoffs are back on. The MHSAA announced today that practice would start back up for the teams that are left in the playoffs on Monday, December 21st. Regional Final games will be played on Saturday, January 2nd, Semi-Finals on Saturday, January 9th and Finals on Friday, January 15th and Saturday, January 16th.

Tentative Schedule

Division 4 Regional Final

Milan (8-1) @ Williamston (8-1) Saturday, January 9, 2021 1:00 pm

Division 5 Regional Final

Grosse Ile (6-3) @ Lansing Catholic (7-2) Saturday, January 9, 2021 1:00 pm

Division 8 Regional Final

Summerfield (4-5) vs. Clarkston Everest Collegiate (9-0) @ Legacy Center in Brighton Saturday, January 9, 2021 6:00 pm

27 thoughts on “MHSAA Football Back On”

  1. Chris, Gary, Frank
    Have you heard of any potential new coaches in the area for next year? Everyone knows about the probable Dundee opening but besides that, any Huron League, Downriver, or TCC openings? I have heard of a potential Huron League opening because they have a new AD and this coach is ready to focus on his career , and one opening in the TCC because this coach’s son has graduated but besides that it has been pretty quiet.

    It was also brought to my attention by a colleague of mine that the Carlson job was posted as a an Interim coach, does that mean Kalbfleish will re-post the gig or keep it for himself?

  2. Obviously looking forward to our teams competing this weekend.

    All 3 with tough matchups.
    Can Milan beat an excellent Williamston team and their D1 Tight End?

    Can the Red Devils get by the excellent program that is Lansing Catholic?

    And Summerfield with maybe the toughest matchup of all vs Everest Collegiate. Can the Bulldogs find a way to put up enough points?

    Other area games that I think are worth watching are Sand Creek vs Centreville and Clinton vs Michigan Collegiate.

    Overall just a great slate of games!

    1. Gary,
      Not to put you on the spot but how do you think SC will fair against Centreville. Centreville has played well all season but they have not seen a player as dominating as Jackson Marsh or a player as dynamic as Will Alexander. Centreville averages 30 points a game. Can they hold SC under 30?

      1. Well I picked Centreville to win it all a month back or so. SC with all its weapons is a tough matchup for anyone. This might be the game of the year in D8.

        Both teams were playing great just before the break. This one is really a toss up in my eyes.

          1. Calpeps had Addison beating SC 36-32. So I guess I should expect a close game that could go either way. I don’t know if this means anything in terms of level of competition, but between the TCC and Addison there were 9 kids that were first team All-State selections on at least one of the three teams picked so far: MHFCA, AP, or Detroit News. The Southwestern conference did not have a single player make 1st or 2nd team in any of these. Does this speak to the level of competition or is it meaningless?

          2. MHSFCA All State teams are for members of the coaches Association team’s only. Not all coaches are members. I don’t think it speaks to the level of competition at all.

          3. I know the SW-10 has Cassopolis and Mendon. Centreville finally got by those schools to get where they are now.
            Cassopolis being a powerhouse the last few years and Mendon of course, has been one of the best programs in the state for many years.
            I’m surprised to hear that no 1st or 2nd team all state selections from either of those 2 schools.

            I think its fair to say that for this year, SC will be the best team Centreville has faced all year. That may not be the case for SC however in regards to Centreville.

  3. Chris
    You and your friends have put together a great site-I eagerly read it every chance I get. And of course everyone has an opinion which makes our country great but throughout this whole pandemic your point of view seems to have been downplaying the severity of this pandemic. Maybe you havent experienced the loss of a family member or a very close relative or friend to covid, but it is real.
    Its just seems as when we dont get what we want its easy to point fingers at the govenor or other people in charge of making decisions that impact the well beings of people that might not be of high school age.

    1. I’m scratching my head a bit at your comment. Please explain how it seems I have been downplaying the severity of the pandemic on this website? I would like to know your thought process.

    2. Actually, people in Michigan should be very happy with our governor.
      She has had to make very tough decisions ,while getting death threats, etc.
      Unlike some states, I like a gov who puts our health and well being and wanting to protect our lives over a kid playing a game to satisfy their dads and moms.
      How can you not agree with this?

    3. Is Chris suppose to shut down the blog or not promote football for the sake of sensitivity towards covid? I haven’t read a single instance where he or Gary downplayed the pandemic. This is a football website, people come here because they like reading about football, therefore Chris and Gary will write about football in a positive manner.

      What has happened to people with covid is sad. What has happened to our country as a whole in 2020 is sad. No doubt about it but people don’t need to be so damn sensitive people someone doesn’t embrace the same exact thought process or feelings that you may have. God Bless you and those who have been affected by the virus but I would think 99.9% of the people that come on here are glad that football is resuming. Sorry fella

      1. Don, I agree with your comments about Chris and Gary not downplaying the pandemic. Chris/Gary/Frank, I look forward to reading/watching this weeks game analysis/predictions.

  4. Another delay in practice after just starting. Instead of playing now justs wait until winter sports are over and try to play then. Can you quess what it will be like to play outside in the north part of the mitten and in the UP with the cold and snow and only one indoor playing surface the Superior Dome, In Southeastern Michigan the could rent out the Lions building in AP as they won’t need it. Also now will the schools perform the COVID testing when some schools are not allowed to drug test.

    1. I think it’s should be over.
      To dangerous to everyone to continue this nonsense.
      Exposure to cold, exposure to Covid, holidays, etc.
      We had a time when we had no world series(ww2), and that war killed less than this Covid will by the time it’s done.
      We can test kids every day for football, but not go to school?
      Cmon folks, it’s over.

    2. I have a good idea.
      Let’s play football on afternoons and evenings until the championships are done in January.
      Start basketball and wrestling and have them go in the mornings and weekends.
      When the football championships are over start baseball, softball and track, golf and soccer in the afternoons and evenings then they can move to days and weekends when basketball and wrestling is over.
      Shut down all the schools and reopen when Covid is gone, maybe like next fall or winter.
      This way everyone can play their sport with no fans and won’t have to worry about school work.
      Test everyone every day , before and after practices and games.
      Test everyone else for insanity!!!

  5. So how do you condition kids out for 6 weeks?
    How do you practice outdoors and prepare in winter weather 2-3 hours a day?
    What about kids who have signed and maybe enrolling early?
    What about family’s who planned and paid for holiday vacations or travel?
    What happens when the holiday Covid spike hits again, and you know it will.
    I love high school sports, especially football, but this virus thing is still very bad and will continue until spring or early summer.
    Come on, people have lost their minds.
    All of you come and visit your local ICU, where I work.
    It is a slap in my face.

    1. Since they are not allowing fans at the games the only way that I can attend a “super spreader event “ related to high school football would be to attend a house party with all of the player’s parents to watch the game on Facebook…so I guess I’ll host one.

  6. which football teams will be playing look at how many kids from Cass Tech will not be available after the 1st of the year because they have already signed and will be starting college in January, That is only one high school how will this effect other schools what about the winter sports you can not just start up and begin playing you will need at least 2 weeks of conditioning and practice and the games could start by the end of January and the season might last a month. What is going to happen with wrestling with the kids not practicing and staying in shape it will take them a while to get back in shape. May be Uncle Joe will give the Gov a job when her 4 years are up.

    1. They can start practice on Monday and the games are not until Jan. 2 which is 2 weeks. There is a chance that they will amend the order so winter sports may start when the kids go back to school the first week of January. And as far as the Cass Tech thing goes, those kids would have been gone in March if they moved the tournamet start to March. It is also a small amount of schools involved to complete the tournament.

  7. Absolute garbage! We are sacrificing the start of winter sports and possibly the season so fall sports can finish. Winter sports already lost their tournament last year and have now lost the first 6 weeks of this year. What if a contact sport like football starts another outbreak? Then winter gets pushed back even farther. The MHSAA says winter tournaments done by the end of March. Looks like a very short season for winter because fall got their championships. SMDH And don’t kid yourself, this pilot program isn’t to make it safe for the kids, its to say I told you so when kids start testing positive even though they are asymptomatic.

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