FNV 2021 Preseason Power Rankings

Here is a list of our Friday Night Victors preseason power rankings. We will update this list each week based on results of games. Last year’s records are in parenthesis.

  1. Riverview (7-1)
  2. Monroe (4-3)
  3. Milan (8-2)
  4. Huron (7-2)
  5. Carlson (4-3)
  6. Bedford (3-4)
  7. Ida (4-4)
  8. SMCC (6-3)
  9. Whiteford (6-3)
  10. Erie Mason (7-1)

15 thoughts on “FNV 2021 Preseason Power Rankings”

    1. Here’s the preview for Airport: Sophomore QB, the offense will change like this-it’s still going to be a Wing T but they will have some shotgun formations mixed in. Team is probably on the smaller side per usual. The biggest question I have is why would Duffey ignore your inquiries about the team? That staff might be ignoring you but I know they’re reading this blog everyday! Lol

    1. When ranked against the other 65 or so Division 7 teams, SMCC would fall around 5th in my opinion.

      When compared to D1 teams and such, they will drop some.

    1. The rankings are how we predict teams
      Might do this year. They will fluctuate week to week.

      Week 1 is difficult because no games have been played. Each week Chris will update the power rankings based on how teams faired the previous weeks. A great win will vault a team up the rankings. Conversely, a bad loss will do the opposite.

      The records were added as a reference to how each team faired last year.

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