Thursday August 19th, Scrimmages

Here is the list of scrimmages that we have for the Friday Night Victors’ teams. Look for our previews to start on Friday with four previews per day.

Airport: @ Carlson 12 Noon

Bedford: @ Northville 6:30 pm

Carlson: Home 12 Noon

Dundee: @ Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard 6:00 pm

Erie Mason: @ Manchester 6:00 pm

Flat Rock: Home 11:00 am

Grosse Ile: @ Melvindale 6:00 pm

Huron: Home 6:00 pm

Ida: Home 5:00 pm

Jefferson: @ Ida 5:00 pm

Milan: @ Dexter 5:00 pm

Monroe: @ Wyandotte 6 pm

Riverview: @ Plymouth Salem 4:00 pm

SMCC: @ Ida 5:00 pm

Summerfield: @ Ida 5:00 pm

Whiteford: @ Grass Lake 6:00 pm

36 thoughts on “Thursday August 19th, Scrimmages”

  1. Got to see SMCC vs Ida. Ida does look solid although smcc coach would only play his starters one drive and let the second string take it from there… I keep up with smcc and I saw a lot of there studs carried the ball maybe once if that and then they were done for that drive… where Ida kept starters in the entire scrimmage against them. Very hard to tell with this scrimmage format. We will have to wait for week one when SMCC and there coach will actually play starters and dress all of them…

    1. Hilarious… Ida had freshman and Sophmores in for the last 5 minutes… but tell yourself whatever your golden domer self needs to justify.

      SMCC starters could not move the ball against Ida’s starters.

      1. I’m curious about all the Smcc struggles? Some say they say players other say they didn’t

        This was supposed to be a “super” team from Smcc size and experience wise so I’m curious if they really were that disappointing or what

        1. Disappointing at a scrimmage?

          Not sure that’s really all that possible.
          Unless kids started running into the stands and start pushing people into the bushes. That would be disappointing.

          Things that can hurt a team before a single game is even played:


          Senior leadership in football is so important as well. Those that have it, stand a chance to do great things. Those that don’t will struggle to reach their potential.

          1. I agree we cannot tell all from scrimmages. We don’t know who all played and did not play that much. One coach may want to hammer down with all their might and other coaches may want to sort more through their non starters to see what they can offer. Remember the Lions 2008 team when they won all 4 preseason games? Guess what their record was that year if you already didn’t know– that’s right 0-16. So let’s just wait and see what unfolds.

  2. I heard through the grapevine that SMCC had some starters not dressed. Not sure of who or if it’s even true. Anybody hear anything about Monroe scrimmage?

      1. I saw someone say something about Monroe would finish 3rd or 4th if they played in the HL. I just don’t see it-there are some big boys and a lot of speed on that team. This just might be their year! They could go deep in playoffs.

  3. Ida- looked good today. They were fired up against CC and made some plays.

    Jefferson- Typical scrimmage. Did some good things. Did some bad things. I think the Bears will be just fine.

    Summerfield- I saw 14 players on the varsity. 14. Wow. They competed however.

    SMCC- Not sure what to say about my school. This is 2021 not 2019. Earn the Bird on your helmet every day.

  4. I was at a few scrimmages this morning.

    Flat Rock hosted Edsel Ford. I thought the Rams looked better than a year ago. They are big up front. The QB seems capable. Not sure if they have a game-breaker at any of the skilled positions. I liked the TE for the Rams a lot.

    Carlson hosted Airport, Dearborn, Lamphere and Skyline.

    I saw Airport three times on offense and only once on defense. I was super impressed with the Jets on offense. They scored on Carlson, Dearborn and Skyline. It looked like the Wing-T offense out of the gun. I saw them on defense against Lamphere. Lamphere was the weakest team there. They scored on Airport once. I don’t think they scored on anyone else.

    Carlson looked solid, but you could definitely tell they went basic O and D. They did not show anything. In fact, I’m pretty sure they sat out some starters.

    1. How did Flat Rock look on defense Chris?
      I ask that only because they averaged giving up about 46 points a game last year.
      What type of defense and what kind of front did they show?

  5. After watching what I did tonight, unless they get alot of injuries, Ida is going 9-0. Very physical, good size, and fast. SMCC could not score on them despite returning 7 starters on offense.

    1. How did this scrimmage go? Props to Coach Mac for participating in this scrimmage on top of a brutal non-league schedule and always tough Huron League schedule. I would love to hear how they did against DCC and Lake Orion.

      1. Detroit CC was big and fast. Views defense looked good against them. They struggled to run the ball because CC stacked the box are big. Had success throwing against them which gave them some success running however both teams had started subbing. View looked good agains Lake Orion. Scored several times and the 1’s gave up 1 big play. Riverview has talent this year. They have some work to do which is what a scrimmage is for to help identify gaps before the season starts. They did better than I expected against these larger schools.

  6. It’s too bad the Milan and SMCC scrimmages are at the same time. Milan and Dexter should be a good one along with SMCC vs. Ida.

      1. Ida pounded sand up SMCC… SMCC didn’t even move the ball till Bluestreak freshman and sophomores entered the scrimmage

      2. Ida scored twice on SMCC’s starters, SMCC starting O did not score on them. SMCC struggled tonight, jumping offsides several times, players losing their cool, and seemed to have alot of kids on the sidelines not dressed.

        Ida was the best team there by far, followed by SMCC, then Summerfield then Jefferson.

        1. Jefferson put 3 scores on Sumerfiled and they did not score until the subs came in, not sure what you were watching ???

          1. I disagree with u on when the starters were out but that is neither here or there. I thought Jefferson was the biggest team their but a little disappointing cuz I heard from my co-workers how talented this senior class was for them. SMCC was disappointing to, especially as they are considered to be a top 10 team in their class. I am glad I didn’t see any injuries tonight which from my coaching days was always important in the scrimmages. Best of luck to all 4 teams this season.

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